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Congratulations to Anita Burgess!

She made Mom proud


Let’s hear it for Anita Burgess of Anita’s Jewelry in Meridian, Idaho. She’s the winner of our Mother’s Day advice contest. For her winning entry, Anita will receive our very popular monogram kit, a $100 value. Here’s what Anita shared:

My Mom passed away when I was 16, 43 years ago. Now, I am her age and I remember her telling me. “Always remember no matter what color,race,or what they have done. There is good and bad in us all – Find the good in people and you will be happy” I was so confused by her comment at the time, but as the years have passed I understand even more what she was saying. A color,race,nationality, gender, or what you have done, does not determine who you are, the person inside of you determines that. I am very fortunate that in a world that in her day they lived a life of discrimination. — in my day we are trying to change and I can accept a person for who they are….. She was ahead of the times. I have friends from every walk of life and I am a better person because she let me choose my friends because of how they treated me, not because of the color of their skin or the area they were born. Find the good and you will be happy…

Beautiful advice indeed. Thanks for sharing, Anita! And happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there. Here’s hoping you have a day of rest, relaxation, food, and flowers!


Jennifer Bullock

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