A Stuller Ring Story: Hannah and Lance

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, We are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them. 

Have you ever had a moment where everything just fell into place because you were in the right place at the right time? Imagine if just one detail was off in that moment — it could have just passed you by! Life has a funny way of bringing you exactly where you need to be for a great adventure, especially an adventure as great as love. 

For Stuller’s Packaging & Displays Project Planner Hannah Foreman, she found herself in the perfect place when she met Lance. She never imagined where things would go, but the beautiful engagement ring on her finger will give you a hint that things have gone very well since. 

Finding love at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic is reason enough to believe that true love will always find a way. Let’s dive into Hannah and Lance’s story and look at the stunning engagement ring designed just for her. 

hannah and lance ring story

Right Place, Right Time 

On March 14, 2020, Hannah was out celebrating a friend’s birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. Lance happened to be at the same bar that night because his cousin was the DJ. One of Hannah’s friends knew Lance and saw that he was sitting alone, so she invited him to sit with them. From that first moment, Lance caught Hannah’s eye and they talked all night — a scene straight out of a Hallmark movie. 

However, in a story like this, not every detail falls neatly into place. Just a couple days later, Louisiana, along with the rest of the country, entered a quarantine period due to the COVID-19 pandemic where the two were unsure when they would get to meet again. Over the next three months, Hannah and Lance’s budding relationship was restricted to daily phone calls and texts. The couple did not get to experience their first date until June 2020, but both knew it would be well worth the wait. 

Through Obstacles Came Growth 

hannah and lance family ring story

As we adjusted our way of living and the Lafayette community began to re-open, Hannah and Lance’s relationship grew. Eventually, they moved in together with Lance’s daughters — Brianna (14) and Brooksie (12), who Hannah adores. Earlier this year, the couple began to talk seriously about their future. 

They knew what they wanted and on Mother’s Day in 2021, Lance spoke to Hannah’s mom to ask for her blessing. Robin Foreman, Hannah’s mother, is also a Stuller associate working as a Project Specialist in the Product Design & Development department. She helped Lance find the perfect ring for Hannah. 

Something That’s One-of-a-Kind 

One of the benefits of having your mother work with you at Stuller is being able to always send her ring styles you like and her having easy access to those. On top of that, Hannah’s mom works with some of the talented individuals that design all the products Stuller creates. When Lance approached Robin about a ring for Hannah, she wanted to help Lance give Hannah something no one else would have. 

Judging from the styles Hannah sent her, Robin knew that Hannah was a fan of vintage-inspired engagement rings and that she wanted a matching band. Lance and Robin began with an emerald-shape accented engagement ring (123240) in our ever&ever® collection. With a little help from friends in Robin’s department, they adjusted the accent stones and the setting to fit the stone she wanted. Though similar in style to the original design, it is truly one-of-a-kind. 

After working at Stuller for more than 20 years, Robin knew exactly who she wanted to ask to help her create the perfect rings for her daughter. Paul Arton and Melissa Borel in the Product Design & Development department created the CAD renderings and prepared them to go to casting. Mickey Guidry in the Model department prepped and polished the rings. Paul then received the casted rings and set all of the diamonds. Once they were done, Robin delivered the rings to Lance with her blessing. 

Hannah’s engagement ring features a 1 carat lab-grown radiant-cut center stone with round natural diamond accents. Her preferred metal is 14K rose gold because it compliments her skin tone. She also has a band that matches the shank of the engagement ring. 

The plan for Lance is to have a silicone wedding band for work, since he works with his hands a lot, as well as a tungsten band for everyday wear. 

An Unexpected, Yet Perfect Proposal 

Lance received the finished ring in September ahead of their planned trip to Orange Beach, Alabama to see a Brooks and Dunn concert in October. At this point, his daughters, family, and friends knew he was planning to propose. The only one left to find out was Hannah. 

“I really thought that he would show some signs of nervousness that would give it away, but he never did,” says Hannah. 

The one thing about the proposal that Hannah told him ahead of time is that she never wanted a public proposal. While Lance was very calm and collected holding onto the ring on the outside, he was very eager to pop the question. 

After having dinner one night on their trip, they were on a boardwalk near the water at a popular restaurant in Orange Beach at sunset. Hannah was trying to think of where they should go next. She turned around to look at Lance in time to see him get down on one knee. 

Once she said a couple of choice words for all the attention they were now receiving from the surrounding onlookers, she very happily said yes. Hannah and Lance plan to be married at the start of 2023 and their Stuller family couldn’t be happier. 

A Hallmark Ending for a Hallmark Story 

Can you imagine what would have happened if Lance’s cousin had not been the DJ at that bar that night and asked him to stop by? Can you imagine what would have happened if Hannah’s friend had not asked Lance to sit with them? Any one tiny change to this story and their futures would look very different. But that’s what is so special about a love that comes from being in the right place at the right time.

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Dianna Rae Jewelry to Launch Diamonds into Space

From the first manned spaceflight to Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, our fascination with the celestial beyond has kept our eyes on innovation and exploring the unknown. As a human race, we have explored our own atmosphere, planets beyond, and so much more. The next giant leap for us will be led by the team at Dianna Rae Jewelry as they launch their latest adventure: Diamonds in Space. 

The Lafayette, Louisiana-based custom jewelry designer recently announced an incredible mission of sending diamonds into space to be made into jewelry. With an assortment of natural and lab-grown diamonds heading into space, Dianna Rae Jewelry is offering the opportunity for customers to have a custom piece of jewelry set with diamonds that have touched the stars. 

I got the chance to sit down with Dianna Rae herself and learn more about how she’s going above and beyond to create a completely unique jewelry-buying experience for her customers. 

