ever&ever® Sparkles With a New Winter Campaign

With it being the day after Thanksgiving, there is no questioning that the holiday shopping season is in full force all around. Everyone is putting their lists together and making plans to find the perfect holiday gift for the special someone. As you know, there are also a few nervous hopefuls looking for their dream ring to pop the question at just the right moment.

It’s exciting to play a part in this narrative and ever&ever® is the perfect tool to give every couple a happy beginning to their next chapter. ever&ever® — Stuller’s complete bridal program featuring flexible 3C designs — gives you the opportunity to help every customer create their own story and provide them with an unforgettable customization experience. As a retail partner, we supply you with a variety of benefits, including substantial marketing support.

As holiday proposals approach, we have our own special gifts we are excited to present to our retail partners.

Tying the Knot, Hand in Hand

This year, we began placing advertisements in The Knot magazine to make sure your future customers know that ever&ever® is among the major brands within the bridal industry. Brides-to-be across the country look to The Knot as a source of inspiration. We are committed to ensuring they keep the ever&ever® brand top of mind.

Earlier this month, The Knot released its anniversary issue celebrating 25 years of being one of the top resources in the bridal industry. Our ad within its pages is the perfect complement to this issue.

This ad features a fully customizable round-shaped diamond-accented engagement ring (124103), an eternity band (122107), and a knife-edge comfort-fit band (KER10) all set in platinum — the perfect symbol of a strong and committed love.

Shop all platinum ever&ever® styles today.

Retail partners have additional access to marketing resources, such as counter cards, that help promote this advertisement just in time to appeal to those shopping for a holiday proposal. Retail partners can access these materials in the Marketing Asset Library today.

‘Tis the Season With ever&ever®

For the first time, we are happy to launch a holiday campaign on the consumer-facing marketing channels for ever&ever®. If you follow ever&ever® on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll start to notice holiday-themed messaging and promotions. We even created a page on everandever.com where consumers can look through our top picks for holiday proposals.

Our retail partners have access to all video and image assets we have created for this campaign so you can supplement your own holiday marketing efforts. Access all resources in the Marketing Asset Library.

Join the ever&ever® Family

If you want access to all of these benefits and more, become an ever&ever® retail partner! With a comprehensive display of high-quality prototype rings that are completely customizable when using the 3C builder on Stuller.com or by partnering with our CounterSketch® software, you can bring your customer into the experience of building their dream ring from concept to creation.

Happy holidays and happy selling from the bridal team at Stuller!

A Stuller Ring Story: Hannah and Lance

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, We are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them. 

Have you ever had a moment where everything just fell into place because you were in the right place at the right time? Imagine if just one detail was off in that moment — it could have just passed you by! Life has a funny way of bringing you exactly where you need to be for a great adventure, especially an adventure as great as love. 

For Stuller’s Packaging & Displays Project Planner Hannah Foreman, she found herself in the perfect place when she met Lance. She never imagined where things would go, but the beautiful engagement ring on her finger will give you a hint that things have gone very well since. 

Finding love at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic is reason enough to believe that true love will always find a way. Let’s dive into Hannah and Lance’s story and look at the stunning engagement ring designed just for her. 

hannah and lance ring story

Right Place, Right Time 

On March 14, 2020, Hannah was out celebrating a friend’s birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. Lance happened to be at the same bar that night because his cousin was the DJ. One of Hannah’s friends knew Lance and saw that he was sitting alone, so she invited him to sit with them. From that first moment, Lance caught Hannah’s eye and they talked all night — a scene straight out of a Hallmark movie. 

However, in a story like this, not every detail falls neatly into place. Just a couple days later, Louisiana, along with the rest of the country, entered a quarantine period due to the COVID-19 pandemic where the two were unsure when they would get to meet again. Over the next three months, Hannah and Lance’s budding relationship was restricted to daily phone calls and texts. The couple did not get to experience their first date until June 2020, but both knew it would be well worth the wait. 

Through Obstacles Came Growth 

hannah and lance family ring story

As we adjusted our way of living and the Lafayette community began to re-open, Hannah and Lance’s relationship grew. Eventually, they moved in together with Lance’s daughters — Brianna (14) and Brooksie (12), who Hannah adores. Earlier this year, the couple began to talk seriously about their future. 

