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Sara Boudreaux
Assay Manager
I've been with Stuller since 2005 • B.S. in Chemistry & minor in Mathematics from University of Louisiana at Lafayette • Obsessed with “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS • Will never master the “selfie” pose or fancy make up • Make a blueberry buttermilk breakfast cake that is to die for • Been known to break into Disney songs at any given time• Play 4 instruments: flute, piccolo, baritone saxophone, & bass clarinet.

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Feature Friday: My Metallurgist Mojo

Meet Sarah Boudreaux, Stuller's mini metal master

Let’s flash back to summer of 2005: This was the summer after my first two semesters as a chemistry major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I had my “life plan” all lined up: pursue a bachelor’s in chemistry, followed by a master’s in forensic science. I even chose read more…

Mad About Metals

Learn all about gold from expert Sara Boudreaux

First Impressions My earliest memories of gold stem from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. I loved when Bugs asked to use the “tell-E-O-phone” and received the massive pile of gold coins. I knew that pirates searched for buried treasure, which was, again, chests filled to the brim with gold coins. read more…

Metals Tips to Make Your Life Easier

The newest Stullerhack simplifies a tricky task

If you’ve been following our Stullerhacks, you’ve had a pretty good sampling of neat tricks of the trade. Today, I’ll show you how to sort white metals you might have mixed up.