Diamonds in Space by Dianna Rae Jewelry 

My initial thought was, “How does someone even think of this idea?” Dianna Rae explained that as a growing jewelry brand, they are constantly thinking of new ways to expand their business and stand out from other jewelers in the area. 

“We wanted to take the Dianna Rae brand nationally, but we didn’t want to open new locations,” she said, “There are many jewelry companies online now, so how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you do something so big and so wonderful that it captures people’s attention?”

“There are many jewelry companies online now, so how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you do something so big and so wonderful that it captures people’s attention?”

Dianna Rae High, Dianna Rae Jewelry

It doesn’t get much bigger than going to space! We can all agree that space is a very hot topic right now and trending among all generations. But this astronomical idea came with an immense amount of planning and mountains to move. 

A Pioneer in Space Travel 

While many of us were reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dianna Rae Jewelry was making monumental moves to go where no jewelry company has gone before. They discovered that both NASA and SpaceX have recently opened divisions for commercial space flight. Other companies have taken the opportunity to send items into space for research purposes, but nothing has ever been sent to space with the direct intention of being resold. 

After choosing to work with NASA on this concept over the last year, Dianna Rae Jewelry will be a pioneer in not only commercial space flight, but also in entrepreneurship. 

The Journey of a Lifetime 

Featuring a 1/3 ct. lab-grown diamond and a natural blue topaz, the Window of the World necklace resembles the cupola window in the International Space Station with a view of the Earth.

In May 2022, Dianna Rae Jewelry will be launching 2 kilograms worth of diamonds (around 1,000 carats) and packaging with a NASA flight to rendezvous with the International Space Station before making their trip back to Earth. The trip will be approximately 10 million miles and will take around a month to complete. Upon their return home, each diamond will be laser-engraved and certified by the American Gem Society. The diamonds will then make their way back to Dianna Rae Jewelry, where they will be either set into custom jewelry or individually sent to the customer. 

Customers have the ability to pre-order their diamonds and custom jewelry on the mission’s website at DiamondsInSpace.com. There is a vast selection of loose diamonds, fine jewelry, bridal pieces, and custom styles available. Customers will also receive a Diamonds in Space Challenge Coin uniquely made to commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Diamonds and jewelry pieces will be ready to go just in time for the holiday season in 2022. Talk about the perfect gift! 

The Stuller Difference 

Among the team of vendors that Dianna Rae Jewelry has selected is none other than Stuller. We are excited to assist in supplying both natural and lab-grown diamonds to the Diamonds in Space collection as well as assist in the making of her custom creations. 

“We are always happy to support our customers’ innovation and new adventures. Dianna Rae creates phenomenal jewelry with a focus to the customer experience that leaves a lasting impression. It is very exciting to watch as Dianna Rae Jewelry makes history in the jewelry industry,” says Taylor Burgess, Stuller Senior Vice-President of Customer Experience. 

The Meaning of a Story 

Sending diamonds into space is not simply about diamonds and jewelry. It’s about the value of the entire experience as well as a means to tell the story of each person’s connection to space. 

“We are all about the story and experience here. We do sell jewelry, but really what we sell is love, experience, design, art, creation, and stories. It’s so exciting to hear everyone’s story because everyone has a connection to space,” says Dianna Rae. 

“We are all about the story and experience here. We do sell jewelry, but really what we sell is love, experience, design, art, creation, and stories. It’s so exciting to hear everyone’s story because everyone has a connection to space.”

Dianna Rae High, Dianna Rae Jewelry

Technology meets beauty and romance with the experience of Diamonds in Space. The future is so bright for Dianna Rae Jewelry and we are excited to see what adventure they embark on next. 

Learn more about Dianna Rae Jewelry at DiannaRaeJewelry.com.

Style Reigns Supreme at the 2021 CMA Awards

The best part about the Country Music Association Awards is that the timing is perfect. The next award show season picks up in January and we just finished the last of this year’s awards back in September with the VMA’s and the Emmy’s. At the start of the winter months, we are dying for some red carpet fashion coverage and the 2021 CMA Awards are here to save the day.

This year’s pinnacle of country music took place in the promised land for the musical genre — Nashville, Tennessee — and was hosted by the first solo host in 18 years, American Idol judge and CMA Award-winning artist Luke Bryan. While the award show itself was exciting and the performances were heart-wrenchingly wonderful, we all know why we are really here… the fashionable jewelry!

As usual, I was joined by members of Stuller’s talented and stylish fine jewelry team to help me pick the top looks from the red carpet. Not only are we picking our favorite icons of the night, but we are also pairing them with the best accessories inspired by the stars. Join Stuller’s Kristen Ber, Taylor Beadle, and myself as we share which styles we believed shined the brightest at the 2021 CMA Awards.

Caroline Bryan: Hearts are On Fire

CMA Awards host Luke Bryan absolutely killed it as a host and all of his looks for the evening were top notch. But let’s talk about the real hero in the Bryan family this evening — his wife, Caroline Bryan. We were absolutely in love with her heart-themed gown from the red carpet and felt she stole the show. After seeing her, we were the physical representation of the heart-eyes emoji 😍.

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With a style that stands out as much as that dress did, we just have to pair it with some heart-themed pieces of our own. From a subtle heart chain to a pair of lip studs that will make you blow a kiss, Caroline Bryan had us simply inspired.

CH1207 87683 88100

Jimmie Allen: Pretty in Pink

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Have you heard of this year’s New Artist of the Year winner Jimmie Allen? Well you will now! Jimmie Allen came to the red carpet to be noticed and we sure did. Showing off in a matching pink vest, pants, and hat, his shirt also featured pink rose statements. There was no way this look wouldn’t be a favorite. Congratulations on the win, Jimmie!

