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Chain and Pearls: The Foundation to Modern Men’s Neckwear

Men's Necklace

Explore men’s chain and pearl necklace styles while reaching a new demographic for your jewelry business.

It is no secret that chain and pearls are two of the hottest trends currently in fashion. From jewelry to accessories, people are loving the simple utility of chain and the reminiscent elegance of pearls while transforming these essential styles to fit a more modern direction. What’s new is seeing men across generations adopting these trends with looks that open the door to a new demographic for many jewelers.

Chains and Pearl Necklaces: Gateway Styles

Men, particularly in the younger generation, are being drawn to a variety of jewelry styles — earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. However, we are seeing many men of all ages finding it easy to begin their exploration of jewelry with neckwear. Experts on Stuller’s fine jewelry team chimed in with their thoughts on what they are seeing.

“Chain has been in the men’s jewelry space for years, but it’s now being shown in more prominent ways. Whether it’s a single, bold Miami Cuban chain or layering different lengths and styles, men are really using chain necklaces to make a statement.”
Kristen Ber
Kristen Ber
Fine Jewelry Product Manager
“Of course, everyone’s favorite pop star Harry Styles has been recognized for his pearl game, but even baseball player Joc Pederson has been rocking pearl strands. I just love it!”
Taylor Beadle
Taylor Beadle
Fine Jewelry Product Manager

So where is this recent rise in fascination with chain and pearl neckwear coming from?

Celebrity Insight: Men's Jewelry Inspiration

Like many fashion statements, celebrities and notable figures are bringing these trends to the light. Especially with the help of social media, the average consumer is being inspired by these individuals in all aspects of life, including lifestyle and fashion. From rising stars like Thimothée Chalamet and Shawn Mendes to more established personalities like Johnny Depp and athletes like Joc Pederson, you can see a range in backgrounds and generations of men gravitating to chain and pearls.

Sales Tip: Have a conversation with your customers about how men are choosing to style chain and pearls. Form a connection by discussing celebrities they follow and use pictures from social media as inspiration.

Getting Started: Expanding Your Men's Chain and Pearl Selection

With more than 300 styles of chain and a variety of finished pearl necklaces, Stuller offers the perfect options for developing men’s necklace styles in your jewelry assortment. With advanced search capabilities through our website, easily navigate the full selection to find exactly what you’re looking for. Get started by shopping any of the pieces below or visit

Sales Tip: Don’t be afraid to merchandise a section of your store completely for men’s jewelry. Display these styles in such a way so your customers know exactly how they can confidently wear these pieces.

Jeweler Resources: Make-Your-Own Options

Chain By the Inch

Are you looking for a more custom length of our most popular styles? Order chain to the exact length by getting your chain by the inch. Browse 100+ styles of chain that give you the ability to select the width, metal color, and length you prefer to the nearest ¼ inch. We can even complete the look by adding the clasp for you.

Pearl Center

From a vast selection of loose cultured pearls and strands to services like stringing and drilling, let Stuller be your solution to building on your pearl jewelry options. All our pearl resources are conveniently found in one place on our website in the Pearl Center. Visit today and let’s get started.

Step Into a New Era of Style

We know that chain and pearl neckwear, even with men, are not new concepts. However, the recent rise in popularity and modern styles is showing an exciting new direction for both chain and pearls. Now is the time to invest in this new world of options in men’s jewelry.


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