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2018 Millennial Engagement Trends to Watch This Year

2018 millennial engagement trends tammy dominikTammy Dominik, aka The Jewel Princess, shares her projections for 2018 Millennial engagement trends. Read her take on what we’ll see this year and admire her custom designs paired with matching Stuller styles below.


We’ve always been told that Millennials do things differently from prior generations, and when it comes to engagement rings, this holds true as well. Many Millennials want meaningful rings, something that truly symbolizes their relationship. These rings are often more unique than traditional diamond engagements, allowing young couples to tell a story that is specific to their relationship.

Let’s look at 5 unique styles sure to become 2018 Millennial engagement trends–

Vintage Rings

Millennials like to capture and share their engagements, often via social media. So having a ring with historical context allows the couples’ story to be even more unique and special. In choosing a vintage-inspired ring, your customer will sport a ring unlike any their peers’, helping them to stand apart and take on the spotlight. These rings — having withstood the test of time — can be marketed as recycled heirlooms, a preservative theme well received by the younger generation.


Colored Stones

Another unique style in 2018 Millennial engagement trends will be colored center stones. Some are rejecting diamonds and opting for a more colorful sapphire, ruby or emerald instead. This departure from the traditional diamond engagement allows the young couple to tie in something specific from their relationship. The colored stone could symbolize their favorite color, or a stone sourced from a treasured vacation destination (see Meghan Markle’s stone sourced from Botswana, for example).



Of course, a culminating demand in the jewelry industry has been from those who want something far removed from the traditional engagement ring. Countless designers are creating more engagement rings that once would’ve been considered costume jewelry or right-hand rings. These bright beauties have playful elements, such as moons and stars, or even a more architectural design. Thanks to powerful software like CounterSketch and Matrix, jewelers have more freedom and flexibility to creating stunning work to keep up with 2018 Millennial engagement trends.



Today’s married couples may forego traditional engagement rings, opting instead for a simple band to symbolize their love. Stackable bands provide a similar statement and flare that an engagement ring would, but also add comfort and flexibility to meet any customer’s lifestyle.


Unique Diamond Rings

For those taking the diamond route, Millennials are opting for larger, more unique settings than their parents’ rings. Floral motifs or double halos adorn larger diamond center stones these days. We will see mixed metals or rose gold, departing from the common yellow gold and platinum bands. Plus, older Millennials who waited a little longer to get engaged typically have a higher budget, enabling them to spring for more opulent engagement rings.


Which 2018 Millennial engagement trends do you forsee in the upcoming year? No matter the style, you can count on Stuller’s new Bridal catalog to provide endless options for your customers. Get ready, the new catalog ships the first week of January 2018!

Jewel Princess Custom Engagement Story

How The Jewel Princess Found Her Dream Ring

Jewel Princess Custom Engagement Tammy About MeMeet the Jewel Princess

November 18th is National Princess Day! So what better way to celebrate than to share the story of the Jewel Princess’ custom engagement ring? Tammy Dominik, GIA Graduate Gemologist is a 4th generation jeweler who started her own company — The Jewel Princess — after over ten years of industry experience. 

“Jewelry is the intersection of science and unrestricted artistic expression, where every piece of jewelry represents an author’s unique creativity and requires a relentless commitment to excellence in the materials selection, design, and creation processes.” – Tammy Dominik


Here’s the Jewel Princess’ custom engagement story:

From custom invites to personalized gifts, most brides-to-be have their hands on every aspect of the journey. The only thing they can’t control? The ring. Well, that narrative doesn’t exactly work for The Jewel Princess herself, Tammy, who tied the knot last July.

How does a man propose to the go-to girl for helping others find the rings of their dreams and live up to her expectations? Well, he plans a private dinner on the beach, produces a beautiful, hand-engraved wedding band alongside tickets to the Tucson Gem Show – the mecca for gemologists! *Swoon*

Needless to say, he exceeded all expectations and was more than ready to be supportive of what was going to be an exciting journey! Take a peek into the mind of The Jewel Princess lead designer as she created the ring that will represent their love for a lifetime and longer:

What Was Your Design Inspiration?

I wanted it to be a ring that was fit for a princess! I initially thought that my design was going to be a solitaire, but it evolved as I kept drawing out, and erasing my design. I wanted it to be regal, but not too chunky. So, I designed it with a shank that tapered. I love curvy feminine designs, but also the fierceness of princess diamonds and solid corners. So, I included both in my design.

What Metal Did You Choose?

I have always wanted a yellow gold engagement ring, but in the end, I picked platinum, which is another of my favorite metals to use. The design, my lavender sapphires and my accent stones looked better with platinum’s color than yellow gold. So, that made my choice easy.

I am not hard on my hands like some clients – who I often tell to choose white gold – so platinum’s softness is never going to be a problem for me. I really love platinum and the fact that I will never have to rhodium plate it, unlike white gold. Depending on the client, I will recommend white gold over platinum any day.

Watch the Jewel Princess’ custom engagement ring transform from loose stones to complete brilliance

Why Sapphire?

I do love my diamonds. But for a gemologist, there is nothing like the beauty found in a colored stone. I have known for a very long time that I wanted my engagement ring to be color. What color I wanted, I couldn’t have told you. My choice of color evolved rapidly and often before finally settling on lavender (pictured below), my longtime favorite color.

When it came down to it, I was deciding between a lavender sapphire and a lavender spinel. Ultimately, it came down to the hardness (sapphire wins) and the cut because the two had equally beautiful colors with sparkles of reds, blues, and purples.

How Did You Pick Your Stone Shape?

To begin, I had no idea what shape I wanted. I have short fingers. And the only thing I did know is that I wanted a shape that would complement my hands and elongate my fingers, if possible. The longer shapes, like pears, ovals, and emerald cuts, really did that for me.

Which Accent Stones Did You Choose?

I adorned my design with the highest quality diamonds and four pear-shaped Paraiba tourmalines, which have the most mesmerizing color. I’ve always loved the color combination of purple and teal. I wasn’t sure if I would want to see that color combination all day, every day. So, I designed those accent colors to be in inconspicuous places, under the gallery and on the sides of the ring!

Jewel Princess' Custom Engagement Facebook Graphic

Loved the Jewel Princess’ custom engagement story? Follow @thejewelprincess on Instagram and check out her website here! Then, stay tuned; Tammy The Jewel Princess will be back to give an exclusive engagement trend report.