Swarovski Celebrates the 125th Company Anniversary

Objectively seen, life is always a kaleidoscope — a continually changing series of events, milestones, pleasures, and experiences that so resembles those colored cardboard tubes of delight, tucked into children’s Christmas stockings. The ones we hold up to the light, and twisted, only to be enthralled by the endless array of ever-changing colors and patterns. It is those unique moments, the ones that bring ever-changing colors and patterns unto our lives, that can also be those we celebrate as our special “jewelry moments”.

Swarovski is about to celebrate its 125th Anniversary in 2020. To mark the occasion, it has created a collection of cuts and ever-changing colors that pay homage to the company history and the fascinating turn of a kaleidoscope.


The new Swarovski Zirconia Vibrance Family represents a unique selection of cuts and colors poised to ignite creativity among jewelry designers, and delight the wearers of the pieces they create.

First, the Cut

Founder Daniel Swarovski’s own workbook provided the first inspiration for what was to become the Swarovski Zirconia “Daniel’s #125”. It was inspired by the 125th item in his own workbook, a sketch of an elegant, wide baguette cut for a crystal. The baguette cut is currently enjoying an enthusiastic revival in jewelry design. The clean lines of the rectangular stone made it particularly popular in the 1920s and 1930s because it was the ideal gem for art deco designs. It was also a stark contrast to the more traditional round cut stones, and it attracted the attention of women who wanted to be different and who were prepared to stand out in the crowd.

The Daniel’s #125 Swarovski Zirconia is a tribute to the visionary company founder, but also a nod to modernity. It is the perfect stone to interpret the sharply designed, architectural shapes in jewelry that make today’s independent woman stand out, just like their 1920s equivalent.

For something more traditional, the new anniversary cuts also include the Celebration Cut, a variant on the luxurious cushion cut, this time with 125 facets, one for each year of the company’s history.

Now, the Color

The new collection is also unique in terms of colors. Inspiration also came from the kaleidoscope, which, when turned, creates endless patterns generated by mirrors and pieces of colored glass. Our lives are also like that. Flashes of brilliance highlight moments that seem, at times, to be part of a grand design, and as our ‘personal kaleidoscope’ turns, everything can change in an instant, leaving us with a memory of something beautiful that was with us, just for a moment.

The Vibrance Colors, created using Swarovski’s patented TCF™ coloring process, are perfect to replicate the turn of the kaleidoscope. Each stone in the three-piece series is a unique blend of two colors — Red is combined with Orangey-Yellow, Purple with Aqua, and Spring Green with White.

These colors are available in three distinctive cuts. The Pentagon Star Cut, in particular, is set to play center stage in the emerging trends for jewelry in 2020 and beyond. With its sharp lines and distinctive shape, it is perfect for defining the graphic, architectural, and linear designs that will emerge in jewelry in the near future. The Pentagon Star Cut will also come into its own for striking color combinations and sharp contrasts.

Finally, the Effect

Each stone in the new Swarovski Zirconia Vibrance Family reflects light in new and unique ways. Colors blend, become pure, then blend yet again. The edges between the two colors are mysteriously blurred, and like the kaleidoscope, there is a continual play of changing light and color. Shapes appear to fuel imaginations, spark memories, and create dreams.

But the real magic of these fascinating stones is not only about the memories they stir, but also because they are perfect for designing jewelry to mark those treasured moments. Those destined to wear this jewelry will be drawn to reflect on the ever-changing colors and will also recall cherished moments in their own kaleidoscope of life.


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Swarovski Gemstones Presents: Conscious Luxury

Stuller Blog Swarovski Conscious Luxury Topaz

We are now experiencing a new era of awareness. Reaching across societal and geographic borders, we recognize the need to protect the environment and conserve water, and when we buy things, we also think about where they come from.

Conscious Luxury Swarovski Wattens

Wattens, Austria • Home of Swarovski Headquarters

Answering Consumer Demands

The question of responsible practices might have once been an attractive consumer nice-to-have. Now it is becoming a must-have. These days, we want to know more about the products we buy, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the transport we use, and yes, also our jewelry. This movement is driven by a younger generation increasingly concerned about the planet. Jewelry makers now must also think about how they can make jewelry relevant to millennials.

