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Browse the Best Springtime Bridal and Wedding Band Trends

Let these new trending designs usher in springtime and the bridal season ahead


Sound the alarm! Today is a double holiday. For starters, it’s the first day of spring. Winter is slowly fading away in exchange for sunshine, new blossoms, and liveliness. Today is also National Proposal Day. It’s the unofficial holiday for honoring, celebrating, pondering, and even acting out the perfect proposal. So what better way to celebrate springtime AND proposals than by introducing our leading bridal and wedding band trends?


Browse the best springtime bridal and wedding band trends below.

On-Trend Engagement Rings

Bridal and Wedding Band Trends On Trend Engagements

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Engage your customers with brilliance! Each bride is unique, and her ring should be, too! Explore all possibilities when it comes to dazzling your brides-to-be. Perhaps she wants a double halo ring with starburst baguettes like the one shown above. Or maybe she’d prefer an emerald east-west design or a gemstone center stone. The bridal and wedding band trends featured here are perfect for a palette of planned proposals.


Anniversary and Eternity Bands

Bridal and Wedding Band Trends Anniversary Eternity Bands

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The latest bridal and wedding band trends lean toward larger, more attention-grabbing styles. Many of today’s brides opt for chunky eternity bands featuring 2.5mm stones and above. To achieve this look while staying within budget, suggest similar anniversary band styles since they hold fewer stones, and thus, cost less. Or, suggest lab-grown diamonds or moissanite bands as an alternative to genuine diamonds.


Stunning Stackables

Bridal and Wedding Band Trends Stunning Stackables

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Stack ’em to the sky! This idea seems to align with the latest bridal and wedding band trends we’ve witnessed over the past few years. In short, stackables are here to stay. Add interest by suggesting bands with multiple stone shapes, channel-set stones, or intricate milgrain details to make her band stand out.


Wedding Band Trends

Bridal and Wedding Band Trends Wedding Bands

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Fancy men’s bands are on the rise. Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill styles. Instead, recent bridal and wedding band trends indicate that grooms are open to owning a unique band. This gives way to engraved, two-tone, textured, inlay details, and so much more. Luckily, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding your man the perfect band!

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Which designs are trending in your area? Let us know in the comments below. Then, explore four more top 2019 engagement ring trends projected this year.

  • Danwerke [ permalink ]'

    What are you seeing as trendy 2019 engagement rings? Cushion cut? are you seeing the Halo style kind of going out of trend?

    • Stuller Blog [ permalink ]

      Hi Danwerke Jewelers Team,

      Our Trend Experts report that Halos will always have a place in engagement trends. The latest looks have unique details like mixed stone sizes in one halo and double halos. We’re also seeing interesting set types like mixed bezel with prong settings, while asymmetric/scattered halos are emerging as a current trend. As for Solitaires, we’ve seen more pears and ovals in the press and on celebrities— but cushion cuts are certainly in that family!

      Keep an eye out for a mid-year engagement ring trends blog in the months to come.