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Cosmic Jewelry Constellations

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How our Fall 2017 Fine Jewelry Collection aligns with today's solar eclipse

Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a . . . solar eclipse!


As you’re probably aware, today a total solar eclipse falls upon the United States. Step outside and take a look, because the next total solar eclipse won’t roll around until 2024. And of course, take caution and avoid looking directly at the sun without proper eyewear.


Coincidentally, our Fall 2017 Fine Jewelry Collection, entitled Shaping Trends, is a lunar-inspired assortment that sparkles with fantasy. Through a little investigation, we caught up with our creative team to understand how the astro-themed idea came to be. Was this strategically planned to coincide with the total solar eclipse, or a perfect alignment of the stars? Let’s see how our creative team developed a stellar-studded journey through our cosmic jewelry collection. Along the way, discover looks that’ll send you over the moon!

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Necklaces

Our creative strategists began brainstorming on the Fall 2017 Fine Jewelry Collection quite some time ago. The group began with an imaginative exercise pairing simple words to spark their inspiration. Amid the fun, the words “moon” and “ball” connected to create “Moon Ball.” And just like that, a star idea was born! Together, they pondered:

What would it be like to have a party on the moon?

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Earrings

This mythical Moon Ball would most certainly be the event of a lifetime. Imagine the stunning setting of such a celebration. Much like in the imagery shown here, robust natural materials like slate, stone, and granite would embolden the backdrop to create a dramatic scene.

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Y Necklace

Picture the majestic ball gowns worn to a party on the moon and a lucky couple attending the lunar affair. Perhaps she would sport a sleek silver satin dress, while her man wears a burgundy velvet suit with a black lapel. And as for her jewelry, she’d wear circular shapes, like the diamond circle Y necklace shown above, for example. And the diamond bezel-set chain earrings shown below would certainly complete her ensemble.

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Touched by MoonlightWith stars twinkling in the distance and the moon in constant subtle motion, our Moon Ball promises to be an intimate affair. We imagine a band playing smooth jazz, with ambient saxophone echoing through the air.

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Earrings

Interestingly, there’s been a longstanding connection between astronomy and jewelry through history. The Incas believed gold was “the sweat of the sun,” while silver was “tears of the moon.” Many cultures placed special significance on the sun, moon, and stars, coupled with fascination and obsession over precious metals and gemstones. Imagine the commotion a total solar eclipse must’ve caused in ancient times. Luckily, today we celebrate this interstellar event with much anticipation and excitement, along with cosmic jewelry that is out of this world!

Cosmic Jewelry Beauty Shot Earrings

Suggest any of the cosmic jewelry featured in our Fall 2017 Fine Jewelry Collection as a way for customers to remember this remarkable total solar eclipse. Which pieces do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.


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