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Celebrate Dad with these Father’s Day Gifts


Jewelry options for the top guy in your life

It’s always tough shopping for Father’s Day Gifts. What do you get for the guy that does it all? Has it all? Father’s day is the one day a year we get to give our dads the very best. Below are our favorite picks for the men in our lives.

For The Professional

If Dad means business – treat him to a pair of personalized cuff links or collar stays, which he can show off during meetings.\\\\\\\\'s_day_gifts&utm_category=stuller-blog Fathers-Day-2020-Jewelry-Stainless-Engravable-Round-Cuff-Links
652591 L101

For The Adventurer

This guy is always on the go! Whether it’s a hiking, camping or fishing trip a money clip or watch band is the way to go! 

Fathers-Day-2020-Jewelry-Gray-leather-Nato-Watch-Band Fathers-Day-2020-Jewelry-Stainless-Steel-Geometric-Money-Clip
59-7021 MC805

For the Classic Dad

He opts for a traditional, classic look. Don’t miss out on timeless styles like signet rings and chains this Father’s Day. With so many styles to choose from it can be hard to pick the perfect one; we’ve narrowed it down to our favorites.

Fathers-Day-2020-Jewelry-Yellow-Octagon-Signet-Ring Fathers-Day-2020-Jewelry-yellow-Miami-Cuban-Link-Chain Fathers-Day-2020-Jewelry-Sterling-Miami-Cuban-Chain
9842* CH1088 CH1087

For The Trendy Dad

This dad is just cool…he isn’t afraid of putting his own spin on a basic style. He will love our updated cross necklace or a diamond signet ring.  For an elevated trendy look, order these pieces in platinum.  

Fathers-Day-2020-Jewelry-Yellow-Nail-Cross-Necklace Fathers-Day-2020-Jewelry-Geometric-Signet-Ring
R42392* 9864*

For a complete look at Father’s Day gift ideas, click here.

*notes items available in platinum.  

Share this knowledge! Download and print the guide below to help customers pick the perfect Father’s Day gift.

[pdf id=24506]


What Father’s Day jewelry sells best in your store? Let us know in the comments below!


Taylor Beadle

Former Product Manager, Fine Jewelry