When the younger generations — and older ones, too — pick up a desirable piece of jewelry in a store, they want to be confident about where the precious metals and stones came from, and how they were sourced. Are they traceable? Are those who mine and make them fairly treated? Are they created with environmentally friendly processes?

Being Responsible

This current debate is here to stay. It’s a pressing issue that grabs global attention. Today’s jewelry makers understand that they must engage in responsible practices— whether by using fair trade or recycled gold, using responsibly mined stones or, like Swarovski, a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), engage in collaborations such as the Colored Gemstones Working Group, which works to enable better practices and reduce adverse impacts on the colored gemstone supply chain.

Conscious Luxury

Today, Swarovski is committed to offering conscious luxury, a modern and progressive approach to business that respects the wellbeing of people and the planet. The vision is to drive positive change and to be a force for good in the world. Penélope Cruz is among celebrity personalities who have embraced the principle, appearing at high-profile events wearing Atelier Swarovski collections featuring laboratory-created diamonds and other created and responsibly sourced genuine gemstones and responsibly sourced gold. But conscious luxury is about offering responsible solutions for everything we do.

Conscious Luxury Zirconia Rough

Swarovski Rough Zirconia

Take Swarovski Zirconia, the most responsible zirconia on the market today, where the mining and refining of the raw materials are traceable back to their origins. Swarovski ensures this by maintaining strong ownership and control over the supply chain and operations. Or the recent release of Swarovski Ceramics, a brilliant new material for the jewelry industry, designed and manufactured by Swarovski in-house, and one that champions the principle of responsibility in the glass-ceramic sector.

Conscious Luxury Topaz Rough

Swarovski Rough Topaz

And thirdly, consider the ever-popular Swarovski Genuine Topaz. These stones are traceably sourced from a mining cooperative in Rondônia, Brazil, which is supported in their sustainability efforts, and from responsible sources in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. And Swarovski is also committed to acquiring genuine ruby and sapphire from responsible sources, so they can bring lasting change to local mining communities.

Conscious Luxury Mining Area Brazil

A Stunning Sunset • Swarovski Mining Area in Brazil

Sustainability on the Agenda

Swarovski has just published its fifth annual Sustainability Report. The company has lived by the tenets of respecting human, social, and environmental values since it was founded in 1895. The pressure to conform to today’s standards has underlined their importance and set the company on a path of continuous improvement. We also recognize sustainability is a journey. There is always more to do, both at home and industry-wide.

Conscious Luxury Environment Austria

Austrian Environmental Sustainability

Being Responsible

Swarovski engages in a strict chemical compliance program, so there are no harmful substances in any of their products. The company also champions broader initiatives that promote sustainable jewelry. Swarovski is a member of the global nonprofit organization BSR (Business for Social Responsibility). Its Responsible Luxury Initiative brings together 16 luxury companies who cooperate to solve sustainability issues.

Swarovski founder Daniel Swarovski believed in the principle that things that were already good could always be improved. The sustainability issue is ongoing, and demands are almost certainly going to increase. Conscious luxury can contribute to this, but this cannot be done alone. There is still much to do, for us and the global jewelry industry. Swarovski is, however, committed to being a driving force for change beyond company borders and proud to be part of a global movement where brands are conscious of the need to answer today’s call for integrity and sustainability.

Conscious Luxury Swarovski Wattens

Wattens, Austria • Home of Swarovski Headquarters


Get Ready to Embrace Swarovski Blue Gemstones in 2019

Swarovski Blue Gemstones Royal Blue Blog Header

When Lady Gaga appeared on the 2019 Golden Globes Red Carpet in January, her show-stopping Valentino Haute Couture gown with its huge train and voluminous sleeves highlighted a resurgence of the color blue. Gaga even chose matching blue tones for her hairstyle. The trend for blue in fashion was further underlined by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, when she attended the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s Totem in London this past January wearing a midnight blue gown by Roland Mouret.

Blue is now poised to be a significant color trend in 2019. And fashion aside, the color blue is also a hot trend in jewelry and other design-related segments, according to the latest edition of Swarovski Gem Visions.

