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Celebrate World Space Week With Jewelry That Is Out of This World

Space. The final frontier. Regardless of age or background, all of us have been fascinated and captivated with the idea of space. Whether through curiosity of its vast expansiveness or guidance from a celestial connection, space leaves all of us with a feeling of amazement. It is no wonder we find inspiration and personal connections from above. But why are we talking about space? Well, today marks the beginning of World Space Week!

Every year, the international community celebrates World Space Week from October 4 to October 10. The United Nations began World Space Week in 1999 to commemorate the contributions of science and technology in bettering life on Earth through space research and exploration. The World Space Week Association announced that this year’s theme is “Women in Space” — an effort to celebrate the invaluable contributions women have made in more than 50 years of space exploration.


Fun Fact: October 4 was chosen as the start to World Space Week because it is the anniversary of the first human-made satellite, Sputnik 1, launching into space in 1957. This paved the way for space exploration in the years to come.

While this is a great week to recognize the women over history in the space community, every day is a great day to celebrate the unique stories that women live and share. At its core, this is why we began 302® Fine Jewelry and why we continue to build on this story.

The women of Stuller that create and build 302 Fine Jewelry come from many personal and professional backgrounds. They take their own beliefs, life experiences, and stories and put them into every piece. Our Cosmos™ Collection was created to represent the celestial connections and cosmic beliefs women hold close. In honor of World Space Week, we asked our 302 Fine Jewelry team to share the pieces from the Cosmos Collection that inspire them.

“The North Star necklace is one of my favorite pieces. It’s such a simple piece that you can wear with anything. The North Star is such a beautiful symbol of hope and guidance that reminds us to always head in a purposeful direction. This meaning makes it such a wonderful gift for yourself or anyone you care about.”

-Emily G. | 86425

“My favorite piece within the Cosmos Collection is the zodiac gemstone earrings. They are such perfect, everyday pieces with a nod to the cosmos and the wearer’s zodiac sign.”

-Taylor B. | 22132

“This diamond moon phase necklace ironically grounds me and brings me back to my feminine energy. Each phase of the moon’s cycle has a spiritual meaning, and her cyclical course signifies the rhythm of life within us.”

-Alisse G. | 87526

“My favorite Cosmos piece has to be this diamond starburst signet ring. The center star-set diamond is a glimmering reminder of the power of our seemingly small acts of change in the universe.”

-Shelby B. | 122747

“This zodiac disc necklace holds a special place in my heart, as it reminds me to wake up every day and hold myself to being the friendly, honest, and positive Sagittarius woman that I am.”

-Kristen B. | 87391

“These diamond constellation ear climbers are special to me for a few reasons. I’ve always been fascinated by the mystical appeal of constellations and stars, and these are the first earrings I’ve added to my personal collection when 302 Fine Jewelry was first launched! They will remain a staple in my jewelry box.”

-Hannah B. | 86903

“The diamond zodiac constellation necklace is one of my absolute favorite pieces in the collection! It stacks so beautifully with other necklaces, and I love that it’s a low-key way to honor someone you love (or yourself!) with the birthstone inset.”

-Victoria S. | 87512

“This starburst ring is one of my all-time favorite accessories I own. It’s subtle, but eye-catching and easy to pair with any outfit.”

-Brittany B. | 123182

“I love our diamond compass pendant. It has such a nice weight and slides on and off any chain. I like its heritage feel with its mix of matte gold and high-shine finishes, and the diamond melee accents make this an elevated everyday piece. I’ll think I’ll be gifting these this holiday season!”

-Emily B. | 88007

“These diamond crescent moon earrings are everything! they are whimsical but also timeless. I can’t imagine a time when they wouldn’t be essential in my earring wardrobe.”

-Christine L. | 86941

“The freshwater cultured pearl crescent moon earrings are my favorite.  It’s the perfect accessory for moon and pearl lovers.”

-Pamala F. | 86805