6 Tips to Secure Your Jewelry Business Today

Store and Cyber Security

According to the FBI and Jewelers’ Security Alliance, the jewelry industry loses more than $100 million each year to crime. You have put your heart and soul into your business. The work it has taken to start a business and build success is worth more than all the precious stones and metals in your inventory. This makes it more important to protect your business against burglary, theft, robbery, shoplifting, and scams. It is never the wrong time to think about the security of your business, stay up to date with the latest security threats in the industry, and prepare for any scenario. 

In-Store Security 

To help give insight for what jewelers with physical locations should consider, Stuller’s director of loss prevention Jay Hebert offered the following tips. 

Limit In-Case Value 

Prepare for smash and grab crimes by reducing the overall value of the items you have in your display cases. One way to do this is using prototypes, when possible, rather than live product to display. 

Install Alarm and Camera Systems 

One of the benefits to today’s security alarm and camera systems is that so many people have them in both commercial and residential locations. They are easily accessible and go a long way to preventing and catching criminal activity. For a directory of companies that specialize in helping retailers with in-store security, visit the Jewelers’ Security Alliance website

Create a Culture of Safe Business Practices 

By instituting various business practices, you can keep your employees and inventory safe. For example, always open and close with at least two people, limit and control traffic within your store, show one piece at a time to customers, do not take jewelry out of the case or outside without ample oversight. 

Thinking about all the “what-ifs” and potential scenarios can be scary. But keeping your business, employees, and inventory safe should be your #1 priority and there are resources out there to help make it easier. Visit the following websites to find solutions to your security needs.

Jewelers’ Security Alliance

Jewelers Mutual Group

“When it comes to store security, the most important thing you can do is pay attention and be aware at all times.”

Jay Hebert, Stuller Director of Loss Prevention

Cyber Security 

With many jewelry businesses operating online and having digital presences, it’s even more important to give attention to how you are protecting your business online. Tony Berry, Stuller’s executive director of information security, provides the following tips for businesses that need to take another look at their cyber security. 

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication 

Multi-factor authentication is a method of authenticating to an internet service (such as email, a website, or financial institution) that requires more than one method to provide your identity. For example, your username and password is the first method and a phone authenticator app is a second method. It’s a similar concept to using a PIN along with your debit card at the ATM. 

Beware of Phishing Emails 

Phishing emails are a type of social engineering where an attacker sends a fraudulent email designed to trick you into revealing sensitive information to the attacker or to deploy malicious software (ransomware or virus) on your PC. When receiving an email from an unknown source, be aware that financial institutions will not typically send emails containing links, emails written with a sense of urgency are a red flag, and emails with numerous grammatical errors and misspelled words can indicate fraud. When in doubt, contact the sender by alternate means to confirm authenticity. 

Enact Safe Username and Password Practices 

Your username and password are typically your first (or only) line of defense online. Use unique passwords for each iteration that use a combination of characters: lower and upper case characters, numbers, and special characters (!, @, #, $, etc.). Not only should you have passwords that are hard to guess, but you should also change them regularly, such as every 90 days. 

Looking at technological risks in running a business can be overwhelming, but there are resources out there to help businesses. Here are a couple of entities that exist to help make sure you and your business are safe online.

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

National Cybersecurity Center

Customization is the Key to Holiday Sales Success

The holiday selling season is here!

It’s likely your busiest time of year, and we want to help you create one-of-a-kind gifts for your best customers. At Gemvision, we offer two major CAD software options to design custom jewelry.

Explore Endless Options: MatrixGold®

This powerful CAD software lets you design models from scratch and explore the full depth of your creativity. If you can envision a shape, you can bring it to life. The only limit is your imagination.

MatrixGold helps you in two other big ways:

  • You get the weight, dimensions, and stone report on the final piece, which reduces haggling and helps you work within your customer’s budget.
  • You can create realistic renders and animations of the piece to WOW your customer. These renders and animations are also great for using in your social media marketing, on your website, and in your design portfolio.

Create an Experience: CounterSketch®

We know that any retailer wants to offer as many models as they can, but it’s impossible to stock all the options that customers may be looking for. With CounterSketch, you get hundreds of library designs that are ready to show to your customer and to be modified to their needs.