With such a bold look, we had to search for the perfect pop of color. We chose a couple of pieces showcasing Pink Sapphire and Rhodalite Garnet that would accent any bold statement.

87692 87656 87608

Kelsea Ballerini: Classic and Clean

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Jimmie Allen is not the only winner we spotted on the red carpet last night. Kelsea Ballerini walked away with not one, but TWO CMA Awards — Musical Event of the Year and Music Video of the Year. We want to add just one more award for this star-studded winner: Best Dressed! We fell in love with her simple and classic, yet trendy all-white ensemble. Another congratulatory shout out to this beautiful CMA Award recipient!

This clean and white look was a no-brainer when we were thinking of pieces that would best complement her style. The new white enameled pieces recently added to 302® Fine Jewelry would look perfect with her outfit and keep her accessories fresh.

688834 688832 688836

Katy Perry: Elegance With Pearls

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Surprise! Were you expecting to see Katy Perry at a country music award show? Neither were we… but we are NOT mad about it at all. The award-winning pop sensation wore a brown leather dress that helped make the long pearl necklace she donned the star of her look. This is a perfect example of the modern take on classic pearls and we were obsessed.

If you have been following us this year, you know that we will take every opportunity to feature pearls. These timeless classics are breaking through the younger generations in new and exciting ways. We picked a few pieces that Katy’s red carpet style inspired combined with yellow gold and even a few diamonds.

87185 688803 688856

Maddie and Tae: Green With Envy

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Closing out our favorite picks from the 2021 CMA Awards red carpet is Maddie and Tae. Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, also known as Maddie and Tae, were the perfect duo in green ensembles. While the pair did not win Vocal Duo of the Year, we are happy to award them with a top red carpet look.

For this matching pair, we felt they deserved a matching look. Combine our Peridot bezel-set beaded necklace and matching earrings for a style fit to walk amongst the stars.

87600 87598

Well that’s a wrap on award show events from 2021! We are happy to see the return of the red carpet this year and noticed that the stars have fully embraced their best fashion this year. Our team is excited for what’s in store next year and you can be sure you’ll be the first to find out.

A Stuller Ring Story: Chris and Camille

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.  

The journey of a ring is a long one. From concept to creation, the work that goes into the details is extensive, but extremely worthwhile to produce a piece someone will cherish for a lifetime. The hands that work on engagement rings put extra care in their work because they know its significance. At Stuller, many hands contribute to the creation of every piece we make, and we know how special each ring will be for the one who wears them. 

For Stuller’s Tools and Equipment Product Manager Chris Leonard, he understands the care Stuller associates put into our rings. So, when the time came for him to look for a ring to propose to his fiancé Camille, it was a no brainer to ask for help from his fellow associates. Having been with Stuller for a few years, he knew exactly who to approach and the team started to work 

Chris’ engagement ring for Camille went through quite a journey. Let’s follow this journey and see how #TeamStuller contributed to make this an extra special proposal. 

This Relationship Means Business 

Chris and Camille met in the summer of 2015 while they were both working on their Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Their class was tight knit, so they had a lot of mutual friends. While they had known about each other through their friends prior to that summer, they first met while taking a summer statistics class. 

Over the next couple of months as the fall semester began, there were several school events where Chris and Camille began to grow closer. They decided to pursue a romantic relationship in September 2015 and have been together ever since. 

Since their first date six years ago, Chris and Camille have been very happy together. While they knew that marriage seemed to be the direction their relationship was going in, neither felt rushed or pressured to take that next step until the time was right. 

In 2019, that time came, and Chris made the decision to get an engagement ring for Camille. 

#TeamStuller to the Rescue 

Chris began by meeting with Camille’s friend and Stuller’s Vice-President of Merchandising Alix Gonsoulin. Camille and Alix have been friends for years and Alix was confident in knowing what style Camille would like. After compiling all the inspiration she could find that reflects Camille’s tastes, Alix created a detailed presentation for Chris and they began looking for a designer. 

Creative Design Director Christine Lloyd was the immediate first choice to ask to design Camille’s ring. Christine was excited to work on this project and provided sketches for six different designs for Chris to choose from. Chris took his time and got several opinions of people throughout the building before making his decision. 

Jacob Wright from Product Development & Design, Blaine Latiolais from Diamond & Gemstone Business Development, and Kristi Broussard from Tools & Supplies all pitched in to help Chris get a CAD rendering of the design to send to manufacturing, choose the perfect diamond, and set the diamond into the mounting. He even worked with members of the Packaging & Displays team to choose a ring box — a beautiful green box from our Eva Collection (61-0007:1100000:T). 

Everyone who had a hand in the design and production of this ring carried significance to Chris and Camille. The Stuller team did not hesitate to help Chris provide Camille with the ring of her dreams. 

“They went above and beyond, but they would do that for anyone.”

Chris Leonard

In the end, Chris had a stunning 18K yellow gold engagement ring featuring a round natural diamond secured by platinum prongs with a beautiful directional-style halo. The intricately detailed shank showcases lab-grown diamond accents ¾ around. The N-S-E-W composition of the halo was very popular when the ring was being made. It wasn’t until after he saw the ring that Chris realized it looked like a compass, which seemed all the more special since Camille is a travel agent and is very passionate about travelling. All in all, a perfectly one-of-a-kind ring. 

18K yellow gold custom designed engagement ring

With everyone having played their part in finishing the ring, all that was left was to find the right time to propose, which was not as easy as Chris had thought. 

