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The Bypass Ring: A Recurring Trend

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Explore the past, present, and future of this twisted style

What is a Bypass Ring?

Bypass Ring – A ring that coils around the finger, with the ends of the band passing each other on top. In some designs, the ends are completed with pavé or channel set diamonds. Others have larger diamonds set on or between the ends — Diamond Council of America

It’s a style that has been around since at least the 1830s, but most of us have probably never noticed the elegant, yet twisted style wrapped around our friend’s finger until the last couple of years when the bypass ring became a growing trend.

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Past Bypass Rings

The bypass ring became popular during the Victorian era. This style was given as an engagement ring, symbolizing two souls coming together as one. The popularity of the two different colored stones during that era also added to the symbolization of union and togetherness.

One of the most famous bypass rings dates back to the 1950s. John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with a beautiful diamond and emerald bypass ring tapered with baguettes. The design by Van Cleef & Arpels is still replicated to this day. The ring can be seen in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum in Boston.


Present-day Styles

And while the bypass ring is still given as an engagement ring today, we’re also seeing it become a fashion trend as well. The curves and twists of a bypass ring give it an elegant look, while still sleek and contemporary. You can have two stones that bypass each other or a single stone intercepted by converging shanks. Choose from simple, contemporary, fancy, and elaborate styles below.

“I think the above pieces will continue to be a huge hit. They’re a great mix of the minimalist/negative space trend and bypass ring style,” says Blaire Hovis, Fine Jewelry Director.

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Bypass Rings from L to R: 71986 • 123287 • 123383 • 71930 • 123110
Bypass Ring Two-Stone Diamond Accented Engagement


Future Bypass Ring Designs

The introduction of custom design solutions like Matrix® and CounterSketch® has greatly expanded the possibilities for bypass styles in the future. With tools that allow you to choose, change, or create anything you can dream, the sky’s the limit!

“Two-stone jewelry is also very popular. I see 2018 full of two-stone bypass rings, earrings and pendants,” Blaire reports.

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