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Micah Harp
Owner & Operator, Micah's Jewelers
I have been in the jewelry industry for 16 years • I went out on my own in 2007 and opened Micah's Jewelers in Texarkana, Texas • We opened our second location in Gilmer, Texas in 2013 • We're wanting to open a third location in the near future • My life revolves around my family • I have an amazing wife Amanda, and three beautiful daughters: Annabelle, Sadie, and Caroline • A few years ago, myself and seven other men started a serving group called Christian Warriors – we've since grown to 100+ members! • We do all we can to show God's love through serving wherever needed in our community!

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Feature Friday – Micah Harp

The Christian Warrior, custom jeweler, and focused family man

“Before every couples’ first home, first child, first anniversary, comes the ring he presents to her in a box with your logo on it.” – Micah Harp   I grew up in the jewelry industry. My grandfather started out doing watch repair in 1954, later opening his own jewelry store. read more…