They knew what they wanted and on Mother’s Day in 2021, Lance spoke to Hannah’s mom to ask for her blessing. Robin Foreman, Hannah’s mother, is also a Stuller associate working as a Project Specialist in the Product Design & Development department. She helped Lance find the perfect ring for Hannah. 

Something That’s One-of-a-Kind 

One of the benefits of having your mother work with you at Stuller is being able to always send her ring styles you like and her having easy access to those. On top of that, Hannah’s mom works with some of the talented individuals that design all the products Stuller creates. When Lance approached Robin about a ring for Hannah, she wanted to help Lance give Hannah something no one else would have. 

Judging from the styles Hannah sent her, Robin knew that Hannah was a fan of vintage-inspired engagement rings and that she wanted a matching band. Lance and Robin began with an emerald-shape accented engagement ring (123240) in our ever&ever® collection. With a little help from friends in Robin’s department, they adjusted the accent stones and the setting to fit the stone she wanted. Though similar in style to the original design, it is truly one-of-a-kind. 

After working at Stuller for more than 20 years, Robin knew exactly who she wanted to ask to help her create the perfect rings for her daughter. Paul Arton and Melissa Borel in the Product Design & Development department created the CAD renderings and prepared them to go to casting. Mickey Guidry in the Model department prepped and polished the rings. Paul then received the casted rings and set all of the diamonds. Once they were done, Robin delivered the rings to Lance with her blessing. 

Hannah’s engagement ring features a 1 carat lab-grown radiant-cut center stone with round natural diamond accents. Her preferred metal is 14K rose gold because it compliments her skin tone. She also has a band that matches the shank of the engagement ring. 

The plan for Lance is to have a silicone wedding band for work, since he works with his hands a lot, as well as a tungsten band for everyday wear. 

An Unexpected, Yet Perfect Proposal 

Lance received the finished ring in September ahead of their planned trip to Orange Beach, Alabama to see a Brooks and Dunn concert in October. At this point, his daughters, family, and friends knew he was planning to propose. The only one left to find out was Hannah. 

“I really thought that he would show some signs of nervousness that would give it away, but he never did,” says Hannah. 

The one thing about the proposal that Hannah told him ahead of time is that she never wanted a public proposal. While Lance was very calm and collected holding onto the ring on the outside, he was very eager to pop the question. 

After having dinner one night on their trip, they were on a boardwalk near the water at a popular restaurant in Orange Beach at sunset. Hannah was trying to think of where they should go next. She turned around to look at Lance in time to see him get down on one knee. 

Once she said a couple of choice words for all the attention they were now receiving from the surrounding onlookers, she very happily said yes. Hannah and Lance plan to be married at the start of 2023 and their Stuller family couldn’t be happier. 

A Hallmark Ending for a Hallmark Story 

Can you imagine what would have happened if Lance’s cousin had not been the DJ at that bar that night and asked him to stop by? Can you imagine what would have happened if Hannah’s friend had not asked Lance to sit with them? Any one tiny change to this story and their futures would look very different. But that’s what is so special about a love that comes from being in the right place at the right time.

Are you feeling the love? Read a few of our recent Stuller Ring Story posts!

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Choose, Change, Create: The Magic of Flexible 3C Engagement Ring Designs

We are in a special time of year as the holidays approach! As jewelers, we know that one thing the holidays bring are those memorable proposals that help us end one year and start another. Whether the planning is months in advance or a little last minute, you can still offer your customers a personalized solution for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Let’s talk about flexible 3C engagement ring designs. 

What is 3C? 

Our 3C engagement ring styles give you the opportunity to choose the design your customer wants, change the center stone shape and size as well as the metal quality and color, and create the ring of their dreams. For example, let’s say your customer loves the design on one of our new 3C accented engagement ring mountings (124782), but their dream ring has a square-shape center stone. Incorporating that design preference is as easy as a click of a button! 

Whether you are creating the ring side-by-side with your customer using CounterSketch® or using the 3C builder experience on Stuller.com, it’s incredibly simple to personalize an engagement ring to your customers’ specifications. Let’s take a look at the process. 