  • CounterSketch is perfect for inviting customers into the customization process. Whether they’re at your side or joining you remotely, they can watch you design their piece. You can make their requested changes with just a few clicks, and the design will update right before their eyes.
  • In CounterSketch, you can use and assemble freehand parts to create one-of-a-kind designs.
  • Once the design is done, you submit it to the team at Stuller. Our CAD/CAM Services handles the manufacturing and will deliver the piece to you at the manufacturing level you need: finished or unfinished, and set, semi-set, or unset.

Better Together

Do you want to create your own designs and have them ready and in stock? Bring MatrixGold and CounterSketch together for your business!

You can design in MatrixGold and then import those designs to CounterSketch. Once you have them in CounterSketch, it’s easy to show all your designs to your customers.

From there, you can show your designs from any perspective, change materials, make realistic renders, price them, and send them to Stuller for manufacturing. While we do the heavy lifting, you can keep serving your customers.

Watch one of our designers use MatrixGold and CounterSketch to create a pair of intricate earrings:

At Gemvision, we offer all the tools you need to make your customers feel like the most important person in the world. You can proudly advertise that you can make custom-designed jewelry to be delivered in time for the holiday season. Offer them nothing less than the best with CounterSketch and MatrixGold.

Happy selling!

For more information about MatrixGold, CounterSketch, and how they can benefit your business, take a look at these recent blog posts.

Details on MatrixGold’s Newest Software Updates

Take a Look Inside the July 2020 CounterSketch Update

Confidence Sells, So Know Your Software

Designing Your Holiday Experience

Welcome to the first post in our weekly Holiday Learning Series! For the next several weeks leading into to the critical holiday shopping season, our experts at Stuller are bringing resources, tips, new products, and more to you via a livestream webinar on our Facebook page. Along with each livestream will be a blog post where we dive into the concepts discussed and provide helpful links talked about online.

We hope you’ll join us over the next few weeks and remember that Stuller is here for you as a resource during this joyful, but busy season. Feel free to ask questions during the livestreams or contact our customer care team.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our first Holiday Learning Series topic — Designing Your Holiday Experience!

What’s at stake?

The holiday shopping season is here, and you’ll want to do everything you can to be prepared. While there is so much for you to plan, such as inventory, sales strategies, and shipping, one of the first things you need to consider is your customer’s experience.

The stakes are pretty high. During the months of November and December, total sales in the U.S. jewelry industry equal up to approximately $22 billion or 19% of the year’s sales. Additionally, about 16% of engagements occur in the month of December. With these months being so crucial to annual revenue, you must keep your customer’s experience top of mind.

in store customer experience

What is an experience?

According to Ben Gerarve, Stuller’s director of customer experience, “A customer experience is the impression your customers have of your brand throughout all aspects of the buyer’s journey. It results in their view of your brand and impacts factors related to your bottom-line including revenue.”

By focusing your marketing efforts on creating experiences, you’re creating a story around your brand that your customers can share. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Give them something to talk about.

How do I build an experience?

In order to build a unique and personal experience for your shoppers, you should understand the 3 stages of holiday selling.

  • Stage 1 (November 22 – December 5): The self-purchaser is taking advantage of new deals to get the perfect item for themselves at a price they aren’t normally able to find.
  • Stage 2 (December 6 – December 14): The consumer is likely shopping for gifts for family and friends.
  • Stage 3 (December 14 – December 24): The impulse buyer is looking for last minute gifts and just wants to make sure they have something to give to those they love.

Next, you need to know the best method to service your guest. It is crucial to stay up to date on current technology to make sure you’re able to provide your customers what they need, at the time they need. These methods can include email, phone, store visits, virtual visits, social media, and more.

Finally, it is imperative that you take the approach of “Each Guest, Every Time.” Treat every day like opening day and communicate to your guests with the same care and attention you would give to someone on the first day of your business.

customer experience

Prepping for the Holidays

Ask yourself questions regarding your store to understand the customer’s impression. What is the store aesthetic? How does it look? How does it feel? How does it smell? Everything in your store plays into the customer experience. The proof is in the details.

The holidays can bring a lot of stress, but we know that we do it so as to make our customers feel merry and bright. We are here to take some of that stress away. If you’d like to talk to a member of our customer experience team, call us from 8:00am – 7:00pm Central Time or on Saturdays leading up to Christmas Eve from 10:00am – 4:00pm Central Time at 1-800-877-7777.