Color it Blue in 2019

Experts at Pantone, the color authority, have also predicted that variations of ‘little boy blue’ will be one of the most chosen shades of blue. These brighter blues are set to join deeper, richer versions of the color that are currently trending. Meanwhile, calming, inviting blues will be favored by interior designers for kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and front doors.


Blue on the Runways

Blue has already made a splash on the 2019 runways with light and sky blues supported by softer, blue-grey tones. These are romantic and a bit more subtle than the traditional pastel shade. Blue-grey plays well with darker blue, black, and can be highlighted with splashes of stronger primary colors like red or yellow accessories, particularly in jewelry.

Swarovski Blue Gemstones Runway Trends Watercolor

Blue— the Language of Jewelry for 2019

Blue is an enduring theme. It can mimic the perfect midnight blue of the nighttime sky. Or, it can reflect the multicolor blues of the ocean— from alluring light blues close to the shoreline to the dark indigo of mysterious deeper waters. The resurgence of blue was mirrored by the Swarovski Gem Visions trend team who, in their 2019-2020 predictions, noticed jewelry designers exploring possibilities in the three megatrends they identified: Midnight Flowers, Cosmic Mythologies, and Night Light. Meanwhile, designers like Sirciam, Theresa Kaz, and Judi Powers are already choosing from blue color palettes for their recent creations.

Swarovski Blue Gemstones Jewelry Trends

Swarovski Blue Gemstones

With the color blue poised to be a favorite for jewelry designers in the seasons ahead, Swarovski Genuine Topaz is pre-programmed to suit their creative needs. Kashmir Blue in the Natural Brilliance cut is expected to stand out this season. These Swarovski blue gemstones intensify the original beauty of the stone and accentuate the release of its radiant light. Kashmir is just one of the blue tones in the Swarovski assortment of Genuine Topaz. It’ll be the perfect highlight for fashion in sky blue and grey-blue and is ideal for combining with stones of other primary colors for striking contrast effect, such as the new Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral. Swarovski Genuine Topaz stones are cut to perfection by Swarovski experts and infused with color using the patented TCF™ (Thermal Color Fusion) technology. This process treats the clear natural stone with a permanent, protective hard ceramic enhancement which involves no radiation.

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Looking for more Swarovski gemstone trends? Find more on-trend gemstone advice here.

Swarovski Trend Experts Explain How Millennials are the New Jewelry Generation

New Jewelry Generation Swarovski Gemstones Blog Header

New Jewelry Generation Swarovski Jet Set to Dress DownHumans have practiced the art of body adornment with forms of jewelry since the dawn of time. And it’s always the current creative generation tasked with making that decoration relevant and meaningful. In today’s terms, they are millennials— the new jewelry generation. We examine their personal adornment, what they like to wear, and why. We ask how closely they mirror previous generations in their jewelry choices, telling their stories and reflecting their values.

In their SS19 edition, Swarovski Gem Visions trend experts highlighted a mega shift in marketing and design, especially when it comes to this new jewelry generation. And, regarding the evolution of jewelry, they identified two drivers of change — new wealth and social revolution which define different attitudes, tastes, and priorities.

Here, we find many parallels between that other social revolution in the ‘60s and ‘70s whose influence has permeated fashion and design in recent seasons. Yes, some things are different, yet there are many commonalities. The 1960-70s saw the rise of meritocracy coupled with an explosion of individual expression. This era, perhaps, was the birth of enduring youth culture.


Goodbye prom dresses and formal jewelry

The jewelry from the 1960s era acted as a social message carrier. Sixties’ jewelry themes ranged from opulent to much less formal designs. Such jewelry was used to reject social conventions while sending a clear message of independent expression. Take the Rockocracy, for example, who loved color and design, breaking with tradition and wearing jewelry far beyond the formal setting.

New Jewelry Generation Swarovski Jet Set to Dress DownWith omnipresent colors, jewelry throughout the 1960-70s featured dazzling colored gemstones and alternative materials like brass and plastic. Designers experimented with textured gold and opaque minerals like coral, turquoise, onyx, tigers eye, malachite, and lapis lazuli. Necks were draped with solid chain link sautoirs with oversized medallions or trailing beaded tassels. Earrings and rings were imposing, while cuff bangles were impressively wide.

