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Mandy LeBlanc
Assistant Product Manager, Gemstones
I've been with Stuller since 1999 • My life is a musical, I sometimes blurt out song lyrics that relate to conversations • Mom of toddler (terrible three’s- the struggle is real y’all) • Not sure how I’ll cope if my daughter doesn’t grow to love Disney cartoons • Firm believer of- when life gives you lemons, break out Pinterest • I’m a big fan of witty humor- I love making people laugh for laughter is contagious.

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The Science Of It All

Gemstones - Earth's gift to the world

Have you really thought about how gemstones are formed? I hadn’t. I’d never given it a thought. I just oohed and ahhed over the gorgeous jewelry that I’d see in magazines and on the red carpet. Then, I got the wonderful opportunity to work in the Gemstones Department here at Stuller and read more…

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