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Tammy Lail
Vice President of Merchandising - Tools & Supplies
I've been with Stuller since 1994 • Believe that the world was created for wine & cheesecake • Would love to compete on the Amazing Race • Know tons of random, weird facts • Live for my kids, they make everything worthwhile.

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Sell your scrap metal with Stuller’s Clean Scrap Program

Melt Your Extra Metal into Extra Cash

We’ve previously discussed why you should take the proper steps to recover gold sweeps to sell for extra profit. With gold at a market high, now is the perfect time to turn a profit on your scrap metal and boost your bottom line. If you have bench filings, grindings, or read more…


SCS Certified times four

We’ve always been conscious of the environment and our impact on it. Throughout our 46-year tenure, we’ve made strides to be conservative in all areas – energy, water and waste management, recyclables, etc. And we’re proud to add one more to our belt. We’ve recently undergone an audit by the read more…