Hippie-luxe was IN as the Jet Set broke with tradition to make their statements. Designers like Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Chaumet, Bulgari, and in New York City, David Webb, gave the Jet Set the new jewels they loved to flaunt, often drawing on cultural and historical references in fresh new ways.


From Jet Set to Dress down

Fast forward to 2018. Here, with the influence of millennials, we draw many parallels to the Swinging Sixties. Today, conventions are discarded. There is a fresh creative freedom. This is the new jewelry generation.

Millennials want their jewelry to be personalized, to tell subtle, even hidden stories, and to reflect the social issues their generation experiences. They aim to understand the origins of their gemstones, whose qualities may be more important than their value. And as the democratization of jewelry continues, millennials are more attracted to designs that embrace free and creative expression.

New Jewelry Generation Swarovski Jet Set to Dress DownIn response to demands from this new consumer, who, in contrast to the Jet Setters, prefers to dress down, designers are producing jewelry that reflects their values. It’s all about casual jewelry made to wear every day and in every way. Designers are drawing on the variety of sizes, cuts, and colors of Swarovski Gemstones and Created Stones. They’re exploring ingenious applications that allow jewels to move and shine in entirely new ways.

We observe street style alternatives, even with diamonds, and especially in bracelets and earrings— both so central in the age of the selfie. Another nod to the ‘60s, fascination with industrial chic and alternative materials also creates the possibilities to use radical new cuts like the Swarovski Zirconia side view cut.


Making waves in today’s jewelry design

Today’s desirable pieces are increasingly created by socially aware and globally influenced young women. These designers are creating edgy jewelry that is often amusing and always relevant to their generation and lifestyle. Like Nadine Ghosn’s Hamburger Ring, for example. Its seven rings can be worn separately or together to depict that favorite fast food.

Or what about Solange Azagury Partridge’s amusing Popcore creations? These and others are answering the call to lay down the markers of a new creative age. And as women are designing, so too are they inclined to buy their own jewelry as the evolution of Female Power continues to influence our industry.

New Jewelry Generation Swarovski Gemstones Blog

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Stunning illustrations by Elena Ciuprina


Swarovski Gem Visions 2019 Says ‘Yes’ to Green Gemstones

Swarovski Green Gemstones Light Blog Header

Millennials often wear their hearts on their sleeves. Many feel passionate about the environment perhaps focusing more on sustainability and consumerism than the previous generation. They see green as an affirmation of their beliefs, a universal symbol of nature, health, and even healing powers. Swarovski Gem Visions trend experts predict that Millennials will grow increasingly attracted to jewelry featuring green stones, associating it with the renewal of nature, balance, and harmony.

While researching future trends for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Swarovski Gem Visions feels green will be popular in jungle-inspired organic shapes. Likewise, earrings and rings will reflect tropical flowers and foliage, and jewelry will imitate the charms of botanical Baroque to mirror the exotic plants once collected in lavish greenhouses.

Swarovski trend experts predict Millennials will grow increasingly attracted to green gemstones 😍✅ Click To Tweet

Millennials say YES to green

Green takes its lead from nature, combining beautifully with colored gemstones and materials of different hues and textures. Here we think of green gold – a subtle shade that emerging from an alloy of pure yellow gold and silver. When set against yellow, white or pink gold, green gold offers a perfect setting for strong green colored stones.

Swarovski green gemstones unleash a myriad of possibilities for designers choosing to turn away from the earthy shades popular in past seasons. We predict tomorrow’s jewelry creators will embrace a rich rainforest palette. From jungle green, emerald green, and lime, to mint, and all shades in between, green is poised to enhance the hands, necks, and ears of dedicated jewelry aficionados.

When we think of green jewels, May’s regal birthstone, emerald, immediately comes to mind. Sourced from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and other countries, the Moghul Emperors of India placed great value on emeralds. Even today in India, green is still a festive color that represents purity. Emeralds, from the mineral beryl, have always been popular in the European Royal Houses. The Romanovs wore them. Britain’s Queens Victoria and Elizabeth favored them, and so does the young, future British queen, Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The youthful princesses from the Nordic countries like emeralds, and both the late Jackie Kennedy and Academy Award winner Halle Berry, chose emerald engagement rings. Read more about emerald’s history here.

Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstone.s Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstones GemVisions2019_CutsColors_GreenLight_Combine with 2
Swarovski Green Gemstones GemVisions2019_CutsColors_GreenLight_Combine with 4
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Choose Swarovski green gemstones

Sadly, the brittleness of emeralds renders them relatively unsuitable for high-volume production. Instead, choose high-quality Swarovski green gemstones in the same color range. Our genuine topaz in the scintillating Rainforest Green comes in 12 cuts including Oval, Cushion and Octagon cuts, which take their cue from the emerald. And, Swarovski Ceramics, new to our portfolio, come in two powerful colors: Paradise Green and Emerald Green. And for designers who want to follow nature’s trail and answer the millennials’ call, Swarovski also offers creative cuts like the Bloom, Leaf or Dahlia cuts.

Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstones Gem Visions 2019 Cuts Colors Green Light
Swarovski Green Gemstones GemVisions2019_CutsColors_GreenLight_Combine with 3
Swarovski Green Gemstones GemVisions2019_CutsColors_GreenLight_Combine with 1
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Green is growing

As we head towards the next season, green is omnipresent. Pop queen Lorde laid down a marker for millennials with her hit Green Light. Rihanna is collaborating with Chopard using jungle green stones that recall the rich vegetation of Barbados, her Caribbean home country. As designers reach for the luxurious, verdant tones for their jewelry motifs, expect to see a resurgence of charms worn in fresh new ways. There will also be creative ear wear, which in the age of the selfie, has become must-have jewelry when capturing that special moment. Green, that enduring symbol of spring, freshness, and youth — and in today’s millennial jargon also of the environment — is a color poised to stay popular in the coming season and beyond.


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How do green gemstones sell in your store? Are they old news or an up-and-coming trend in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

Swarovski Created Stones Play Well With Millennial Pinks

Millennial Pinks Swarovski Gemstones Blog Header

‘Yes to All’, ‘Girl Power’, ‘The Millennials’ — These terms and trends are defining our era


Women have claimed center stage in a long overdue public debate that has finally captured everyone’s attention. Empowered by the efforts of previous generations, millennials around the globe can assume equality in all spheres as never before. Trendsetters, influencers, and achievers — women say yes to all of it.

Millennial pinks — delicate soft rose shades — express this confident femininity. And in the world of jewelry, on-trend morganite reflects our attitude.

Millennial Pinks Swarovski Zirconia Fancy Morganite

Morganite and Millennials

First discovered on an island near Madagascar, Morganite’s delicate pink and peach tones command the attention of young consumers. These colors are universally flattering, chic, and eminently wearable for special occasions and every day. Colored stones’ popularity for engagement rings also positions morganite with as a top contender for today’s self-confident woman.

We date the rise of the pink stone trend back to Jennifer Lopez’s impressive pink diamond on her engagement to Ben Affleck in 2002. And this trend continues into 2018. Princess Eugenie, a granddaughter of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, chose a blush-colored padparadscha sapphire ring for her engagement to boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank. Sarah Ferguson, Eugenie’s mother, was engaged to Prince Andrew, with a center stone similar in color to her daughter’s. And the style Eugenie selected looks very close to that of her mother’s engagement ring.

Millennials seek deeper meaning when making such an important choice. This delicate, halo-style engagement ring will fuel morganite’s ongoing popularity. But for those on a less-than-royal budget, suggest Swarovski Zirconia Fancy Morganite. New to Swarovski Zirconia’s attractive color palette, these stones shimmer in millennial pinks and are an ideal selection for today’s discerning millennial.

Millennial Pinks Swarovski Pantone Palette

Swarovski’s Gem Visions 2019

Color trends in fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle also play a vibrant part in the growing popularity of morganite. Swarovski Gemstones’ trend guide, Gem Visions, has adopted the ‘Yes To All’ slogan as its manifesto and addresses a new era of design-driven, meaningful creativity.

The just-released Spring/Summer 2019 edition hones in on delectable pastels, including irresistible millennial pinks and morganite, of course. The guide looks at how millennials relate to the fast-evolving world of jewelry, to the new retail revolution, and to a new type of purchasing experience. But above all, it addresses an issue at the very forefront of today’s debate: the rise of the bold, independent, yet resolutely feminine woman.