How Does It Work? 

When you select any product that has a flexible 3C design, you will automatically be given all the options to personalize the piece. Starting with the center stone, you have your choice of round and fancy shape centers at different sizes. For metal quality and color, you have the full range of Stuller’s precious metal offerings. Once you choose the finger size, the mounting is complete. 

From this point, you can order the unset mounting or we can set the center and accents stones for you. You have access to Stuller’s entire natural and lab-grown diamond and gemstone assortment when selecting your center and accent stones. This will appeal to the fashion-forward couples looking for a colored center stone as well as those couples looking for the perfect classic diamond. 

After the stones have been selected, you have the option to add a laser engraving to the inside of the ring. We provide a selection of fonts and colors to leave that perfect personalized sentiment. Encourage your customers to put a date, name, or short memorable phrase to make this ring a true one-of-a-kind. 

Finally, each 3C engagement ring comes with the option of purchasing the matching wedding band that complements the ring’s design. 

With all these steps complete, you’re finished! Your customers’ ring is being created with the same speed and quality you have come to expect from Stuller for more than 50 years. 

This Season’s Newest Styles 

Now that you are familiar with how to personalize flexible 3C designs, let’s take a look at the newest engagement ring styles to join our 3C collection. Our bridal team is consistently adding new designs to our assortment so be sure to check often for the latest styles. 

Shop all 3C engagement ring styles on Stuller.com. 

All 3C products on Stuller.com and the latest issue of our bridal catalog are marked with a 3C badge.

ever&ever®: A 3C In-Case Bridal Solution 

If you enjoy the flexibility and style of 3C designs, then consider becoming an ever&ever® retail partner. ever&ever® is a complete bridal program featuring high-quality, customizable prototype rings — each a flexible 3C design. With this program, you have the ability to provide your customer with a complete customizable shopping experience. Take the capabilities of your ever&ever® 3C designs to the next level with CounterSketch, an intuitive 3D design software that provides access to endless customizable styles and manufacturing options. All retail partners also receive robust marketing support, including high-quality images and videos, social media content, and national advertising campaigns. 

Learn more about becoming an ever&ever® retail partner at Stuller.com/EverandEver

A Stuller Ring Story: Chris and Camille

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.  

The journey of a ring is a long one. From concept to creation, the work that goes into the details is extensive, but extremely worthwhile to produce a piece someone will cherish for a lifetime. The hands that work on engagement rings put extra care in their work because they know its significance. At Stuller, many hands contribute to the creation of every piece we make, and we know how special each ring will be for the one who wears them. 

For Stuller’s Tools and Equipment Product Manager Chris Leonard, he understands the care Stuller associates put into our rings. So, when the time came for him to look for a ring to propose to his fiancé Camille, it was a no brainer to ask for help from his fellow associates. Having been with Stuller for a few years, he knew exactly who to approach and the team started to work 

Chris’ engagement ring for Camille went through quite a journey. Let’s follow this journey and see how #TeamStuller contributed to make this an extra special proposal. 

This Relationship Means Business 

Chris and Camille met in the summer of 2015 while they were both working on their Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Their class was tight knit, so they had a lot of mutual friends. While they had known about each other through their friends prior to that summer, they first met while taking a summer statistics class. 

Over the next couple of months as the fall semester began, there were several school events where Chris and Camille began to grow closer. They decided to pursue a romantic relationship in September 2015 and have been together ever since. 

Since their first date six years ago, Chris and Camille have been very happy together. While they knew that marriage seemed to be the direction their relationship was going in, neither felt rushed or pressured to take that next step until the time was right. 

In 2019, that time came, and Chris made the decision to get an engagement ring for Camille. 

#TeamStuller to the Rescue 

Chris began by meeting with Camille’s friend and Stuller’s Vice-President of Merchandising Alix Gonsoulin. Camille and Alix have been friends for years and Alix was confident in knowing what style Camille would like. After compiling all the inspiration she could find that reflects Camille’s tastes, Alix created a detailed presentation for Chris and they began looking for a designer. 

