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Shane Guidry
Quality Management & Manufacturing Training Director
I've been with Stuller since 1990 • Known among friends for cooking a mean catfish sauce piquante • Amateur sketch artist • Can be found on Sundays playing guitar and piano in the Sunday morning choir • Avid college and professional football fan.

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Feature Friday – Shane Guidry

The people whisperer

I walk in and within a few minutes, it begins. It could be a phone call from another department, or maybe an email, voicemail, or a manager walking in. “We have this!” ”We have that!” ”We need this!” ”Can you help with that?” And the list goes on. I’ve been read more…

Three Tips to Simplify the Earring-Setting Process

Save time and money with these helpful hints from Stuller’s Stone Setting Director

Every so often, I hear questions from jewelers who struggle with pin vises and breaking earring posts. Broken posts are often mistakenly identified as failed solder joints, but usually these problems can be avoided with proper setting practices. I’d like to share some of my setting tips with you. Start read more…