You can view Stuller Director of Customer Experience Ben Gerarve’s presentation during our Facebook Live Holiday Learning Series. You can find his presentation on our Facebook page here.

View other Stuller blog posts you might find helpful in prepping to elevate your customers’ holiday shopping experience.

Experiential Retail: Tips to Making a Memorable Sale

3 Fundamentals for Small Business Saturday Success

Experiential Retail: Tips to Making a Memorable Sale

According to Salesfloor, Millennials view shopping as a social event to be seen as a fun and relaxing activity shared with family and friends. At a time in retail where e-commerce is a rising and significant force in the industry, it is crucial to identify the purchasing traits of the generation that is up-and-coming with the largest buying power of any other consumer.

For a brick and mortar store, in order to compete with online retail and to attract the attention of these millennial buyers, you must find a way to stand out. In the world of a global health pandemic when online sales are drastically rising, finding creative solutions to establishing that personal connection during the buying experience is essential. One strategy many successful jewelers are investing in is experiential retail.

What is Experiential Retail?

experiential retail
dianna rae jewelry
assisting a customer
Photo Credit: Dianna Rae Jewelry

To put it simply, experiential retail pertains to the parts of the shopping experience that lie outside of the specific good or service being purchased. The concept places the focus on the fact that a customer isn’t simply buying an item, they are buying an experience or a memory. In the jewelry industry, we understand that what we sell comes with emotion and memories. Those feelings extend to the act of buying as well.

What Does Experiential Retail Look Like?

Experiential retail is all about enhancing the shopping experience for the customer, whether that be a singular event or an ongoing facet of your sales strategy. Here are a couple examples of what our customers are doing to make their customers have a memorable time and some creative suggestions on how you might adapt keeping health concerns in mind.

Special Events

experiential retail
gemstone round table
dianna rae jewelry
Photo Credit: Dianna Rae Jewelry

A great option to elevate the shopping experience is to host an interactive event where your customers have more hands-on involvement while making a purchase. In 2020, events have started to look a little different. Many of us are used to virtual interactions that allow us to enjoy an experience from the comfort of our own homes. So what can we do?

For example, in the past, Dianna Rae Jewelry in Lafayette, LA held regular round table events where customers were invited to a local restaurant to view a large selection of gemstones guided by an expert to discuss the features of specific gems. Once customers perused their options, Dianna Rae and her team created a specially designed piece using the unique gemstone the customer chose to show it off to best effect. You can read more about Dianna Rae Jewelry and their round table events in this issue of From the Bench.

experiential retail
gemstone roundtable
dianna rae jewelry
Photo Credit: Dianna Rae Jewelry

Making an event like this socially distanced is easier than you might think. Try holding a virtual happy hour guided by the gemstone expert or make the event more exclusive with a smaller guest list that allows for appropriate and safe indoor gathering.

Events like these are successful because you are educating your customer in a social and fun way that establishes an emotional connection to the item.

In-Store Enhancements

Events can be effective tools in making the buying experience special for the customer, but you can also make adjustments to the everyday shopping experience that are unique and memorable. Navigating occupancy restrictions and making the shopping experience personal while being socially distant can be tricky. However, with some creativity, we can always find a solution!

experiential retail
customer assisting in the casting process
goldmine designs
Photo Credit: Goldmine Designs

Prior to COVID, Goldmine Designs in Seattle, WA brought the customer into the manufacturing process as they allowed customers to assist in casting their own piece of jewelry. With such a personal experience came the opportunity to share that with others. Not only could the customer help craft the piece, they were encouraged to bring family and friends to watch with complementary snacks. At this point, customers were no longer customers. They were part of the Goldmine Designs family. To learn more about the distinctive experiences Goldmine Designs have been providing their customers, view our blog post Casting in Seattle: An Experience Like None Other.

Approaching an experience like this while remaining safe and healthy is still possible today if proper precautions are taken. However, if you prefer offering a less hands-on experience, there are two other aspects of this tale you can learn from and implement in a socially distanced manner: the shared social experience and the complementary additions.

Consider adding a decorative wall and good lighting where customers can take quality pictures to share with family and friends on social media. Also, never underestimate the power of the free gift with (or even without) purchase. The priority should be to provide the customer with an emotional – and even physical – token of their visit that puts you top of mind when making their next purchase.

What Should I Do?