Creative Design Director Christine Lloyd was the immediate first choice to ask to design Camille’s ring. Christine was excited to work on this project and provided sketches for six different designs for Chris to choose from. Chris took his time and got several opinions of people throughout the building before making his decision. 

Jacob Wright from Product Development & Design, Blaine Latiolais from Diamond & Gemstone Business Development, and Kristi Broussard from Tools & Supplies all pitched in to help Chris get a CAD rendering of the design to send to manufacturing, choose the perfect diamond, and set the diamond into the mounting. He even worked with members of the Packaging & Displays team to choose a ring box — a beautiful green box from our Eva Collection (61-0007:1100000:T). 

Everyone who had a hand in the design and production of this ring carried significance to Chris and Camille. The Stuller team did not hesitate to help Chris provide Camille with the ring of her dreams. 

“They went above and beyond, but they would do that for anyone.”

Chris Leonard

In the end, Chris had a stunning 18K yellow gold engagement ring featuring a round natural diamond secured by platinum prongs with a beautiful directional-style halo. The intricately detailed shank showcases lab-grown diamond accents ¾ around. The N-S-E-W composition of the halo was very popular when the ring was being made. It wasn’t until after he saw the ring that Chris realized it looked like a compass, which seemed all the more special since Camille is a travel agent and is very passionate about travelling. All in all, a perfectly one-of-a-kind ring. 

18K yellow gold custom designed engagement ring

With everyone having played their part in finishing the ring, all that was left was to find the right time to propose, which was not as easy as Chris had thought. 

A Change in Plans 

The ring was finished shortly before Chris and Camille were to board a flight to Europe on a trip. Because travel is important to the couple, Chris’ plan was to propose in a beautiful location while on their trip. 

Unfortunately, that trip was planned for April 2020 — right as the COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide shutdown on leisure travel. With that trip put on hold, Chris had to rethink how he wanted to propose. There never seemed to be a good time because nowhere seemed to be just right. In fact, more than a year passed before the perfect opportunity presented itself. 

As a travel agent, Camille often is invited to destination vacation locations to help promote the venues to her clients. Camille and Chris were invited to spend a few days in Cabo last month at a few resorts. Chris saw the opportunity this trip could have and made plans to take the ring with him. 

While staying at the Montage, an exclusive resort in Cabo along the water, everything fell into place. With a completely empty private beach and a breathtaking sunset, Chris got on one knee and asked Camille a question he had been waiting to ask. With an audience watching from a nearby restaurant, Camille enthusiastically accepted. 

Our Stuller Family 

The story of Chris and Camille’s ring is an example of how our Stuller family steps up to help. As Chris would say, this is exactly what any Stuller associate would do for our customers. A lot of love and hard work went into the creation of this ring and a lot of love will remain with it as the happy couple begin a different type of journey together. 

Congratulations to Chris and Camille from your Stuller family! 

Choose, Change, and Create With Flexible Wedding Band Designs

Today’s couples are looking for wedding band styles that are unique and feel like a one-of-a-kind. And who can blame them? Every couple is different with a style all their own. It makes sense for the symbols of their everlasting love and commitment to be just as special. 

You may have heard of our engagement rings featuring flexible 3C designs. This means you can choose the center stone size and shape as well as the metal quality and color. But did you know that we also offer wedding bands with flexible 3C designs? For the groom that wants a twist on the classic wedding band, Stuller’s 3C wedding bands stand out from the rest. 

Discover popular and bestselling 3C wedding band styles to show your customers that are looking for a band that is uniquely theirs. 

Solitaire Styles 

A modern take on the traditional bezel-set solitaire style, solitaire wedding bands use a center stone to accent the wider shank. Set with a diamond or gemstone in the shape and size of your choosing for a wedding band anyone would be proud to wear every day. 

123478 123214 9871

Multi-Stone Styles 

Wedding bands featuring three and five accent stones are rising in popularity. With beautiful setting details, such as channel settings or shared prong settings, these accent stones perfectly bring that perfect extra flair to classic band styles. Even accent stones like these can be personalized with multiple shape and size options available. 