A Change in Plans 

The ring was finished shortly before Chris and Camille were to board a flight to Europe on a trip. Because travel is important to the couple, Chris’ plan was to propose in a beautiful location while on their trip. 

Unfortunately, that trip was planned for April 2020 — right as the COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide shutdown on leisure travel. With that trip put on hold, Chris had to rethink how he wanted to propose. There never seemed to be a good time because nowhere seemed to be just right. In fact, more than a year passed before the perfect opportunity presented itself. 

As a travel agent, Camille often is invited to destination vacation locations to help promote the venues to her clients. Camille and Chris were invited to spend a few days in Cabo last month at a few resorts. Chris saw the opportunity this trip could have and made plans to take the ring with him. 

While staying at the Montage, an exclusive resort in Cabo along the water, everything fell into place. With a completely empty private beach and a breathtaking sunset, Chris got on one knee and asked Camille a question he had been waiting to ask. With an audience watching from a nearby restaurant, Camille enthusiastically accepted. 

Our Stuller Family 

The story of Chris and Camille’s ring is an example of how our Stuller family steps up to help. As Chris would say, this is exactly what any Stuller associate would do for our customers. A lot of love and hard work went into the creation of this ring and a lot of love will remain with it as the happy couple begin a different type of journey together. 

Congratulations to Chris and Camille from your Stuller family! 

Celebrate World Space Week With Jewelry That Is Out of This World

Space. The final frontier. Regardless of age or background, all of us have been fascinated and captivated with the idea of space. Whether through curiosity of its vast expansiveness or guidance from a celestial connection, space leaves all of us with a feeling of amazement. It is no wonder we find inspiration and personal connections from above. But why are we talking about space? Well, today marks the beginning of World Space Week!


Every year, the international community celebrates World Space Week from October 4 to October 10. The United Nations began World Space Week in 1999 to commemorate the contributions of science and technology in bettering life on Earth through space research and exploration. The World Space Week Association announced that this year’s theme is “Women in Space” — an effort to celebrate the invaluable contributions women have made in more than 50 years of space exploration.


Fun Fact: October 4 was chosen as the start to World Space Week because it is the anniversary of the first human-made satellite, Sputnik 1, launching into space in 1957. This paved the way for space exploration in the years to come.


While this is a great week to recognize the women over history in the space community, every day is a great day to celebrate the unique stories that women live and share. At its core, this is why we began 302® Fine Jewelry and why we continue to build on this story.


The women of Stuller that create and build 302 Fine Jewelry come from many personal and professional backgrounds. They take their own beliefs, life experiences, and stories and put them into every piece. Our Cosmos™ Collection was created to represent the celestial connections and cosmic beliefs women hold close. In honor of World Space Week, we asked our 302 Fine Jewelry team to share the pieces from the Cosmos Collection that inspire them.

“The North Star necklace is one of my favorite pieces. It’s such a simple piece that you can wear with anything. The North Star is such a beautiful symbol of hope and guidance that reminds us to always head in a purposeful direction. This meaning makes it such a wonderful gift for yourself or anyone you care about.”

-Emily G. | 86425

“This diamond moon phase necklace ironically grounds me and brings me back to my feminine energy. Each phase of the moon’s cycle has a spiritual meaning, and her cyclical course signifies the rhythm of life within us.”

-Alisse G. | 87526

“My favorite piece within the Cosmos Collection is the zodiac gemstone earrings. They are such perfect, everyday pieces with a nod to the cosmos and the wearer’s zodiac sign.”

-Taylor B. | 22132

“My favorite Cosmos piece has to be this diamond starburst signet ring. The center star-set diamond is a glimmering reminder of the power of our seemingly small acts of change in the universe.”

-Shelby B. | 122747

“This zodiac disc necklace holds a special place in my heart, as it reminds me to wake up every day and hold myself to being the friendly, honest, and positive Sagittarius woman that I am.”

-Kristen B. | 87391

“These diamond constellation ear climbers are special to me for a few reasons. I’ve always been fascinated by the mystical appeal of constellations and stars, and these are the first earrings I’ve added to my personal collection when 302 Fine Jewelry was first launched! They will remain a staple in my jewelry box.”

-Hannah B. | 86903

“The diamond zodiac constellation necklace is one of my absolute favorite pieces in the collection! It stacks so beautifully with other necklaces, and I love that it’s a low-key way to honor someone you love (or yourself!) with the birthstone inset.”

-Victoria S. | 87512

“This starburst ring is one of my all-time favorite accessories I own. It’s subtle, but eye-catching and easy to pair with any outfit.”

-Brittany B. | 123182

“I love our diamond compass pendant. It has such a nice weight and slides on and off any chain. I like its heritage feel with its mix of matte gold and high-shine finishes, and the diamond melee accents make this an elevated everyday piece. I’ll think I’ll be gifting these this holiday season!”

-Emily B. | 88007

“These diamond crescent moon earrings are everything! they are whimsical but also timeless. I can’t imagine a time when they wouldn’t be essential in my earring wardrobe.”

-Christine L. | 86941

“The freshwater cultured pearl crescent moon earrings are my favorite.  It’s the perfect accessory for moon and pearl lovers.”

-Pamala F. | 86805

A Stuller Ring Story: Mindi and Brad

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them. 

Throughout this year, we have celebrated the beauty and uniqueness of engagement rings, wedding bands, and the stories behind them. Every ring, no matter the style, comes with a one-of-a-kind touch. While many stories involve custom rings with hand-picked details, how often do you get to choose the exact diamonds used in your own ring without even knowing it? 