This edition of Gem Visions features “The Millennial Pinks” including the Swarovski range of offerings — Lab Created Morganite Pink Zirconia. The stone embodies the ever-popular morganite and presents itself in the trend color of the moment. Commenting on the Millennial Pinks trend, Gem Visions says: “These shades also capture the drive to nurture that is such a strong characteristic of this generation; the soft, warm, gentle colors speak of hope, positivity, and compassion.

Swarovski Gem Visions 2019


In jewelry, Millennial Pinks combine beautifully with bold color contrasts, neutral shades, and other gentler pastels. Morganite-colored stones are natural partners for rose gold settings, while equally stunning in white or yellow precious metal settings. Can there be a better jewel and color to satisfy the millennial woman? Which other stone communicates a strong desire to make a statement, and express individuality? Is there a better choice for the woman prepared to say ‘Yes To All’, to take on any challenge, and to fulfill her potential?

Millennial Pinks Swarovski Morganite Zirconia Gemstones

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Can We Improve On What Nature Creates?

Swarovski Genuine Topaz Header Blog

Discover How Swarovski Genuine Topaz is Enhanced Through a Proprietary TCF™ Process


Swarovski Genuine Topaz Colorful GemstonesLet’s talk topaz, a stone treasured through the ages and in the early days of discovery, often mistaken for a diamond. In fact, in the late 18th century the “Braganza Diamond,” a massive 1650ct topaz, found its way from the mines of Brazil into the Portuguese crown jewels. It’s easy to understand why. Pure topaz is an extremely hard, colorless gemstone — a transparent silicate of aluminum and fluorine. Natural colored versions result from impurities in its composition. We asked ourselves: Can we improve on nature’s creation?

At Swarovski Gemstones, we applied more than 120 years of precision cutting to December’s popular birthstone. The result eclipsed the market standard, achieving new heights of brilliance and fire. The independent Fraunhofer Society, Europe’s largest applied research institution, tested our Round Natural Brilliance Cut Topaz. The results revealed astonishingly improved levels of brightness and fire in melee white when compared to the standard Round Star Cut.

As psychological and even biological studies show, color plays a huge role in enhancing our emotions. It sparks everything from passion and sensuality to harmony, balance, and spirituality. Color has a fundamental role in the history of our family company, acting as a catalyst for creation. That’s why our patented TCF™ Thermal Color Fusion process allows us to present Natural Brilliance Cut Topaz in a dazzling range of colors. TCF™ comes from our passion for innovation at the heart of Swarovski’s values since 1895. This passion flowed naturally into the Swarovski Gemstones Business on its formation in 1965.

Swarovski Genuine Topaz Warm Colors Gemstones

We can now take our Swarovski Genuine Topaz, dramatically enhanced in brightness and fire, and apply our patented TCF™, which has unique qualities that make our stones stand out against all rival products. First, we don’t use radiation in the process, so it is environmentally and consumer friendly. And second, this unique coloration process enhances the gem’s surface by applying a hard ceramic layer to the stone’s pavilion. This is good for the jewelry designer and the consumer. This ceramic layer is resistant and permanent. Following predetermined parameters, jewelers can effortlessly cast-in-place with topaz stones that also withstand cleaning methods like ultrasonic, magnetic pin and acid baths.

Swarovski Genuine Topaz Peachy Colors Gemstones

Swarovski Genuine Topaz treated with TCF™ result in colors that closely match those of natural colored stones. And their high color saturation and consistency remain constant regardless of quantity, size and shape ordered. These plus factors boost today’s creative, busy designers. Whether in classic White, Ice Blue, Rainforest, Poppy, or passionate Blazing Red or emotional Violac, the range of colors produced by the TCF™ process present designers with a selection of shades ready to ignite the desire to create outstanding jewelry. And mindful of the need to stay at the forefront of trends, Swarovski Genuine Topaz now also comes in Peachy Morganite and Greenish Blue Paraiba.

Swarovski Genuine Topaz Icy Cool Colors Gemstones

At Swarovski, we have an ongoing responsibility to our consumers, and to our company tradition of sustainability, to respect the environment, and above all, maintain strong human and social values. For us, this pledge rests on the standards we have practiced ever since our founder, Daniel Swarovski first broke ground for his factory in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol, back in 1895. And finally, in the days where jewelry aficionados show increasing concern about the origin of their jewels, we are pleased to say that the Topaz rough is sourced from a few, carefully selected mining partners so the traceable origin of our stones can be assured.