124563 124340 122785

Intricate Shank Styles 

Center and accent stones are not the only way for a 3C band to shine. The wedding bands within our 3C assortment also feature intriguing and interesting shank designs, such as Celtic-inspired and rope details. Choose from Stuller’s wide range of precious metal colors and qualities of gold, platinum, and silver. 

9851 123522 9857

Gender Neutral Flexibility 

One of the best features of 3C wedding bands is their versatility. The width of many shank designs is able to adjust to the size of the stones being set in the band. With a wide range in both shank widths and finger sizes, these select band styles are perfect for both men and women. 

With the fall wedding season in full swing and holiday proposals approaching, provide your customers with wedding band options that bring a little something extra. You can count on Stuller to provide rapid delivery on all personalized orders that you have come to expect and depend on. 


Shop our full 3C wedding band assortment on Stuller.com today. 

Diamond Stud Earrings Bring the (Bridal) Party

As a couple’s special day approaches, they will begin to think of last-minute details. Dresses, tuxes, decorations, vendors, and more have all been well thought out. The couple has probably even thought about the jewelry they plan on wearing. But have they thought about everyone in the bridal party? A great solution for day-of jewelry for the bridal party is a favorite classic — diamond stud earrings.

The fall wedding season is in full swing, spring weddings are approaching, and holiday engagements are upon us. Now is the time to position diamond stud earrings as the perfect add-on or gift for the entire bridal party. With so many carat total weights to choose from in both natural and lab-grown options, there is a diamond stud earring for every budget and style.

From a simple solo stud earring to a fascinating ear stack, let’s look at different styles the entire bridal party can enjoy.

The Solo Stud

Simple and classic, the diamond stud earring is a favored piece of jewelry perfect for all occasions. Offer a variety of settings, stone shapes, metal qualities, and more to fit all styles a couple and their bridal party might need.

Stud Paired with Other Studs

Studs on studs on studs… now it’s a (bridal) ear party! One of the best complements to the classic diamond stud earring is a selection of other studs to climb the ear. Pair with trending enameled studs or gemstone studs for pops of color or metal studs for a simple look.

88043 29726 62866
688831 22132

Stud Paired with a Jacket

A jacket earring styled with a statement diamond stud earring provides depth and an interesting design that stands out. If a bride and her bridesmaids are looking for a modern and eye-catching look, this is the perfect combo.

652481 688817

Stud Paired with a Cuff

For the bridal party that is all about an ear party, ear cuffs provide a great way to provide a stack with diamond studs. With the petit and minimalist nature of many ear cuffs, they provide the perfect balance between simple and statement ear stacks.

66233 87440

Stud Paired with Hoops and Huggies

Hoops and huggies come in a variety of sizes that stack well with diamond studs, which make for great options for both subtle and noticeable ear stacks.

1874 87382

A classic that is always in style, diamond stud earrings provide a versatile, cost-effective, and beautiful addition to any wedding day for the whole bridal party. With styles and price points to fit every need, these subtle statements can be enjoyed by everyone.

Selling Tips and Tricks for Your Fashion-Forward Brides

Imagine this scenario. An excited couple comes in with a picture from Pinterest of their dream engagement ring. The design is modern and very on-trend. Your current in-case inventory is all best-selling classics that many brides request. However, nothing in your cases seems to match this couple’s style quite like the newer trends on social media, and this has slowly become a recurring experience in your store.

Staying on top of the trending bridal styles can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to research those trends, but you also must invest heavily in an inventory of distinctive pieces that may or may not resonate with your local customers. Well not anymore!

We’ve done the research and created solutions that provide you with product that is high trend, but with a low-cost investment and minimal inventory to keep track of. Say hello to our new Designer Bridal and Ring Enhancer in-case selling systems.

Designer Bridal: In-Case Prototype Selling System

Seasoned Stuller customers are familiar with the eye-catching styles in our designer bridal collection. However, this collection has received a refresh and is now offered as an in-case selling system just in time for the busy holiday season. The full collection and prototype selling system now features the most in-demand and on-trend engagement rings of the year. Featuring fancy stone shapes, illusion designs, and intricate shank details, we have curated assortments within our prototype selling system that help you sell showstopping styles to fashion-forward brides.