For Stuller’s Diamond Buyer Specialist Mindi, that is exactly what happened when her husband Brad worked to get her an engagement ring, and she could not have been more surprised. Not only did Mindi match the diamonds in her original bridal set, but she also picked the diamond she wanted to feature in her upgraded ring before even choosing the mounting. 

Let’s dive into a tale all about beautiful diamonds specially picked by a diamond expert. This is Mindi and Brad’s story. 

Sparks Fly With Young Love 

Mindi met Brad at a bonfire in 2000 when they were in high school. Brad’s cousin was Mindi’s best friend, who helped make the initial introduction. There was immediate interest. In fact, when Brad needed to drive Mindi and her friend home that night, he made sure Mindi took the seat next to him. It did not take long for the two to begin dating and the future looked bright for these high school sweethearts. 

After high school in 2002, Mindi started a job at Stuller with our diamond fulfillment department. Working with diamonds, she quickly fell in love with the popular stone and knew what she liked. Her job was to fill orders and help customers find matching diamonds for their pieces. Little did she know, she would one day be matching her very own diamonds. 

A Match Made in Heaven 

Even though Brad and Mindi dated in high school, they began to seriously think about their future once they became financially independent and entered the workforce. Mindi had learned a lot in her short time at Stuller. She knew that when it was time, she was looking for fancy stone shapes and accent stones in her engagement ring. She took a mountings catalog home to show Brad and gave him a few options to choose from. 

He chose a two-toned 14K yellow and white gold flexible 3C design engagement ring mounting (69706) ready for an emerald-shape center stone and tapered baguette side stones. Getting the mounting was the easy part. The hard part was picking matching diamonds for the mountings without her knowing.

14K yellow and white gold bridal ring set

Mindi’s cousin Nanette was a manager in gemstone fulfillment, and she helped coordinate with Brad to get the diamonds for the ring. They had to be creative. They wanted Mindi to choose her own stones so they knew she would be happy with the quality of diamonds chosen. To do that, they had to put the order under someone else’s name so she would not piece together who the diamonds were for. Her manager helped as well by giving her the order and saying it was for a very picky customer. She chose the stones — a natural emerald-cut diamond accompanied by two natural tapered baguette diamonds equaling a ½ carat total weight — and was none the wiser to who the picky customer was until later. 

Popping the Question 

With the ring in hand, Brad planned to propose while they went on vacation in August 2003. Mindi loves roller coasters, so they decided to go to Astro World. Originally, Brad planned to propose in the theme park, but was worried security would ruin his plans as their bags were searched at the entrance. There came a moment as they were at their hotel and getting ready to go to the park that he could not wait any longer. He took the ring, got on his knee, and surprised Mindi with a question she had been waiting to eagerly accept. 

A Modern Upgrade 

Mindi and Brad’s wedding was in May 2004. After 17 years of marriage, Mindi was ready to upgrade her ring. She loves her original ring but realized she does not wear yellow gold as much as she used to. As a GIA®-certified Graduate Gemologist and now a professional diamond buyer for Stuller, she sees a large variety of diamonds and is always on the lookout for the perfect one for her. One day earlier this year, a beautiful 2.59 carat, VS2 clarity, E color, lab-grown, emerald-shape diamond crossed her desk, and she knew it was time. She bought the diamond then began searching for a mounting. Once she found a platinum emerald-shape diamond engagement ring mounting (122996:862:P) she liked, she worked with Stuller’s CAD/CAM department to modify the setting to fit the center stone size she wanted. 

Mindi was not the only one that wanted an upgrade. Brad’s original ring was a classic half-round 14K yellow band (IRL12:125310:P). He works with his hands a lot so found that he did not wear his ring as much. He began looking for other rings he could wear that could handle his lifestyle without scratching being a major concern. He liked the look of a couple of white contemporary metal bands so he chose a tungsten beveled-edge satin grooved band (TAR333) as well as a tungsten half round band (TAR022). He regularly switches his wedding bands out depending on his mood and the occasion. 

Platinum and tungsten bridal ring set

Rings With a Story 

As you can see from Mindi and Brad’s story, the unique facts and features about engagement rings and wedding bands are as one-of-a-kind as the couple themselves. There are pieces of their personalities set in these rings, which makes them priceless. Seventeen years of marriage is a wonderful milestone for this happy couple and there are many more years ahead to add to the story. Mindi’s next plan is to find a matching band to add to her upgraded engagement ring and we cannot wait to see it!  

Five Looks Inspired by the Stars of the 2021 Met Gala

Celebrities and notable figures from across the world gathered in New York City last night for the greatest night in fashion: the annual Met Gala. The Gala, chaired by Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, is a fundraiser to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. For decades, the Met Gala has been a night of high fashion, star-studded celebrity appearances, and bold statements — last night being no exception.

As a lover of celebrities and their fashion statements, you can imagine last night to be my personal version of the Super Bowl! Coming off of a two-year hiatus due to the COVID pandemic, the stars of the red carpet did NOT disappoint. I teamed up with Taylor Beadle and Shelby Brignac from Stuller’s Fine Jewelry team to look for inspiration on the red carpet. Our goal was to pick jewelry pairings inspired by the stunning ensembles of our favorite celebrities. While we would have loved to feature all attendees, we picked a handful of icons we simply had to mention.

Here are our top 5 stars of the 2021 Met Gala and jewelry pairings we’d choose based on their outfits.

Anna Wintour

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A true fashion industry trailblazer and fixture, we would have seriously missed out if we didn’t give a callout to the chair of the Met Gala and Vogue editor-in-chief herself. First to arrive to greet her guests, Anna Wintour donned a colorful floral dress and we were instantly inspired.