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For 122 years, Swarovski has been the lead producer of fine crystal products. But now you know they offer topaz too. Swarovski Genuine Topaz, cut and polished with precision, offers the iconic brilliance and fire that has made the brand a legacy. Visit stuller.com/swarovski-gemstones/ for more.

Dazzling New Design Directions from Swarovski Gem Visions 2018

Swarovski Gem Visions 2018 Trend Directions Header

Discover Wunderkammer by Swarovski Gem Visions 2018


Trend directions vary much more often in fashion than accessories and jewelry.   Nevertheless, jewelry trends exist. Sometimes we consider new fashions faddish, and unlikely to have much traction. Yet many can trickle off the runway. With New York Fashion Week just behind us, we saw jewelry and accessories adding to the city’s events. Alison Lou’s designs, styled to accompany Juicy Couture, were presented at 620 Loft & Garden, a beautiful rooftop venue overlooking St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The NY Times published a fabulous article about how Jennifer Meyer is trying to create ‘Jewelry you wear all the time.’ Jewelry is relevant for any time of the year, fashion week or not (which is a positive for us in the industry).

Swarovski Gemstones™ understands that jewelry designers must stay ahead of future trends and insights. For more than ten years, our Gem Visions Team, which includes in-house creative talent, gem hunters, and technical gurus, has collaborated with jewelry experts, trend forecasters, and futurologists identifying what’s new, now and tomorrow. Being a part of this team is creative and invigorating. We have the opportunity to host workshops in design centers around the world. Our work explores analysis that reaches beyond finished jewelry pieces, and we focus on stone cutting innovations as well.

Swarovski Gem Visions 2018 reimagines the classic Renaissance ‘cabinet of curiosities’ updated for the modern era — we call it the Wunderkammer! Like collectors of the past who combed the world for strange and wonderful things to add to their ‘cabinet’, Swarovski Gem Visions 2018 Wunderkammer demonstrates the freshest, most noteworthy trends, translated into beautiful and often surprising jewelry. From a merchandising perspective, the Wunderkammer interestingly showcases customized jewelry. What does your jewelry piece mean to you?


Let us walk you through to intrigue, provoke and inspire jewelry designs!


Here the focus is on organic forms, fluidity, the fascination of water, and of nature’s bounty.

H2Obsession draws from the movement of everything from a dewdrop and a fast flowing stream to a languid lagoon or the ocean depths. Designs include stones from translucent glacial rock crystal, aquamarine, blue topaz, and Ethiopian opal to Swarovski Zirconia and Swarovski Topaz in shades of Mediterranean blue and green. Castable glass ceramic Nano makes a lively splash with colors like Ocean Dark Grey and Sapphire Blue Dark.

Naturalia also draws on Daughter Earth for abstract design inspiration straight from terra firma. Here we see lines and silhouettes reminiscent of mountains, caves, rainforests, and desert oases, enhanced and illustrated by the earthy tones of Swarovski genuine gemstones and created stones in Fancy Brown, Poppy, and Golden Yellow.


This trend forecasts an updating of traditional styles and the interplay of proportions that often result in mismatched sets, vibrantly contrasting the symmetry of conventional jewelry.

Perfect Flaw celebrates the eccentricities that make a piece of jewelry, and its wearer, stand out in the crowd. These pieces take a second look at beauty and celebrate differences with colored diamonds and other stones in fascinating deep hues. Consider the smoldering shade of Swarovski Zirconia Caramel, which pairs well with the fiery red of Swarovski Genuine Ruby, or the intense black of Swarovski Genuine Spinel.

Spolia, the second theme, evokes a sense of timelessness, and of rich cultural tradition and symbolism. The bewitching Misty Rose genuine topaz is reminiscent of shimmering sands in a faraway desert, while Violet, long the color of royalty, conjures images of heraldic tales and royalty.

Swarovski Gem Visions 2018 Mirabilia Perfect Flaw Poster
Swarovski Gem Visions 2018 Mirabilia Spolia Poster


Here we see basic layers reimagined, with necklaces moving closer to the neckline, and a distinct playfulness with symbolism, emotion, and expression.

