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Tammy Dominik
Founder, The Jewel Princess
thejewelprincess.com • I am a gemologist and jewelry designer • I am a 4th generation jeweler and I started my own company – The Jewel Princess • I will take on any spicy food challenge! • I love to dance spontaneously—even if there’s no music • I am addicted to dessert!

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2018 Millennial Engagement trends blog header

2018 Millennial Engagement Trends to Watch This Year

The Jewel Princess shares her predictions for the new year

Tammy Dominik, aka The Jewel Princess, shares her projections for 2018 Millennial engagement trends. Read her take on what we’ll see this year and admire her custom designs paired with matching Stuller styles below.   We’ve always been told that Millennials do things differently from prior generations, and when it comes to read more…