Keeping with the floral motifs, we chose a pairing of Stuller’s new floral necklace (88067) and floral signet ring (57724) set in yellow gold. To add a pop of color, reflecting the vibrant flowers in her dress, we chose a gemstone line bracelet (651742) that comes in options with Blue Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald.

88067 57724 651742

Billie Eilish

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If you’ve kept up with the rising career of Billie Eilish, another co-chair of the Met Gala, then you would have been absolutely shocked by her look last night. Known very well for her dark, punk, and baggy clothing fashion statements, last night was a departure in which she challenged herself to reach outside of her comfort zone. She absolutely glowed in a peach-nude gown with a massive train that trailed down the stairs of the red carpet behind her. When asked about her inspiration, she mentioned classic Hollywood stars, such as Marilyn Monroe.

This nod to classic style with a twist inspired us to do the same. We immediately would put together pieces from our new additions to the Modern Brilliance® collection where we have paired lab-grown diamonds with pearls. Our lab-grown diamond and cultured freshwater pearl earrings (688845), necklace (688847), and drop earrings (688846) are the perfect complement to styles where classic meets modern.

688845 688847 688846

Timothée Chalamet

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One of the co-chairs of the Met Gala event, Timothée Chalamet definitely did not disappoint. The American actor chose a more subtle black and white color palette for his ensemble, but it did not lack sophistication.

From his outfit, we were inspired to choose pieces that spoke to his monochromatic theme. Our diamond and Onyx negative space ring (688826), diamond and white enameled lock charm/pendant (688834), and black onyx pendant (88122) could all come together for a simple, yet elegant combination.

688826 688834 88122

Yara Shahidi

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American actress, model, and activist Yara Shahidi shined and sparkled on the red carpet. Her glittering ensemble not only caught the light, but it also caught your attention with its modern beauty.

This eye-catching look deserves jewelry that shines just as bright in on-trend fashion. New to our Modern Brilliance collection, our new 16 inch 6.75 carat lab-grown diamond line necklace (688853) would be a perfect statement piece. To complement the beautiful necklace, we would add a lab-grown diamond bezel-set ring (653703) and a straight baguette lab-grown diamond ring (688764).

688853 653703 688764

Eva Chen

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To round out the night’s picks, we’d like to recognize Instagram executive and children’s book author Eva Chen. Although not a well-known celebrity in the music or film industry like many of the other attendees, Chen reminds us that guests of the Met Gala span a variety of industries. She made her appearance in a gown with a pop of color that really inspired us.

The rainbow featured in Eva Chen’s gown inspired us to curate our own splash of color with new enameled styles recently added to 302® Fine Jewelry. Enameled heart earrings (688831), ring (688844), and bar earrings (688832) in red, white, and black options add color and intrigue to any look.

688831 688844 688832

A Night to Remember

With so many fabulous stars on the red carpet, it was nearly impossible to choose only five to feature. Honorable mentions could include several favorites, including Justin and Hailey Bieber, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello, and Kaia Gerber to name a few. After two years of virtual red carpets and socially distant events, seeing last night’s Met Gala truly made for a night to remember.

Sell Confidently with Selling Systems and Solutions

Taking the time to fill your cases and select inventory to have on display can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why Stuller offers a range of selling systems and solutions to help you focus on what matters most — your customers. We offer pre-merchandised systems that contain prototype and live product that make it easy for you to display pieces your customers are looking for. With many of these styles in-stock, you can receive your order with next-day delivery. 

Explore our new and best-selling selling systems and solutions below and head to Stuller.com/Selling-Solutions to get started! 

Findings and Components Selling Systems 

One of our most popular selling systems to date is the Piece by Piece™ Interactive Settings & Shanks Ring Builder (2000400). This merchandisable findings and components system gives your customers the opportunity to mix and match different prototype settings and shanks to create their perfect ring. With 36 magnetic peg heads and 24 compatible shanks, there are over 800 combinations that can be created with various designs, stone sizes, stone shapes, center stone orientations, and metal qualities. 

Bridal Selling Systems 

Engagement Rings 

Stuller provides numerous solutions to help support your bridal business. The most comprehensive of these solutions is our ever&ever® Bridal Program (651854)ever&ever® is Stuller’s comprehensive prototype bridal selling solution, which provides you with the most on-trend bridal styles as well as extensive marketing support. You have multiple purchasing options as well as a private label option, so you can be sure to have a bridal selection that works for your business. With two product enhancements a year, your assortment will always be fresh and in-style. 

Learn more about the ever&ever® Bridal Program at Stuller.com/EverandEver

We are also very excited to launch a new way to interact with and sell our Designer Bridal Collection — introducing the Designer Bridal Selling Systems (688860). Featuring the most in-demand and on-trend engagement rings of the year, the new Designer Bridal Selling Systems include four pre-merchandised assortments according to style: Modern, Art Deco, Vintage-Inspired, and Whimsical. Each assortment includes eight prototype engagement rings made of superior quality metal alloy. The assortments can be purchased together in a comprehensive collection or separately.

Piece by Piece Interactive Settings & Shanks Ring Builder ever&ever® Bridal Program Designer Bridal Selling Systems

Wedding Bands 

Along with our solutions for engagement rings, we also have options to support bands. For wedding bands, offer a variety of styles with our classic and contemporary metal wedding band selling systems. The Classic Wedding Band Selling System (653689includes 42 prototype bands, featuring 18 classic profiles, 10 special finishes, and 2 engraving options. This selling system also works seamlessly with our online Band Builder for a complete buying experience with your customer. 