Art Deco Assortment: A Selling System

The Art Deco Assortment (688860:100:P) showcases chevron architecture, trillion-shaped melee, hexagons, and ballerina halos.

Modern Assortment: A Selling System

The Modern Assortment (688860:101:P) features east to west settings, split shanks, French-set accents, two-stone settings, and negative space bands.

Vintage-Inspired Assortment: A Selling System

The Vintage-Inspired Assortment (688860:102:P) displays rings with milgrain details, a filigree halo, petite accents, and intricate shank designs.

Whimsical Assortment: A Selling System

The Whimsical Assortment (688860:103:P) promotes playful asymmetrical halos, a starburst halo, Celtic inspirations, and fanciful abstract looks.

You can either purchase an individual assortment that fits the styles you’re looking for or you can have them all with the comprehensive Designer Bridal Selling System (688860:104:P). Each assortment comes in a hexagon-shaped display to help the unique designs stand out. All styles are featured as a prototype in a high-quality metal alloy, which can then be ordered in live product as 14K white, yellow, and rose gold as well as platinum.

The Art Deco Assortment (688860:100:P) The Modern Assortment (688860:101:P)
The Vintage-Inspired Assortment (688860:102:P) The Whimsical Assortment (688860:103:P)

Bridal Enhancer Selling System

Contour bands and ring guards have continued to grow in popularity and are the perfect addition to any bride’s wedding stack. Contour bands fit nicely against the shank of the engagement ring, while a ring guard provides that perfect halo effect for the classic solitaire.

It can get expensive to keep a large variety of enhancers in stock, however, it’s also necessary for your customers to try the enhancer on with the ring to ensure the right fit. With this dilemma, we have created a solution.

Our Bridal Enhancer Selling System (688825) is a pre-merchandised prototype collection of trending styles featuring 12 contour bands and 4 ring guards. All styles can be ordered live in a variety of metal qualities and colors.

Bridal Enhancer Selling System (688825)

The Bottom Line

Having a large amount of live inventory is costly and comes with a certain amount of risk. With pre-merchandised prototype solutions like our Designer Bridal and Ring Enhancer selling systems, you can feel confident that you are carrying the best in trending styles while keeping your costs low and your inventory minimal.

To explore all of our bridal selling systems, visit Stuller.com.

A Stuller Ring Story: Jade and Jacob

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

Nothing fills you with joy quite like wearing a piece of jewelry designed and crafted specifically for you. A true one-of-a-kind, especially if it was presented as a symbol of love, is something to cherish for a lifetime and then pass on to the future.

For Stuller’s procurement planner Jade, the engagement ring hand-selected by her fiancé Jacob serves as the perfect reminder that true love is unique and personal. With a personally picked diamond center stone and a custom CAD/CAM design, she is filled with excitement for her upcoming wedding next year.

Behind every ring lies a story and Jade took this opportunity to share hers with us. This is Jade and Jacob’s story.

jade stuller ring story

Photo by Laikyn Jai Photography | www.laikynjai.com

Perfect Timing

Jade is from New Orleans but moved to Lafayette for college. She has worked a lot of different jobs, but one job was working at Texas Roadhouse. It was here that she met a good friend that would help change her life.

In 2013, Jade’s friend Karee worked at Texas Roadhouse as a bartender. On many occasions when Karee was working, Jade would sit at the bar for dinner. One evening, Jade had gotten the attention of a guy that would not stop talking. Jade was looking for any excuse to move on from the interaction and finally, her chance came when he went to the bathroom.

Karee had another friend sitting at the bar who was watching how uncomfortable Jade was. Once the man went to the bathroom, he introduced himself as Jacob and a friend of Karee’s. Jacob asked if she wanted to stop talking to the other man and took his seat when she invited him to serve as a distraction.

From that night on, Jacob and Jade became great friends and a few months later they began dating.

Love is Patient

As Jade and Jacob’s relationship grew, they knew they were very serious about their future together. However, Jade was also committed to finishing her degree. Jacob was incredibly supportive of her goals, and they came to an agreement not to take the next step until after her graduation. Jade finished her degree in 2019 and their patience paid off.

