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The Journey To Black Box Gemstones ®

Black Box Gemstones ® are hand-selected for their rarity and beauty. But what does it really mean to be hand-selected? Ever wondered how Stuller chooses its gemstones?

In the video below, watch as our team of experts travels the globe to Thailand, the gemstone hub of the world, to hand-select the best of the best. Because only the best deserve to be called Black Box Gemstones ®.

Have you purchased Black Box Gemstones ®? Tell us what you like about it in the comments section below.


Ashley Corley

Marketing Project Manager

I've been with Stuller since 2005 • Movies, Music and Cartoons from the 80’s are the best • New Orleans Saints fan • Cupcakes for breakfast, you better believe it • Never waste a chance to give away a smile • Amazon junkie • I enjoy every opportunity I’m given in life • Volunteering at local festivals is a blast.