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Celebrate Your Faith with Religious Jewelry

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Here are our top suggestions for fashionably expressing your spirituality

Did you receive your copy of Celebrate Your Faith — Stuller’s latest religious jewelry brochure? Perhaps I’m biased, but this is one of my favorite publications we’ve created so far. The photography has a springtime Mediterranean vibe that makes the religious jewelry pop from the pages. From crosses to Stars of David, hamsas to ohms, this lookbook boasts inclusivity and transcendence. And guess what? This brochure is an evergreen piece perfect for Eastertide AND anytime throughout the year!


Narrowing down my favorite pieces was nearly impossible. Here are our top religious jewelry suggestions for Eastertide and beyond–

Cross Station Necklaces

Religious Jewelry Station Cross Necklace
From L to R: 6534548671165345386564653452653455


Station necklaces have been around for quite some time, but these cross station necklaces give new life to a classic trend. These are great layering pieces that offer variety and enable your sense of style to shine! Whether layered together or standing alone, these cross station necklaces are ideal, on-trend choices.

Spiritual Jewelry

Religious Jewelry Spiritual Symbols
From L to R: 867358579386416 • 8580086833866238687165272486667


In addition to crosses, the move toward spiritual jewelry has steadily grown in the past year, turning up in many places around the industry. From Evil Eyes to Hamsas to Buddhas, there’s a wide selection of spiritual jewelry for all walks of faith.

Cross Stackable Rings

Religious Jewelry Cross Stackable RIngs
From L to R: R43089R43088 R43084R43085R43075R43072


Mix, match, and stack these religious jewelry picks to create an ethereal look. A mature trend, stackables offer endless options! Pair these stackable cross rings with existing bands, or buy a whole new set of stackables for a renewed spiritual statement.

Religious Medals

Religious Jewelry Spiritual Medals
From L to R: R5020R5023R5060R16487R41570652598R45347R5055652596R41622R5022R5018


Religious medals never go out of style and are rising in popularity once again. Celebrities have started wearing medals, creating this emerging trend. A new, fun way to update this classic is to layer them or choose a non-traditional chain, like this solid beaded curb chain, for example.


Finding religious jewelry is now easier than ever. Shop the new Advanced Medals Search on

Check out Celebrate Your Faith — Stuller’s latest religious jewelry brochure here. Then, comment down below and tell us which are your favorite pieces.


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