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Feature Friday – Christina Cantlin

The Trapeze Artist

Cirque vs Jewelry world

It’s 7:30am. I get up, hit the gym, and shower. And around 9, along with my favorite breakfast – can’t beat a good smoothie – I head out to visit customers. I’m responsible for accommodating about 130 accounts in the Tampa area. I see about three to four stores a day to talk about a variety of topics: what they need from Stuller, what’s working and what’s not. I love my customers because I believe in what they do.

I’m fairly new to Stuller as I started just last year. This doesn’t mean that I’m not familiar with the jewelry industry, however. My grandfather was a silversmith and had a woodworking shop. When I was eight years old, I started making Christina Cantlinbead bracelets that I sold in small boutiques. The proceeds would go to local charities. It was through my grandfather that I first became aware of Stuller. I needed a pair of pliers to make my bracelets, and I couldn’t find the pliers anywhere. My grandfather opened a “tools and supplies” account at Stuller, and I was able to get them. Quick and easy. Through the years, I’ve worked with many jewelry companies like Stardust Jewelers in Framingham, MA, Kay Jewelers, Pageo Fine Jewelry, David Yurman, and helped open Stardust Jewelers of Mendon, MA just to name a few.

Christina Cantlin
With Dave Askew Jewelers in Saint Cloud, FL

Many people are curious about my time at Cirque. And, yes, I mean as in Cirque du Soleil. As a kid, I was in gymnastics on and off, and participated in cheerleading in college. Nothing competitive, it was just for fun. One day, I walked into Jordan’s Furniture in Reading, MA, where they had a chapter of the Trapeze School of New York. I was 25 years old back then, so I decided to give it a try, and
oh boy, was I hooked! The feeling of being in the air was addicting and so it became my passion. I started taking classes for a few months twice a week. I soon realized that I wanted to do this full-time, and a part-time commitment wasn’t going to work. I was determined to do whatever it took to accomplish my dream. I resigned from my job. It was a very tough decision. I cried about it, but I was happy and free. I soon learned that trapeze classes were expensive, so I coached myself for nine months, 7 days a week. I posted a video on YouTube, and The Flying Caceres, who were contracted with Ringling Brothers, called me. I then took my trapeze skills on the road to
Japan for one year with my very own troupe, Pro Star Flying Productions “Troupe Runaway.” My last trapeze adventure was working for Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba in Orlando, FL. Working for Cirque inspired me to be a better athlete and a better person. I had to be because many talented people, including some Olympic medalists, surrounded me. I eventually left Cirque and all its excitement because I felt accomplished in what I set out to do.

Christina Cantlin
Stardust Jewelers of Mendon

Now, my excitement is my customers making sure they are taken care of. I love being a part of the Stuller family. Being on the road and visiting customers shows me that many of our customers don’t know the great resources we have available for them. Resources like Stuller Showcase, Bridge, Transform Tour, CounterSketch®, and Stuller First™. I want to make sure they are prepared for the new generation. I also love the friendships I have developed with my customers. I believe in these jewelers, in their work, and their dreams. I know that together we will accomplish our goals!


Christina Cantlin

Business Development Director

I've been with Stuller since 2015 • 17 years of experience in jewelry • Former Cirque du Soleil Flying Trapeze Artist; completing the triple somersault • Mezmorized by Stephen Hawking • Mathematics enthusiast that attended Northeastern University • Major foodie and travel junkie • Spent an evening with Warren Buffett • Love to dance.. mostly in the rain.