If you’re looking to take your sales to the next level, think of something special you can do to add to the overall customer experience that leaves them with a unique memory. Invite customers to an event, offer something exclusive and complementary in your store, etc.

In the age of a worldwide pandemic, events and other sales methods that involve close proximity may not be as possible as they once were – at least for the time being. Be extra creative to find ways to enhance the jewelry buying experience. Consumers are accustomed to virtual interactions through text, emails, and video calls, even when it comes to making purchases. So how do you plan to make this experience different?

Whatever direction you choose, remember that the goal is to make sure the customer has an experience they won’t forget.

Lights, Camera, Jewelry: Happy World Photography Day

Every year, on August 19, we celebrate all things photography: the art, the craft, the science, and the history of this beloved medium.

As an industry, we have much to thank photography for. After all, perfectly captured jewelry photos can drive unprecedented traffic to your store or site, help you tell your brand’s story, land you a spotlight on a prestigious website, and more.

For this year’s celebration, we’re diving briefly into the history of World Photography Day and then highlighting a few Stuller products that will make jewelry photography a breeze for you.

Why August 19?

In 1837, Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce changed the world with the invention of the daguerreotype, the first publicly available photographic process. Two years later, the French Academy of Sciences unveiled this new invention to the world.

Although others would go on to improve photo processes of the time — such as Thomas Sutton, who took the first color photograph in 1861 — it’s Nicéphore Niépce whom history now knows as the Father of Photography.

Okay, but back to the question: why August 19?

Because August 19, 1839, was when the French Academy of Sciences gifted the daguerreotype to the rest of the world. In 2010, when World Photography Day was established, August 19 was fitting.

Happy 183rd birthday, photography!

Enhance Your Jewelry Photos

Simply put, photography is integral to industry success. Even if you’re not big on the social media scene, you probably need to take shots of your jewelry for something: appraisals, inventory, repair take-ins, custom job updates, and more.

The good news? Jewelry photography doesn’t have to be your forté, because Stuller makes it easy for any jeweler to up their photo game. When you have a split second to catch someone’s eye, make it count with some of our favorite Stuller-tried-and-tested products:


Capture ready-to-share, studio-quality images using nothing more than a smartphone with the GemLightbox. With the accompanying phone app, you can edit and upload your photos for use anywhere. All you have to do is place your jewelry inside, point, and shoot.

The result? Beautiful jewelry photos on consistent white backgrounds.

GemLightbox for jewelry photos
Item # 12-1210

GemLightbox Turntable

Get an up-close, 360-degree view at your jewelry with this turntable system, designed specifically to work with the GemLightbox.

The floating arm gives you complete control over adjusting the camera into any desired position, which makes it a breeze to work under.

GemLightbox Turntable for jewelry photos
Item # 12-1211

GemLightbox Aerial Turntable

Shoot photos and videos of hanging earrings, pendants, chains, and watches with the Aerial Turntable. This easy-to-set-up product is a plug-and-play solution that was designed to work inside the GemLightbox.

Gone are the days of photographing jewelry lying down at unflattering angles!

GemLightbox Aerial Turntable for jewelry photos
Item # 12-1212

Gemax Pro-II Digital Microscope — A Stuller Exclusive!

Show customers the raw, crisp beauty of your jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones with the Gemax Pro-II.

This digital microscope makes it easy for you to do a variety of tasks:

  • capture images to download for your files, printing, or social media
  • see girdle inscriptions and engravings for appraisals and customers
  • connect with a USB to enlarge images on a computer or TV monitor
Gemax Pro-II Digital Microscope for jewelry photos
Item # 13-1842

In the age of Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, having amazing visuals is the key to standing out and growing your platform. So, take some time today to learn a new thing about jewelry photography, invest in some new equipment, and get snapping away!

Need a place to get started?

Check out our three-part series on how to master jewelry photography:

And, if you want more great content watch Stuller photographer, Daniel Maldonado, in this one-hour webinar. Here, he discusses how to use a window as your source for natural light, the best surfaces to use, how he shoots gemstones, and more!

Things You Need to Know: Social Media Dictionary

Here’s some light reading for you before you prep for holiday: a “social media dictionary” with a breakdown of marketing terms and phrases that you may or may not have heard before.

I remember when I was still in school, someone used the word “copy” in front of me for the first time. Like, “Hannah, can you go edit that copy to better reflect the point of the Facebook post?” WHAT?! I thought a copy was just a duplicate of something. Boy, was I wrong.

