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#WhatsNew302: Benefits of Partnering With 302® Fine Jewelry

Flashback to July 2020, we launched our line of price-conscious, on-trend jewelry curated with the woman in mind. Behind the scenes, it has been a little under a year that multiple strong forces, in the form of talented women of Stuller, came together to create a jewelry line that celebrates women. Thus, 302 Fine Jewelry was born.

Fast-forward to April 2021 — it’s been quite the year for 302 Fine Jewelry. Since its inception, our fine jewelry line has added two trend-focused product drops to existing collections, and even gained some national attention.

That being said, if you haven’t joined forces with 302 Fine Jewelry yet, what are you waiting for?  Read on to learn about all the advantages of becoming a retail partner.

Stuller Does the Heavy Lifting

302 Fine Jewelry is Stuller’s answer to a trend-focused jewelry assortment.

Covering the industry’s biggest trends, the collections of 302 Fine Jewelry focus on styles that have been staples in the marketplace for years. Never “fast fashion,” these pre-merchandised offerings provide peace of mind that they will be long-lasting in your customers’ wardrobes.

Our expert team looks for inspiration across the jewelry industry, fashion world, and social media to ensure each collection has the major design elements that women can use to show their individual style.

With an average wholesale price of $250, 302 Fine Jewelry entices your customers to return again and again to enhance the pieces they’ve already purchased. Then, when they get compliments on these looks, they can enthusiastically tell everyone where they got that jewelry: at your store.

All the Marketing Assets, Right at Your Fingertips

Over 25% of global internet users, ages 16 – 64, use social media as a channel to research products to buy. That means that this group of people is searching for ways to spend money on social media! We give our retail partners a multitude of social media assets to share as their own. From high-quality photography of our product to a month’s worth of social media posts in the form of a monthly newsletter, we do it all for you so you can put your business first.

We establish a space in the social media realm for you to advertise not only your business, but the fact that you’re a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner. Using hashtags like #302onYou allows you to promote products to those searching to buy!

Bragging Rights

Between all the big events that have been going on with 302 Fine Jewelry, arguably one of the coolest things that’s been happening is our ongoing features in magazines like Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, and Marie Claire. Not only is that a huge bonus for our brand, but it’s a selling point for you to your customers. Not everyone can say they sell jewelry that has been nationally acclaimed! Flaunt your famous jewelry pieces using assets like counter cards with information about the magazine promotions on them to share with your customers.

Take part in a movement to offer on-trend jewelry created for women, by women. Become a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner today!


Hannah Blaine

Former Social Media Specialist