2021 Holiday Preparations and JCK Las Vegas

August 11, 2021

Dear Stuller Customers and Business Partners, 

2020 and 2021 have continued to impact all of us in unexpected ways with challenges and obstacles that seem never-ending at times. At Stuller, we have been so inspired by your resilience and agility as you have navigated the unknown with creativity and imagination that have sustained your business and delighted your customers. 

From day one, Stuller was built to support your every need as professionals in the jewelry industry with quality products delivered on time with a touch of south Louisiana hospitality. It is our joy to serve you, and we take the responsibility to be ready to respond in all conditions — storms and pandemics included — very seriously.  

Just this week, we have made the decision not to attend this year’s JCK event in Las Vegas. Stuller has been a long-term attendee and supporter of JCK, and we are disappointed that we will not be there to see you this year. With the recent resurgence of the Covid-19 Delta variant and its concerning spread rate in the state of Louisiana and beyond, we believe that we should limit the risk of exposure for both our associates and our customers at this time. Our focus is to be ready to serve you. 

And we will be ready! In July and August, we have released two new catalogs — Bridal and Findings — with hundreds of new styles, and we have made numerous enhancements to Stuller.com and its search capabilities to make it easier than ever to find the products you need. We have added additional staff to all service areas earlier than ever to meet your demands in manufacturing, customer care, and distribution.   

Thanks for your understanding on this difficult choice, and we wish you a fantastic holiday selling season and the merriest Christmas ever! 

Danny Clark

President, Stuller Inc

First Look: Update Coming to Stuller.com

Stuller.com has helped connect us with our valued customers since 1997. Over the years, it has changed as the needs of jewelers have changed. Soon we’ll be launching an improved, ‘full-width’ design that has been carefully built to provide you the best experience possible.

These updates will improve your experience every time you click on Stuller.com. We hope to deliver a state-of-the-art experience that is optimized for use on all devices. Website traffic data shows us that more customers than ever are accessing Stuller.com on a mobile device. And the new simplified layout will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The site may look different, but the same great service you have come to expect from Stuller remains. High-quality products and services with easy, same day shipping has always been our promise. And now, our vast selection from fine jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones to tools, supplies and more is at your fingertips on the new Stuller.com.

Here are a few highlights we want to tell you about:

The Header

The simplified header puts the most clicked-on features together in the top right corner of the page. Our expanded search function can be used by entering a search term in the bar that is prominently displayed just below. Easy-to-find contact information helps you connect with Stuller to help you as you shop the page.

Main Navigation

Updates to the main navigation will help you find exactly what you are looking for. It is a central place for us to list the full Stuller selection, allowing you to shop by type, style, featured products and selling solutions. Shopping by shape will give you everything you need for that particular piece you’re working on. With the vast selection of stones and related tools and supplies, this feature will narrow your search every time. Shopping by metal color will also help to narrow down the list of products to fit your project.

Mobile Navigation

The updated Stuller.com is optimized for mobile use and the navigation has also been redesigned to make shopping easier right in the palm of your hand. Access product categories, events and trainings as well as educational resources. Web traffic data shows a growing number of customers are placing orders on mobile devices and we’ve worked to make it as easy as possible.


Reply to product inquiries from customers quickly and easily with the new showcase section. Showcase is a free quoting tool that lets you use Stuller’s website as your own digital product guide. (Learn More) See real-time information from potential customers as they shop your showcase site. From the homepage you can quickly enter showcase mode with customers and get notified of purchase inquiries instantly. You can access settings and receive guidance to maximize your showcase opportunities. Finally, notifications are clearly marked near the message center and shopping cart.


Up-to-the-minute order status updates will be communicated in the message center. Color coded messages will help you to distinguish which messages need urgent attention. Toggle buttons make it easy to sort the different types of messages in your inbox. Use this feature to communicate with the Stuller Customer Experience team for help with orders.


Most of the orders we fulfill contain multiple items and keeping up with all of them can be a challenge. Our new shopping cart section displays more information in a clear format with product thumbnails and prices. The ‘save for later’ function keeps a running list of products you picked for future purchase. At the top of the section, an easy-to-find ‘Checkout Now’ button brings you straight to the payment page to get your items fast.

Scheduling orders is a breeze and is a popular option for customers who need to keep stock of consumables and supplies. Fine jewelry customers also use this feature to prevent smaller shipments from arriving on multiple days. Set a time for the order to be placed and have all your items sent at the same time. This will save on shipping and make sure you never run out of the things you use most.


Account settings and preferences are easily accessible at the top of the page. These options will follow you on any page that you are shopping. Payment options and preferred shipping addresses can be edited quickly. You can also easily look back at past orders and reorder, as necessary.