We also provide four NEW selling systems to help you sell contemporary metal bands according to color pairings — the Rose/Black (653655:106:P)Black/Yellow (653655:108:P)Blue/Gray/Black (653655:109:P), and Rose/Gray (653655:107:P)

Classic Wedding Band Selling System Blue/Gray/Black Contemporary Metal Wedding Band Selling System
Black/Yellow Contemporary Metal Wedding Band Selling System Rose/Black Contemporary Metal Wedding Band Selling System Rose/Gray Contemporary Metal Wedding Band Selling System

Eternity and Anniversary Bands 

When it comes to anniversary and eternity bands as well as enhancers, we also have several options to fit your needs. Our Anniversary Band Selling System (653692) features popular French set, prong set, and channel set prototype styles in four different stone size options. Our Eternity Band Selling System (653693) showcases prototypes of our best-selling eternity band style (122107) in four finger sizes with three stone size variations. 

Anniversary Band Selling System Eternity Band Selling System

For customers that enjoy crafting their own bridal stack, we provide a Stackable Anniversary Band Selling System (653122) that features 32 prototype rings in various metal colors. The display perfect shows how different ring styles and colors look stacked with each other and is great for customer interaction. 

Contour Bands and Ring Guards 

Finally, our Bridal Enhancer Selling System (688825) showcases 16 total prototype enhancers — 12 contour bands and 4 ring guards. With this pre-merchandised assortment, you can attract your customers with a variety of classic and trending styles.

Stackable Anniversary Band Selling System Bridal Enhancer Selling System

Fine Jewelry Selling Systems 

Diamond Jewelry 

Whether natural or lab-grown, classic and trending diamond jewelry is as popular as ever. We have selling systems to help you provide these popular everyday essentials. 

The diamond stud earring is one of the most quintessential pieces of anyone’s fine jewelry collection. Lab-grown diamonds are giving consumers the opportunity to obtain these desired styles at a lower price point. We offer two options when it comes to effectively selling these lab-grown diamond styles — our 3-prong or 4-prong Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Selling Systems (653691). Both systems feature either 3-prong cocktail styles or 4-prong basket styles in carat weight ranges from 1/3 to 2 carat total weight. The lab-grown diamonds are available in SI1-SI2 diamond clarity and G-H color. These live styles come in a compact modular display for easy setup and small in-case footprint and are fastened with friction backs. 

Another diamond essential is the line bracelet. We offer a Line Bracelet Selling System (653700), which features our best-selling style ranging from 1 to 5 carat total weight. While the system itself includes high-quality prototypes set with CZs, our live products are available in natural diamond I1 clarity and G-H color or in lab-grown diamond SI1-SI2 clarity and G-H color. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Selling System Line Bracelet Selling System

Family Jewelry 

Family jewelry that celebrates loved ones with beautiful colored gemstones are staples in any retail store. We help you showcase a variety of options with two family jewelry selling systems. 

The Family Jewelry Selling Systems (653688) include both a timeless classic option and an on-trend modern option. Each system includes three prototype necklaces and six prototype rings, a mix of new and best-selling styles. The live product options include a variety of metal qualities and either genuine, lab-grown, or imitation stones. 


Chain is an extremely popular jewelry trend among men and women right now. Be prepared to offer a wide assortment of chain styles and qualities by using our 14K Chain Selling System (651632). This system comes with 28 chains featuring our four most popular styles: cable, wheat, rope, and box. Each style contains seven types of chains in various millimeter widths and in 14K white, yellow, and rose gold. It even includes space to store additional inventory, so you always have your most popular pieces in-stock. 

Birthstone Jewelry 

Nothing says personalization quite like birthstone jewelry. Whether purchased as a well-deserved self-purchase or as a loving gift, birthstone jewelry is an easy favorite among all types of customers. Our Halo-Style Birthstone Selling System (653711) takes everyday essential halo styles set with birthstones and presents them as matching earring, ring, and necklace sets. While the styles featured in the system come in sterling silver, they are also available in 14K gold metal qualities as well as with genuine or lab-grown gemstones and diamonds. 

Family Jewelry Selling Systems 14K Chain Selling System Halo-Style Birthstone Selling System

Solutions for All 

We work hard so you can focus on what matters most — making lasting connections with your customers. Sell confidently with smart investments using any of Stuller’s pre-merchandised selling systems and solutions. To view all selling systems available, visit Stuller.com/Selling-Solutions or contact us at 800-877-7777. 

Stuller Inc. Hosts Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event

Stuller will host its second annual Stuller Connect™: A Virtual Event on Stuller.com from August 23 – September 3, 2021. From new deals and products to Facebook live events and educational resources, there is something for everyone!

“2020 and 2021 have continued to impact all of us in unexpected ways with challenges and obstacles that seem never-ending at times,” said Danny Clark, Stuller President. “At Stuller, we have been so inspired by our customers’ resilience and agility as they have navigated the unknown with creativity and imagination that have sustained their businesses and delighted their customers.”  

Facebook Live Preview: Week 1

We want you to see and experience as much of what Stuller has to offer as possible. For this reason, we have a packed schedule of Facebook live events where you can interact with our team and see new products up close. Attend live to ask your questions or go back and watch later at your convenience. All Facebook live events will be held at Facebook.com/Stullerinc. 

Here’s a peek at what’s to come! 


Emily Graffagnino presents at Stuller Connect

Focus On Fine Jewelry 

Monday, August 23 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Join Stuller’s Emily Graffagnino for a look at the latest trends in finished jewelry. From 302® Fine Jewelry to Modern Brilliance® lab-grown diamond jewelry and everything in between, Stuller is your source for everything you need to stock up for holiday sales. 