Shedding Layers recognizes that today’s modern connoisseur values manmade treasures and cutting-edge craftsmanship, and wants them paired with natural gems. Swarovski Zirconia and Swarovski Created Diamonds feature in beautifully streamlined designs always made with integrity. The rosy pastel of Swarovski Zirconia’s new Purplish Pink injects a splash of delicate color.

Meanwhile, Hyper-Natural pays tribute to designs that channel the same structures and symmetry found in nature into a new generation of body adornments. Here we see clear white and near white stones, alongside stones with swirling hints of color – like the new Swarovski Zirconia Greyish Blue, a natural partner for pale colors from yellow and orange to light blues, greens, and even lilac.

Swarovski Gem Visions 2018 Artificialia Shedding Layers Poster
Swarovski Gem Visions 2018 Artificialia Hyper-Natural Poster

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The Genuine Ruby Journey of Swarovski Gemstones™

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 Stuller proudly partners with Swarovski Gemstones™ to offer high-quality genuine rubies rich in color and cut to perfection


Rubies have always been associated with intense emotions – of passion and power, but also beauty and wisdom going right back to biblical times. In ancient Sanskrit, the ruby is ratnaraj, or ‘king of precious stones,’ and the name ‘ruby’ comes from the Latin ‘ruber; – or red. Prized by both warriors and kings throughout the ages, these gemstones continue to represent the perfect symbol of passion and romance.

Nature shapes the ruby deep in the earth’s crust over millions of years, subjecting a distinct combination of aluminum, oxygen, and chromium to intense heat and pressure to become part of the corundum mineral family. It is our job to source the finest examples from where they originate, today primarily in Eastern Africa, Madagascar, Myanmar and Vietnam, and to transform them from rough rubies to brilliant gemstones.

Swarovski Genuine Rubies Rough Rock



Ruby Magic From Raw Material

Rubies are rare. Some 500kg of rough mined ore is likely to yield only a few grams of gemstones suitable to cut, polish and transform into a beautiful piece of jewelry. This raw material arrives at Swarovski’s production facilities in lots. Our specialists take and analyze samples determining quality, sizes, and colors of potential gemstones. The rarity of the stone increases according to its size.

Swarovski Genuine Rubies Rough Stones



Gemstone Geometry – A Job For The Experts

Then it’s all about discovering the angles, and that is a job for our experts. We evaluate each raw stone to determine its optical axis because the first facet, which becomes the ‘table’ of the cut stone, must be cut at exactly 90 degrees to the optical axis. Why is this important? This guarantees each stone has perfect, homogenous color and no blind spots. This so-called ‘preforming’ process is beyond a machine, strictly carried out by Swarovski’s highly skilled experts. Specialized machines then handle the next step, the calibration, which outlines the stone’s final shape.

Swarovski Genuine Rubies Gemstones Preform Cut



Unleashing The Brilliance of Swarovski Genuine Rubies

Swarovski has been perfecting the art of precision cutting for more than 120 years, and today we use that rich experience, and state-of-the-art technology, to cut our rubies. During this exacting process, we pride ourselves in achieving consistent proportions and exact facet geometry. Our gemstones are then sorted exactly according to color because we understand that jewelers working with our stones depend on quality and color consistency. We take rough rubies and transform them into intensely brilliant Swarovski Genuine Rubies of superb color. That’s our goal. We want it to become part of a piece of jewelry that is loved, and perhaps so prized, that it will be handed down through generations.

Swarovski Genuine Rubies Precision Cut



From Gemstones to Jewelry 

Swarovski Genuine Rubies are now ready to be transformed into beautiful jewelry and to realize the creative vision of today’s designers. Through this process, we know we have taken what nature has gifted to us and transformed it into a gem of mystery and beauty. We want rubies to be as symbolically potent today as they have been through the centuries. And yes, we also want them to remain that enduring symbol of love.

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For 122 years, Swarovski has been the lead producer of fine crystal products. But did you know they offer genuine rubies too? Swarovski Gemstones are cut and polished with precision to offer the iconic brilliance and fire that has made the brand a legacy. Visit stuller.com/swarovski-gemstones/ for more.