We welcome your feedback on the new look of Stuller.com. Feel free to message us on our social channels listed below. We’re always open to your ideas and suggestions for ways to make the experience even better. THINK BIG. This site was built with you in mind, so your buying experience is our top priority.

Happy Shopping and as always, thanks for choosing Stuller.

365 Days and Counting: A Pandemic Reflection

I can no longer get my mind to lock in on exactly when I became aware of a new virus in the world. It must have been around February of 2020, and it seemed far away from me and us. Our 50th anniversary year started off in a great direction with your support, and then, as the news grew darker everything stopped. On March 23, 2020, Stuller closed its doors in compliance with the state of Louisiana’s “stay at home” order. We all wondered what was next, what we could touch, where we could go, and when things would return to normal.

From March 23rd forward we began to plan how we could get back to serving our customers ASAP. Stuller changed its everyday functions: temperature checks, face masks, social distancing, sanitizing all spaces (over and over) to create a safe environment for our associates. Once we all adapted to the “new normal,” we were hit with not one, but two major hurricanes.

But we did not let that stop us.

We worked hard, adapted, and overcame every obstacle in our path. Stuller associates never lost hope. In fact, these tribulations have only caused us to grow stronger as a family and stronger as a community. Knowing that packages never stopped going out, orders continued to be filled, and we served you each day — brings us the deepest satisfaction of all.

They say the darkest hours are just before dawn. I witnessed the truth of that statement firsthand. As a company we persevered, and because of that, we are only more hopeful, strong, and eager to work toward the future. Along the way, we learned new skills and new ways of getting things done to become a better company. Without you, we would not have made it through these trying times. It is truly a good feeling knowing our customers stand by our side through thick and thin. You can always count on us!

We are all blessed to be a small piece of an industry that makes the world a better place. With joy and gratitude, we thank you for allowing us to be part of that journey with you.

Danny Clark

Stuller Inc.

Important Stuller Update on Cyber-Attack Response (12/3)

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Customer, 

We are happy to announce that today marks the return of same-day shipping on in-stock items. We are deep in inventory and you can place your orders with confidence at 1-800-877-7777, utilize Stuller.com, or chat with us. We cannot thank you enough for your patience these last few days. 

Our phones have been very busy – thanks to you – and are fully operational. Today, you may experience longer than usual wait times as we ramp up our service levels. Remember, you can always gain speed on Stuller.com or via chat. We have been able to resolve our invoicing issues, and your invoice will be included with your order. 

We are still working through a few CAD/CAM issues and expect to have them resolved promptly. 

At Stuller, we have a deep belief in the beauty, the endurance, and the sentimental value of jewelry. We admire the artisans and merchants of these noble products and cherish the lasting memories that are created through our connections with you. This week, we have fought for ourselves and have equally fought for you. Today, we are deeply grateful to our talented team of professionals that have enabled us to do what we love – serve you. 

Danny Clark 
President, Stuller Inc. 

A Family Affair: Matt, CeCe, and Alex Stuller help sort and ship orders from Stuller headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. (December 2, 2020)

Important Stuller Update on Cyber-Attack Response (12/2)

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Customer, 

We deeply appreciate your patience and support over the last 72 hours. At Stuller, we have worked day and night since the cyber-attack to fully restore processes and services that you count on every day to meet your customers’ needs. Moment by moment, we are getting closer. 

We will begin bringing up our shipping systems tonight and anticipate meeting our committed-to delivery dates and lead times! Several customers experienced the dreaded ‘busy’ signal yesterday when calling to place an order. We had to urgently improvise a new method to receive calls, and we are still smoothing out the system. You can call us at 1-800-877-7777, utilize Stuller.com, or chat with us to place your orders. Thank you for your understanding. 

At this time, we have no indication that your business information has been compromised. There is no need to replace your credit card on account. All credit cards are tokenized and encrypted and not housed at Stuller. 

Packages received in the next few days may not have an invoice included with the order. We are rapidly working through this issue, and you can expect this to be resolved promptly. You can access your invoice on stuller.com once your order has shipped. 

Our talented and dedicated teams are passionate supporters of your businesses. Rest assured we will not stop until we find a way to meet your every need. 

Danny Clark 

President, Stuller Inc. 

Important Stuller Update on Cyber-Attack Response (12/1)

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Customer,

First and foremost, we would like to thank so many of you who continue to send messages of encouragement and best wishes to us throughout the day. It means everything to us in this difficult moment, and we will be forever grateful.

I am happy to report that we have made significant progress on returning to normal business operations, and while there is more to do, we are getting closer and closer to that goal by the hour. As you place orders this week we are committed to and anticipate meeting our quoted lead times and delivery dates.

There has been some concern regarding your business information. At this time, we have no indication that your information has been compromised. There have been specific questions regarding credit card information. Credit cards on account are both tokenized and encrypted and are not housed at Stuller.

