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Bicolor and Color Change Gemstones for the Colorful Enthusiast

Be amazed with unique bicolor and color change gemstones

Gemstones are all beautiful in their own special and unique ways, but there are some that just have a way of catching the eye. Bicolor and color change gemstones are scientific marvels that intrigue you with their color diversity. Want to impress your customers with these fascinating gems? Let’s dive into these gems, how they got their color, and what kinds of stones to look for.

Bicolor Gemstones

bicolor gemstones

Bicolor gemstones exhibit two or more distinct colors. This multi-color effect is created depending on how the stone formed. As gems grow, they can be exposed to different gasses and heat levels at various times in their creation period. The chemical changes that occur cause different colors to show on different parts of the same gemstone.

Sometimes a bicolor gemstone shows two separate colors with an almost distinct line where the colors shift into one another. Such is the case with ametrine, which showcases stunning purple and yellow/orange colors characteristic of amethyst and citrine that tend to meet in a defined line. However, not all bicolor gemstones have two colors that meet in a singular line. These colorful gems can also display multiple colors that blend more gradually in an ombre effect or show up spotty throughout the stone. Imperial topaz and bicolor sapphire, such as Montana Sapphire, boast these fascinating and unique color blends.

Stuller Bicolor Gemstone Offerings

Stuller’s collection of gemstones features a selection of striking bicolor, tricolor, and particolor gemstones in both our calibrated and Notable Gems™ collections. These gems come in a variety of color combinations that are sure to provide you with a one-of-a-kind find.

Tourmaline has the most options available for bicolor. There are infinite possibilities for how they are combined into a single stone with color options in blue, teal, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, and red with many shades of each color. Enjoy these stones featured only in our Notable Gems™ collection.

Tanzanite, derived from the mineral zoisite, comes in a variety of color combos – such as blue/green, blue/purple, blue/green/purple, and green/purple. These bicolor stones can only be found in our Notable Gems™ collection.

Ametrine, a quartz gemstone previously mentioned, comes in a purple/yellow bicolor combination and can be found in our calibrated collection.

Sapphire, a member of the corundum family, comes in almost every color imaginable with a variety of color combinations. These versatile stones can be found in both our Notable Gems™ and calibrated collections.

Imperial Topaz, also previously mentioned, exhibits the warmest yellow/orange/pink/red hues and can be found only in our Notable Gems™ collection.

Color Change Gemstones

color change gemstones

Another interesting color phenomenon in gemstones are the color change gemstones. These gemstones have a talent for appearing in different colors under different light sources. The physics behind this is fascinating. Each light source has a different wavelength and causes colors to absorb differently on the same material. Natural light sources (sunlight) will make certain gemstones appear as one color and that color will change if illuminated by artificial light sources (candle light, incandescent light, fluorescent light).

Stuller Color Change Gemstone Offerings

Alexandrite is the most iconic stone that comes to mind when you think of color change gemstones. A member of the chrysoberyl family, alexandrite changes from green/teal to red/purple when exposed to each different light source. This stone can be found in both our Notable Gems™ and calibrated collections.

Sapphire has various colors, but purple sapphire is particularly known for its color changing properties. This specific form of sapphire can change from purple to violet blue and is found in both our Notable Gems™ and calibrated collections.

Garnet, which is a form of almandine-pyrope, is able to change from purple/red to orange/brown in certain lighting. While this form of garnet is not available in our regular collections, we offer access to this gemstone through our special orders service.

Stuller’s Special Order Gemstone Service

You have a vision in mind and we want to make it happen. Even if it is difficult to find the perfect gemstone you are looking for online, we are able to assist. Our Special Order Gemstone Service allows us to help you find that special gemstone, ship it to our headquarters, and give you expert information about any unique optical properties. Every year, we fill more than 10,000 requests for special order gemstones. Let our team of experts and vast network of global sources find just what you need. For more information or to make a request, visit our website at or call us at 800-877-7777 (choose option 6 for gemstones).

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Content by Samantha Larson

Words by Taylor Dizor


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