Anyway, these terms can help you out in your social media discovery journey. I’m here to help you. This could be an infinitely long blog post, but I’ve narrowed it down to the most important words and phrases you’ll need to know!

Here are some social media/marketing terms that will help your future on social media!

Algorithm – a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

B2B – business-to-business (B2B) refers to commerce between two businesses rather than to commerce between a business and an individual consumer.

B2C – business-to-consumer (B2C) refers to commerce between a business and an individual consumer.

Blog – a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Chat – the online exchange of messages in real time with one or more simultaneous users of a computer network e.g. Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, iMessage, etc.

Content – the information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience (this would be your posts, statuses, etc).

Copy – anything written by you or your company which is meant to attract customers to your business.

Digital Marketing – the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

Digital Sales – the use of virtual channels to reach out to prospects, provide education, and ultimately offer a solution that uniquely meets their needs.

Direct Messages (DM) – a private form of communication between social media users that is only visible to the sender and recipient(s).

Engagement Rate – a metric that measures the level of engagement that a piece of created content (social media post) is receiving from an audience. It shows how much people interact with the content. Factors that influence engagement include users’ comments, shares, likes, and more.

Follower – someone who is tracking a particular person, group, organization, etc. on a social media website or application.

@stullerinc's social media Instagram follower count

Friend – someone who is connected to a user on a social media platform, usually on Facebook.

Handle – the term used to describe one’s username on social media networks, expressed with an “@” symbol: @stullerinc

Hashtag – a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic (ex. #HowIStuller, #DiamondRing, #MetalFashion).

@stullerinc's social media hashtag usage

Impressions – a way for advertisers to keep track of the number of times an ad (or social media post) is shown.

Geotargeting – the practice of delivering content to a user based on his or her geographic location. (Tip: If you have a jewelry store in Lafayette, LA, you may not want to target people in Omaha, NE!)

Link Preview – an automatic feature that displays how links will appear once pasted into a post on social networks.

Live Streaming – the act of delivering video content on social media in real time.

Meme – rapidly shared photos or videos reflecting a relevant cultural symbol or social idea, generally meant to mimic or mock.

Mention – any social media post that mentions a person by their user name.

Newsfeed (or “feed”) – the post-login homepage for social networks that displays posts and status updates from people and pages a user is connected to.

Podcast – an audio file made available for streaming or download on a digital device.

PPC – pay-per-click (PPC) refers to a type of Internet advertising in which the advertiser pays the ad publisher when the ad is clicked. Used to drive traffic to websites.

Retargeting – an online marketing technique allowing marketers to display ads to people who have visited their websites or are part of their contact databases.

SEO – search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of optimizing web content so it can be indexed and found in popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Selfie – a self-portrait typically taken using the front-facing camera of a digital photographing device, such as a smart phone, and usually shared on social media (bonus tip: did you know selfies showing off your product can produce higher engagement rates on your social channels?).

Social Media Monitoring – a routine observation of specific topics, conversations, and social media posts relevant to a business, person, or organization’s interests.

Subscribe – the action required to receive a particular user’s posts and other types of content on social media or websites.

Tagging – a special type of link connected directly to the tagged person’s page or profile, commonly used to identify social media users in photos.

@302FineJewelry social media Instagram tagging

The Cloud – an online data center, where users store and access information over the internet.

Troll – somebody who instigates negative activity on social media through their comments with the specific intention of provoking a reaction (Another bonus pro-tip: don’t engage with these people who are trolling your business!).

Unfollow – the act of ceasing to receive any further social media posts from a specific user.

UGC – User-generated content (UGC) is content such as photos, videos, blog posts, etc. created by users of digital media and shared on online platforms. Can include relevant hashtags. (We use #HowIStuller to track UGC!)

Viral – term used to describe photos, videos, or any other form of content circulated rapidly on the Internet.

Vlog – a blog post in video form, made popular by YouTube.

Webinar – an interactive web-based video and audio presentation, in which the host broadcasts the presentation to a group of people over the Internet. (Have you checked out our webinar series? Click here to learn more!)

@stullerinc's social media Facebook webinar

Whew, that’s a lot of terms. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Reasons to Partner With 302 Fine Jewelry


Milestone or no, jewelry is how we — women — celebrate and express ourselves. Frankly, we don’t need a reason. But it’s nice to say a new ring or necklace is to celebrate a promotion, an event, or a birthday. Or just a great day. But if you’re not connecting with us, you’re likely missing out on sales you didn’t realize were right there.