Finally, our phone services, 1-800-877-7777, have been fully restored, and as always, you can place your orders on stuller.com or chat with us. We hope that you are off to a fantastic selling season.

You can count on us!

Danny Clark

President, Stuller. Inc.

Stuller Operations Have Been Impacted By A Cyber-Attack

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Customer,
This weekend, we experienced a cyber-attack early Saturday morning that has created a variety of operational issues for us. We cannot express enough how frustrated and disappointed we are that this had occurred at all – particularly during this crucial time for you. At Stuller, we deeply value the partnership we have built with you over the last five decades, and we never take it for granted. We continue to work diligently day-by-day to build enduring trust with you by delivering what your business requires, at the right quality, and with a friendly touch.
Since our discovery of the cyber-attack, we have worked around the clock to prepare our business to serve you in all the ways you have grown accustomed to. With that said, there is more work to do. This week, you may experience several circumstances that are non-Stuller like. Delayed shipments and intermittent phone interruptions are at the top of the list today. We are feverishly working to return all services to our standard service levels ASAP!
We know that today matters to you, and you can bet it matters to us. We are in-stock and ready to jump through any hoop to meet your needs. Right now, you can place your orders on Stuller.com and chat with us when there is an issue with our phone systems. We have always felt that we are in this together. Today that means more than ever.
Danny Clark,
Stuller Inc.

Stuller Update on COVID-19

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Partner,
We have been amazed and in awe of the multiple stories we’ve heard from a number of you regarding your Herculean efforts to get your business up and operating in ‘the new normal’. At Stuller, we have been laser focused on returning to full operational capabilities — while putting in place detailed and vigilant safety and wellness policies — in order to help you meet the challenges ahead. I’m happy to say that we’re fully back! 
In addition, we are pleased to announce that we will offer free shipping on all orders over $100 beginning today April 27, 2020, and lasting through Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020. Please click here to learn more.
As we partner with you to rebuild our businesses together, we understand the value of every transaction. You can count on us to deliver the consistency and dependability that you’ve come to expect with a little lagniappe (a little extra) in every package. 

Click below to see how our teams have been working hard behind the scenes to get up and running for you. 

Danny Clark
Stuller Inc. 

Stuller Update on COVID-19

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Partner,

Over the next few weeks, depending on your business location, markets will begin slowly reopening. We understand the multiple challenges this creates as you seek to balance the safety of your customers and employees with the desire to get your livelihood thriving again. At Stuller, we have been diligently preparing to meet your needs, whatever they may be. Our service levels have been fully restored in the following ways: 

  1. Phone services and Live Chat are operating from 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. CDT. Please call us at 1-800-877-7777.
  2. As always, Stuller.com is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Manufacturing services, including casting, metal fabrication, stone-setting, engraving and CAD/CAM, are restored and ready to assist.
  4. Beginning today, April 20, we will be shipping your orders out on a daily basis, 5 days a week.

We are ready to accept and process your diamond and/or metal clean scrap, as we’re aware that gold markets have hit recent highs. We know that this may be valuable to you as you work to reignite your business. We also recognize that there’s a new normal that everyone is working towards. Our goal is to make it easy for you by providing the quality, speed, and service you’ve counted on from Stuller for 50 years.

Danny Clark
Stuller Inc.

Stuller Update on COVID-19

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Customer, 

We trust this note finds you safe and well.

Like you, we are doing a lot of thinking, planning, and hoping that these next few weeks will create the space needed to reengage with each other. At Stuller, we have focused our efforts on a few critical areas in order to give us the best chance to support your needs, whatever they may be.

1. What we are doing for employees

  • Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees.
  • We made multiple process updates to deliver enhanced cleaning services and created more social distance between work stations.
  • We invested in PPE, such as masks for our employees, and began temperature checks upon entry into the facility.
  • We established a ‘work from home’ process for all jobs that can be completed from a home office.
  • For roles that cannot be completed from home, we established work shifts to keep the departments under ten employees at a time.

2. What we are doing for our customers

  • Our phone, chat, and Stuller.com services are running normal operating hours Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. CDT.
  • This week, we are delivering in stock orders placed since our ‘stay at home’ proclamation began on March 23, 2020.
  • Going forward, beginning April 14, 2020, we are shipping all in-stock items.
  • We are delivering our Mother’s Day brochure to all businesses operating at this time.
  • We are rebuilding our capabilities to ship made-to-order products and will be fully capable by May 4, 2020.

For 50 years, our passion has been serving you by providing quality, speed, and unmatched service. We cherish the relationships we have formed over the decades and are steadfastly committed to serving you in the decades to come. It’s impossible to imagine everything that you may need as your business begins to emerge from this crisis. Please reach out and let us know how we can help. You can count on us.

Danny Clark
Stuller Inc.