Explore Popular Selling Systems from Stuller 

Tuesday, August 24 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Offering an interactive customer experience has been proven to drive sales. And Stuller has you covered with a wide selection of selling systems that have been designed for your cases. 


Tiffany Adams presents at Stuller Connect

Packaged to Perfection 

Wednesday, August 25 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

Fine jewelry is meant to be treasured, so packaging that stands out goes a long way to make your product shine. Join Stuller’s Tiffany Adams for more ways to make your brand stand out with packaging and display favorites. 


Chris Leonard presents at Stuller Connect

The Perfect Tool for Every Job 

Friday, August 27 | 11:00 a.m. Central 

The best jewelers have a well-stocked bench to be ready for whatever job walks through the door. Stuller has you covered, and Stuller’s Chris Leonard will walk you through the latest tools and equipment to keep you prepared. 


One-on-One Attention

If you are looking for something specific to help your business and would like to talk to a member of our team, schedule a Stuller Connect virtual call. This allows us to match Stuller products and services to your business needs. To set up a Stuller Connect virtual call, visit Stuller.com/StullerConnect. 


Win A Stuller Account Credit

We will be giving away two $1,000 and three $500 Stuller account credits to customers during this event. There are two ways to be entered to win: 

  1. Schedule and attend a Stuller Connect video call by September
  2. Watch one of our Facebook live events and tag your business in the comment section 


Stuller Connect was created in 2020 as a means to connect with our customers without face-to-face interaction. Stuller Connect: A Vitual Event is a showcase of everything Stuller offers to help customers’ businesses succeed. From new deals and products to Facebook live events and educational resources, there is something for everyone! 

“We’re excited to bring back our second annual Stuller Connect,” says Morgan Waters, executive director of marketing communications. “We believe this event will be an excellent resource for our customers.” 

We look forward to connecting you with the right business solutions provided by Stuller. 

A Stuller Ring Story: Jade and Jacob

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

Nothing fills you with joy quite like wearing a piece of jewelry designed and crafted specifically for you. A true one-of-a-kind, especially if it was presented as a symbol of love, is something to cherish for a lifetime and then pass on to the future.

For Stuller’s procurement planner Jade, the engagement ring hand-selected by her fiancé Jacob serves as the perfect reminder that true love is unique and personal. With a personally picked diamond center stone and a custom CAD/CAM design, she is filled with excitement for her upcoming wedding next year.

Behind every ring lies a story and Jade took this opportunity to share hers with us. This is Jade and Jacob’s story.

jade stuller ring story

Photo by Laikyn Jai Photography | www.laikynjai.com

Perfect Timing

Jade is from New Orleans but moved to Lafayette for college. She has worked a lot of different jobs, but one job was working at Texas Roadhouse. It was here that she met a good friend that would help change her life.

In 2013, Jade’s friend Karee worked at Texas Roadhouse as a bartender. On many occasions when Karee was working, Jade would sit at the bar for dinner. One evening, Jade had gotten the attention of a guy that would not stop talking. Jade was looking for any excuse to move on from the interaction and finally, her chance came when he went to the bathroom.

Karee had another friend sitting at the bar who was watching how uncomfortable Jade was. Once the man went to the bathroom, he introduced himself as Jacob and a friend of Karee’s. Jacob asked if she wanted to stop talking to the other man and took his seat when she invited him to serve as a distraction.

From that night on, Jacob and Jade became great friends and a few months later they began dating.

Love is Patient

As Jade and Jacob’s relationship grew, they knew they were very serious about their future together. However, Jade was also committed to finishing her degree. Jacob was incredibly supportive of her goals, and they came to an agreement not to take the next step until after her graduation. Jade finished her degree in 2019 and their patience paid off.

Something to know about Jade and Jacob’s relationship is that they love to tease and joke with each other. After 6 years of being together, they truly had become best friends. So, when they were spending time with some friends, it was nothing to hear a joke about when they would finally get married.

Photos by Laikyn Jai Photography | www.laikynjai.com

Looking ahead to Jade’s graduation party, she was fully prepared for her time to say yes to the big question. However, she could not resist the opportunity to joke with Jacob while getting ready to have dinner with family one evening by saying she was wondering if he’d ever propose to her. Without her knowing, Jacob had already gotten Jade’s engagement ring and felt like there was no better chance to propose than on the heels of a joke. He grabbed the ring from his closet, got down on one knee, and gave Jade the biggest surprise.

While Jade looks back and laughs at how “non-glamorous” the moment was (as she puts it), she can’t help but feel that it was a perfect representation of their relationship.

A True Investment

Over the several years that Jade and Jacob had been together, there had been conversations about ring preferences. Solitaires, halos, fancy shapes, and other factors have been topics to discuss. In the end, Jacob realized he wanted to make an investment in a one-of-a-kind custom design.

With the help of a trusted jeweler, Jacob was able to come to Stuller and handpick the diamond that is now the focal point of Jade’s engagement ring. He was also able to work with Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services to design a ring and matching band to fit the various features he wanted.

Jade’s engagement ring is a 14K white gold solitaire with a hidden halo. It features a 1.7 oval-shaped natural diamond with natural diamond accents. The matching band is a contour band that sits perfectly against the ring, but she still must wait until she can add this piece to her bridal stack.

Anticipating Nuptials

Jade and Jacob began their engagement shortly before the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, they planned on having a wedding in March of 2021. After much thought, they have decided to wait until March of 2022. With a ring as unique as their love, this patient couple looks forward to a day they’ve dreamt of for years and their Stuller family wishes them luck as the day gets closer and closer.