Something to know about Jade and Jacob’s relationship is that they love to tease and joke with each other. After 6 years of being together, they truly had become best friends. So, when they were spending time with some friends, it was nothing to hear a joke about when they would finally get married.

Photos by Laikyn Jai Photography | www.laikynjai.com

Looking ahead to Jade’s graduation party, she was fully prepared for her time to say yes to the big question. However, she could not resist the opportunity to joke with Jacob while getting ready to have dinner with family one evening by saying she was wondering if he’d ever propose to her. Without her knowing, Jacob had already gotten Jade’s engagement ring and felt like there was no better chance to propose than on the heels of a joke. He grabbed the ring from his closet, got down on one knee, and gave Jade the biggest surprise.

While Jade looks back and laughs at how “non-glamorous” the moment was (as she puts it), she can’t help but feel that it was a perfect representation of their relationship.

A True Investment

Over the several years that Jade and Jacob had been together, there had been conversations about ring preferences. Solitaires, halos, fancy shapes, and other factors have been topics to discuss. In the end, Jacob realized he wanted to make an investment in a one-of-a-kind custom design.

With the help of a trusted jeweler, Jacob was able to come to Stuller and handpick the diamond that is now the focal point of Jade’s engagement ring. He was also able to work with Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services to design a ring and matching band to fit the various features he wanted.

Jade’s engagement ring is a 14K white gold solitaire with a hidden halo. It features a 1.7 oval-shaped natural diamond with natural diamond accents. The matching band is a contour band that sits perfectly against the ring, but she still must wait until she can add this piece to her bridal stack.

Anticipating Nuptials

Jade and Jacob began their engagement shortly before the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, they planned on having a wedding in March of 2021. After much thought, they have decided to wait until March of 2022. With a ring as unique as their love, this patient couple looks forward to a day they’ve dreamt of for years and their Stuller family wishes them luck as the day gets closer and closer.

ever&ever® Features the Allure of Platinum

Ever&Ever Feature in The Knot Fall Issue

The Knot’s fall issue has hit the stands with the beautiful Jenna Dewan gracing the cover. In this sustainability issue, you will find the latest advertisement for ever&ever® in our ongoing campaign with the prominent wedding industry publication. This advertising opportunity provides one of many benefits to ever&ever® retail partners and is perfect to help promote engagement rings for upcoming fall proposals.

ever&ever® and The Knot

The Allure of Platinum

In collaboration with Platinum Guild International, the ad image features a three-stone style, oval-shape diamond engagement ring set in platinum (124157:412:P) along with its matching band (52052:412:P). The ad speaks to the strength and desirability of platinum, which is an exceedingly popular metal choice for securing diamond center stones.

124157:412:P 52052:412:P

While the rings featured in this advertisement campaign are platinum, all ever&ever® engagement rings are 3C flexible styles. This means that the metal quality, center stone size, and shape are all customizable so a bride can have her perfect, one-of-a-kind ring.

To shop these styles and more from Stuller’s comprehensive in-case bridal program, visit Stuller.com/ShopEverAndEver.

Why ever&ever®?

National advertising campaigns that expand the brand recognition of ever&ever® are only part of the many benefits of being a retail partner. Check out some of these other amazing perks.

High Quality and Customizable Styles

Whether you choose the Core Bridal Program, the Comprehensive Bridal Program, or you build your own program, the styles within ever&ever® feature high quality and customizable designs that allow you flexibility in creating the perfect ring. To keep your assortment fresh, we offer two product enhancements every year that each include six new styles.

Marketing Support

From ready-to-post social media content and hi-resolution imagery to print materials and signage, we provide our retail partners with everything they need to connect their customers with ever&ever®. We also maintain a brand website on EverAndEver.com, where your customers can explore the full product offering within ever&ever® and easily find you with our Find a Retailer listing tool. Finally, we offer e-commerce solutions that allow you to integrate and embed the EverAndEver.com interface into your website.

Influencer Marketing

Other than our current advertising campaign with The Knot, ever&ever® has also been featured in the popular wedding industry blog Wedding Chicks. We are always looking for unique opportunities to increase brand awareness and lead customers to your business.

