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Pair Chatham Gemstones with Pantone’s 2018 Fall/Winter Palette

Brighten the autumn and winter months with this striking seasonal palette

Each new season brings a fresh lineup of jewelry and fashion trends. This season’s shades — presented by the 2018 Fall/Winter Pantone® Fashion Color Report — unveils a color scheme that is anything but ordinary. Prepare for a fashion scene studded with bright and jovial shades in the months to come.

Chatham Gemstones with Pantone Fall Winter Palette

Colored Gems are a Girl’s Best Friend

Chatham Lab-Grown Gems, Inc. is known for its diverse ensemble of colored gemstones. This year’s fall/winter color mix from Pantone comes straight out of Chatham’s jewel box! And because we offer different shades in select stones, the pairing options are limitless.

Discover how to mix Chatham Gemstones with Pantone to conquer the fall/winter 2018 fashion scene—

Chatham Lab-Grown Alexandrite

The chameleon of gemstones, Chatham Lab-Grown Alexandrite accentuates not one, but TWO cool colors this season: Ultra Violet and Quetzal Green.

Chatham Gemstones with Pantone Alexandrite

Mined Alexandrite typically exudes an orangey-red or slightly purplish-red tint under incandescent light. Chatham’s Lab-Grown Alexandrite, however, changes from teal or bluish-green in daylight to a dominant purple in incandescent lighting. This miraculous color transformation pairs perfectly with these two Pantone shades. Wear these colors alone, or rock them both to make a powerful statement. Oval, pear, and round shapes really bring this unique stone to life!

Chatham Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire

The go-to choice for any season, Chatham Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire can be worn with just about everything. So it’s no wonder Nebulas Blue perfectly matches this versatile gemstone.

Chatham Gemstones with Pantone Blue Sapphire

Did you know Chatham Lab-Grown Sapphire is the most challenging gemstone to grow? Sapphire’s color follows the crystal structure in color zones. Because of this, we are able to offer this gem in three shades: light, medium, and dark. Any of these shades will pair nicely with this bright blue hue. Chatham Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire projects elegance to its wearer, day or night. So mix cool colors monochromatically and in varying tones. And since sapphire is September’s birthstone, there’s no better way to enter the autumn season!

Chatham Lab-Grown Padparadscha

Chatham Lab-Grown Padparadscha evokes peace and enlightenment, blending lotus blossom vibes with a picture-perfect sunset. Probably the color most associated with autumn, Pantone’s Russet Orange is a close match to Chatham Lab-Grown Padparadscha’s dark shade referred to as pumpkin orange.

Chatham Gemstones with Pantone Padparadascha Sapphire

This rich color pairing is warm and earthy. It combines yellow’s cheery flair with red’s provocativeness. This exotic gem is rarely found in nature and is mined from Sri Lanka. Chatham replicates this sought-after shade by growing stones from Sri Lankan seed crystals. This takes about a year’s time. And because these stones are offered with a Lifetime Guarantee, customers can wear them every day without worry.

Chatham Lab-Grown Ruby

Deemed the King of Gems, Rubies have been sported by warriors and queens for centuries. Pantone’s Red Pear and Valiant Poppy mirror the deep, intense colors found in Chatham Lab-Grown Ruby. Their rich hues command attention and symbolize desire.

Chatham Gemstones with Pantone Red Ruby

While more apple red than merlot, Chatham Lab-Grown Ruby stems from the same color family, conjuring a fiery allure. Chatham grows this corundum variety by starting with a seed crystal from mined Burmese Ruby— the finest in the world. The vivid red color comes from its high chromium content, taking about nine months to a year to grow. Mined rubies of like-quality to Chatham Lab-Grown Rubies differ in price by nearly $100,000 per carat!

Chatham Lab-Grown Yellow Sapphire

Can you imagine a color that brings more optimism and merriment than yellow? Chatham Lab-Grown Yellow Sapphire is an all-encompassing color, offered in various shades and tones. And Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2018 Color Report would not be complete without this cheerful hue. So this year, they’ve served up two: Ceylon Yellow and Limelight.

Chatham Gemstones with Pantone Yellow Sapphire

Ceylon Yellow is more golden in tone, much like Chatham Lab-Grown Yellow Sapphire’s medium variety. Limelight, on the other hand, has a slight hint of green. Coincidentally, Chatham Lab-Grown Yellow Sapphire’s light tone displays this exact color occurrence — visible traces of light green. Suggest this stone for a fresh new start to the new seasons ahead.

No matter the color, Chatham has a gemstone to match! So be bold. Pair Chatham gemstones with Pantone’s vibrant color palette this fall/winter 2018 season.

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