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3 Easy Tactics to Sell More Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Gemstone knowledge + A wide selection + Crafty merchandising = Closing the sale

Colorful gemstone engagement rings are having a moment.


Whether it’s a gemstone stackable, birthstone necklace, or ombré stones set in a customer’s favorite color, today’s shoppers are using colored gemstones to showcase their unique style. In fact, designers all around the world are embracing the rainbow trend, which makes now the perfect time to sell color in your store.

With this in mind, there’s an opportunity to promote colorful gemstone engagement rings, too. Perhaps your bride-to-be wants to break from tradition. Or perhaps she just wants to express her individuality. This opens the opportunity to bring your stones out of the vault and into your cases to ignite more gemstone sales.

Here are three easy ways to get your customers crazy about colorful gemstone engagement rings.


1. Tell Your Stones’ Stories

The ancient Egyptians believed the ring finger had a vein — dubbed the vein of love by the Romans — that ran directly to the heart. Colorful gemstone engagement rings invite certain energies into one’s life and marriage. For example, since pink is regarded as a color of romance, suggest a light pink morganite or pink tourmaline. Or, offer an aquamarine to symbolize loyalty or emerald to signify unconditional love. Follow our monthly Sell With a Story series for more colorful gemstone backstories. 

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Stones Stories

Pro Tip: Showcase Your One-of-a-Kind Stones

If you have some great one-of-a-kind stones in the vault, bring them out to spotlight their beauty. Showing customers these unique colorful gemstones will spark interest and conversation, eventually leading to a custom-designed creation.


2. Find Their Favorite Color

Color plays an important, yet different, role for every customer. Each interpretation can take form through a variety of gemstones. While one shopper may draw toward sapphire’s royal blue shade, another may find solace in aquamarine’s light-toned tranquility. Offer a range of colorful gemstone shades to ensure your customer finds the exact look to fit their individuality.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Favorite Colors Rainbow Stones

Pro Tip: Use a Variety of Color Assortments

Rainbow doesn’t have to mean red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. This year’s hot trend can manifest through bold color assortments, along with muted assortments— even ombrés. When selling colorful gemstone engagement rings, remember it’s all about variety and fun!


3. Present a Price-Point Approach

While a large ruby or emerald may cause customers to rethink their center stone choice, remind them of the options available to capture their heart and price point. Suggest a Rubelite Tourmaline in place of a rare ruby, or a Tsavorite Garnet instead of emerald. This provides the uniqueness they crave at a more affordable price. Also, lab-created stones come in a variety of shapes and colors and are a great option for your eco-conscious customers.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Price Point Approach

Pro Tip: Plan Your Inspirational Layouts

Group your colorful gemstone engagement rings in groups based on pricing. Showing carefully curated layouts is a great way to spark their inspiration and offer multiple possibilities.

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