As the drivers of 85%* of all consumer spending, women are a target audience you can’t afford to overlook.

This is a glittering, golden opportunity for you. And 302 Fine Jewelry is how you seize that opportunity and capture trend-focused sales in the easiest way possible.

Here are the top 3 reasons to be a 302 Fine Jewelry partner

1.    Stuller Makes It Easy

302 Fine Jewelry is Stuller’s answer to a trend-focused jewelry assortment.

Covering the industry’s biggest trends, the collections of 302 Fine Jewelry focus on styles that have been staples in the marketplace for years. Never “fast fashion,” these pre-merchandised offerings provide peace of mind that they will be long-lasting in your customers’ wardrobes.

Our expert team looks for inspiration across the jewelry industry, fashion world, and social media to ensure each collection has the major design elements that women can use to show their individual style. 

With an average wholesale price of $250, 302 Fine Jewelry entices your customers to return again and again to enhance the pieces they’ve already purchased. Then, when they get compliments on these looks, they can enthusiastically tell everyone where they got that jewelry: at your store.

2.    We Give You the Keys to Success

A catchy social media post could be the deciding factor of a person buying an item or product. To sell to self-purchasing women, you need to connect with them in the way they want to connect. To help you drive traffic and sell, we give brand partners a variety of 302-exclusive marketing materials:

  • Established, stunning branding that’s perfect for your social media
  • A consumer-facing website, 302FineJewelry.com, with locate-a-retailer registry
  • Beautiful photos and videos to be used in your advertising for print and on the web
  • A monthly newsletter with selling tips, featured products, and a monthly social media calendar (with convenient, ready-to-launch copy and photo assets included)

Encourage your customers to use hashtags like #302OnYou and #WearYourStory when tagging their purchases on social media.

From there you can repost a customer’s jewelry selection on your own social feed.  By showcasing a customer’s purchase, you instantly increase engagement while also gaining customer loyalty for your business.

302-relaunch-july-2020-social-quote 302-relaunch-july-2020-social-product 302-relaunch-july-2020-social-quote and jewelry

3.    You Get the Service You Know and Love

302 Fine Jewelry was named from our headquarters’ address, chosen because 302 Fine Jewelry was conceptualized, designed, and created primarily by women within Stuller. You’ve come to know and trust Stuller for our service, product range, and quick turnaround. And 302 Fine Jewelry will be no different. 

We’re committed to ensuring you can trust us to provide on-trend, meaningful jewelry your customers will proudly wear to celebrate their story.

Discover how easy it is to become a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner

* Girlpower Marketing: “Statistics on the Purchasing Power of Women.”

What are your favorite pieces in the new 302 collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Turn Your Extra Diamonds into Extra Cash


We previously published a blog on our Metal Clean Scrap Program. During this time of uncertainty, it is so important for any and all businesses to make the most out of their inventory. So, today I want to take a minute to talk about diamond clean scrap — and how our program can benefit you.

Stuller’s Diamond Clean Scrap Program will allow you to profit from unwanted product!  

Our program is as simple as you sending in your diamond scrap, and us paying you fair market value.


Why you should process your diamond scrap with Stuller 

Hassle-Free Payment Options

We’ll give you 100% payout in your choice of settlement options: Stuller account credit; electronic, check, or wire payment; or 50/50 (account credit/electronic or check). You can also choose to apply your settlement to your Stuller bill.

Reasonable Payout

We offer reasonable payout for your scrap, so you can be assured that you get the most of your inventory. And for only $50 per submission, you are making money off of product you may deem unusable.

Speedy Process

Once we receive your diamond scrap, our diamond experts work fast to analyze your product and send you an offer. A Diamond Sales Specialist will contact you with the offer within five business days of receiving. The best part — you decide if you want to take the offer or not!

Tips for maximizing your payout

  • We suggest a minimum of 10 total carats of clean, unmounted diamond melee scrap
  • Melee sizes under 1/5 carat are best for scrap (we are also happy to make an offer on any size or shape of diamond if you contact us)
  • Include a fully completed packing slip with your shipment

Click the video below to learn more about our Diamond Clean Scrap Program

Have you ever taken advantage of our Clean Scrap Program? Let us know about your experience in the comments below! 

