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Win Over Your Customers with Chatham Lab-Grown Opals

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Looking for something to offer that will instantly revive any wardrobe for the summer season? Look no further than Chatham Lab-Grown Opals.


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With so many options these days, customers are looking for something special and unique. Opals are the perfect opportunity to offer both.

Growing Chatham Lab-Grown Opals

Chatham has been growing opals since the early 2000s. It is the only gemstone they grow through a process of sedimentation. The other gemstone varieties are formed through intense heat and pressure, whereas opals form through colloidal chemistry. It’s also the longest process of all Chatham gemstones, taking about two years to form.

During this process, tiny silica spheres diffracting light cause the play-of-color that makes this gemstone so attractive. In Chatham lab-grown opals, the arrangement of the spheres appears as a mosaic pattern under magnification. The larger the spheres, the more colors visible.

Chatham Lab-Grown White Opal

Chatham’s lab-grown white opals display an ethereal green, blue, and pink iridescent color range on a semi-translucent-to-opaque surface. The oval cabochon is the most commonly cut opal shape, but Stuller also stocks calibrated square and round cabochon shapes, too.

Because of its soft and magical nature, Chatham’s lab-grown white opals are exactly what an outfit needs to complete any ensemble. It’s no wonder we see more and more opals worn on the red carpet as large statement earrings, necklaces, or rings. Their versatility is an added advantage! White opals’ minimalist factor and airy flair also make for lovable layered looks.

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Gift Ideas

Did you know opal is the October birthstone and 14th-anniversary gemstone? If you’re looking for other reasons to offer up an opal, consider these: Opal is the gemstone of hope and optimism. It is widely used for meditation and is believed to be the stone of luck. Because of its mysticism and colorful feature, is an ideal gift for the imaginative artist!

Caring for your Opals

Opals are softer than many other gems. It contains water and may be subject to cracking or crazing and should require great care when worn. However, because of Chatham’s Lifetime Warranty, your customer can wear it with confidence knowing Chatham lab-grown opals are guaranteed for life!

A Brief Opal History

Opals name stems from the ancient Greek opallios, meaning “color change.” Across the globe, countless cultures attribute opal with mystical powers. In fact, ancient Greeks believed opals granted the gift of prophecy. Some jewelry superstitions even speculate it is unlucky for those not born in October to wear opal.

Chatham Lab-Grown Opals Gemstone Shot

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