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Yelena Portman
Owner/Designer, Precious Lace Jewelry
I started Precious Lace Jewelry in 2015 • I have a Master's in Accounting and I am certified to do your taxes • I lived in 3 different countries • I LOVE to travel and hike • I could eat sushi all day, every day • HUMMER H1 is my dream car • I could spend hours on Instagram looking at gemstones for my next design

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Meet Yelena Portman – The Reigning March Bridal Madness Champion

Read how this jeweler discovered her passion and created a unique, thriving business

Are you excited about this year’s March Bridal Madness contest? The rules of the game are simple: “Like” Stuller on Facebook. Submit an image of your custom designed engagement ring or wedding band to stuller@stuller.com or via our Facebook Messenger. The pictures with the most fan votes move on to final judging. The stakes read more…