Rapid Delivery

Delivery of ever&ever® styles comes with the same standards and quality you’ve come to expect from Stuller. We make sure you have the live styles you need as soon as possible with next-day delivery of all in-stock items and swift production of customized pieces.

Become a Retail Partner Today!

You become a retail partner as soon as you purchase the Core Bridal Program, which features 29 pre-merchandised prototype samples — all 3C flexible designs and best-selling styles. There are three other popular programs that allow you to receive retail partner benefits as well.

To learn more about the ways you can become a retail partner and to get started, visit Stuller.com/EverAndEver.

ever&ever® is your all-in-one solution for helping every bride create her own story. As fall begins and the holiday proposal season approaches, trust Stuller to be your bridal business partner in helping couples find rings they can cherish forever and ever.

A Stuller Ring Story: Brittany and Jacob

YOTW Brittney and Josh

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

There are so many exciting and heartwarming stories surrounding engagement rings (and rightly so!). But don’t forget that wedding bands for both the bride and the groom come with their own stories as well. When a couple finds or even creates the perfect matching bands to an engagement ring, they are filled with anticipation for their upcoming future. The next chapter of their lives is about to begin.

For Stuller graphic designer Brittany and her fiancé Jacob, they looked to Stuller to help them find the perfect matches to their engagement rings as they plan for their upcoming wedding. Let’s dive in to see true perfect pairings in both the rings and the couple.

Photo Credit: September Company | www.theseptemberco.com

A High School Sweetheart Story

Brittany and Jacob met back in high school in 2007. They both lived in Cut Off, Louisiana, and found their connection over MySpace. While their friendship grew over their high school years, the timing never really worked out. But love always finds a way for those who are meant to be and in 2010, they went to prom together and the rest is history.

For the next ten years, Brittany and Jacob’s relationship blossomed. They graduated high school and moved to Lafayette, Louisiana together for college. As they worked to establish themselves in their careers, they weren’t in any rush. But the time did eventually come for Jacob to make his move.

From “Prom-posal” to Proposal

As a Valentine’s Day gift in 2020, Brittany scheduled a home photoshoot with a friend who also worked at Stuller as a photographer. Jacob finally saw his opportunity. He gave the photographer a heads up that he planned to propose so she would be ready. While Brittany didn’t know for sure, she had a feeling Jacob would propose. Sure enough, at the end of the session Jacob got down on one knee and presented Brittany with a beautiful 14K rose gold ring set with a princess cut Morganite featuring an asymmetrical design. Of course, she accepted the proposal enthusiastically.

Photo Credit: LeeAnn B Stephan Photography | www.leeannbstephan.com

Perfect Pairings

Shortly after their proposal, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country. Brittany and Jacob decided on a long engagement to give enough time for them to have a wedding without difficulties. The couple is set to be married in March 2022. While currently planning a wedding, one of the steps they have had to take is choose wedding bands to pair with their engagement rings following the wedding. They looked to Stuller for the solution.

Brittany’s engagement ring has an asymmetrical design so she was looking for a wedding band that can complement this modern style. She reached out to a friend from school in Stuller’s CAD/CAM department for assistance. He was able to help her design a band that fits perfectly against her engagement ring. Her band features a mirroring asymmetrical, open shank design set with accent diamonds. Her plan is to solder the band to her engagement ring after the wedding.

Jacob’s engagement ring is a thin 3 mm band. He intends on continuing to wear the ring after the wedding and wanted his wedding band to be something he can stack comfortably against the engagement ring. Using Stuller’s Band Builder, they created a simple 14K rose gold lightweight flat band with a 4 mm width (FIRL10.5:120:P). This band stacks perfectly with his engagement ring. This ring pairing makes for an excellent complement to Brittany’s stack.

A Bright Future Filled With Anticipation

Now that the couple has their wedding bands, they are even more excited for their upcoming nuptials. The coronavirus pandemic has made them wait even longer for their happily ever after, but if there is something Brittany and Jacob’s story has taught us it’s that finding the perfect match is worth the wait.

Photo Credit: September Company | www.theseptemberco.com