Earth Day 2020 and Stuller’s Commitment to Sustainability


As Stuller celebrates 50 years in the industry, another huge milestone is being celebrated: Earth Day, created 50 years ago today. Since that day in 1970, nearly 200 countries have joined the continuing effort to protect the environment through education and grassroots activism.   

Take a look at the first ever Earth Day celebrations:

Today marks the perfect time to look back on our history and the numerous milestones we’ve achieved. Among them, we’re proud to have earned the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Certification in 2019. 

Responsible Jewelry Council Member Logo

RJC certifies fine jewelry manufacturers for responsible ethical, social, and environmental practices throughout all operations. And just like other RJC members, Stuller commits to implementing continuous improvement processes to increase performance and achieve higher standards.

Read more about our RJC certification.


We are also proud to use 100% recycled materials in our manufacturing processes and are certified by SCS Global Services. According to the SCS website, “SCS is accredited to conduct RJC Code of Practices and Chain-of-Custody verification assessments.”   

SCS Recycled ContentSCS certification ensures recycled metals are used while conflict metals and other questionable materials are avoided. Stuller is honored to be a user and supplier of certified 100% recycled fine gold, fine silver, palladium, and platinum. Learn more about RJC, SCS, and Stuller’s commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices.

Read more about Stuller’s efforts to be a certified recycled metals source.


At Stuller, we are committed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability in all aspects of our operations. Aside from using and offering recycled metals, we adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to sourcing diamonds and gemstones.  Gemstone Experience on Stuller.com Social Share

Stuller uses several practices to ensure the integrity of the gemstones we purchase, and we believe in creating an open dialogue about gemstone sourcing to be as transparent and trustworthy as possible. We work with trusted partners, visit our suppliers and cutters overseas to ensure proper procedures are being followed, and transparently disclose any treatment our stones have undergone.

When it comes to Stuller Diamonds™, we commit to upholding the highest ethical standards in the diamond industry through our membership with the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America (DMIA). SWAS Diamond History Social Share

We are committed to selling conflict-free, ethically sourced diamonds, and all rough and polished natural mined diamonds sold by Stuller comply with the Kimberly Process.

Learn more about our diamond and gemstone sourcing here.


Our efforts go beyond the jewelry industry. We are also environmentally conscious throughout all of our facilities. Check out the video below to learn more about how we do our part within Stuller’s headquarters.

Since 1970, Stuller has worked hard to advance the jewelry industry by keeping sight of our main focus: jewelers. As we look to the next 50 years, and another 50 years of celebrating Earth Day, we will continue to look for ways to offer an even deeper impact to sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

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Sell your scrap metal with Stuller’s Clean Scrap Program


We’ve previously discussed why you should take the proper steps to recover gold sweeps to sell for extra profit. With gold at a market high, now is the perfect time to turn a profit on your scrap metal and boost your bottom line.

If you have bench filings, grindings, or other scrap metal lying around, our Clean Scrap Program offers you a quick, easy way to convert your metal and get paid in the way that’s right for you.

Why you should process your scrap with Stuller 

Honest payouts, reasonable rates, and low minimum volume required

Through this program, we offer expert melting services to help you be more profitable. We’ll make sure you receive a fair payout for your scrap metal.

You do not need to submit large metal quantities, and we offer low rates for processing.

Quick settlement and payout

From the moment we receive your gold, our team works quickly to process your order, come to a settlement, and get you paid — at up to 98% of the metal’s worth. 

When we receive your shipment, we verify the product and then melt it for analysis in our Assay Lab. You can learn more about the verification process along with the processes performed by our technicians in the video below.

Stuller pays market value for your precious metal scrap. You’ll receive payment in your choice of check, electronic payment, or Stuller account credit. If you select the account credit payment option, you’ll receive free processing for your gold and silver metal scrap.  

You can also choose to apply your payout directly to your Stuller bill.

Wide assortment of products

When you choose the account credit payment option, you have more than 200,000 products available to purchase.

Easy online experience

Our Clean Scrap web page has all you need: the packing slip form, a calculator to estimate your payment, and a breakdown of fees and payout options to suit your needs.

The video below further details how easy it is to send your metal scrap to Stuller. 

Have you ever taken advantage of our Clean Scrap Program? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!