Trend Alert: Hearts to Hold

Hold on to the Heart Trend

It’s crunch time! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if there’s one thing you’ve learned from years past, it’s that you’ll get your share of last minute customers. You better be ready. They’ll need your help to pick out a perfect last minute gift. Here are tips.

JCK News predicts the heart trend will resurface as a leading style in 2017, so heart-shaped designs are hot for Valentine’s Day and beyond. If you have engraving equipment, personalization adds a thoughtful touch and makes their present unique.

What was once a youthful fad has become stylish and sophisticated via 2017’s emerging heart trend. Even more, many of the heart-inspired pieces below combine other trends like symbolism, negative space, pavé settings and precious pearls. Here are our favorite picks for innovative heart-shaped jewelry that is sure to impress all the ladies in your customer’s life.

For Wives

 Think outside the box with this heartbeat necklace

Pave with Diamonds Add the negatives


 For Mothers

Find more options for family jewelry here

Add the negatives Timeless pearls


For Daughters

Available in youth and adult sizes

Timeless pearls Sweet symbols Add the negatives


Items featured in header: 86053 • 68662 • 67533 • 2388

Do you absolutely love the heart trend? How do your customers respond to heart styles? Will this be the defining trend of 2017? Share your thoughts below!


Metal minimalist jewelry is another hot trend this year. Browse our favorite pieces here.  

Love These New Looks

It seems like we’re always searching for the next best thing. Whether we like it or not, so are our customers. The perfect piece of jewelry offers us a way to accentuate our style while also keeping up with the times. Here are a few trendy pieces to stock up on in order to offer your customers the perfect look.


Y Necklaces          

Y necklaces are going to be a huge trend this holiday season, and we’ve created a wide assortment. From all metal to diamond accented, these necklaces can be dressed up or down, so they’re perfect for those holiday parties or casual gatherings. The options are endless.



Personalization has gained popularity throughout the year, and we’ve translated it into many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s engraving, special finishes, laser patterns, or simply stone type, adding a distinctive personal look has never been so easy.


Little Hoop Earrings

Little hoop earrings are becoming widely popular due to their petite nature but bold statement. In a variety of shapes and qualities, these earrings are perfect holiday gifts due to their versatility and subtlety.


Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are seen everywhere and will continue to rise in popularity due to their bold and unique nature. These holiday favorites come in a variety of shapes and qualities, and are lightweight and comfortable. They dress up all occasions.


What other trends are do your customers love? Let us know on any of our social media channels: Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest • Instagram, or in the comments below!


Red Carpet Worthy

The 68th Annual Emmy Awards took place Sunday night and, naturally, the Internet was abuzz with praise, commentary, and more for the TV-centric ceremony. The night boasted an abundance of laughs (mostly from host, Jimmy Kimmel), lavish looks (did you see Claire Danes’ metallic masterpiece?), and lasting impressions (Sarah Paulson, Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, oh my!) Here are some of our takeaways from the big night:


Mixin’ Up the Jewel Tones 
As seen on Jane Krakowski and Natalie Morales

When there are so many fabulous jewels in the world, there’s no need to stick to only one jewel-tone color. Adding a touch of jade here and a hint of amethyst there, you can take a look to the next level.


Cut It Out
As seen on Kerry Washington and Tracee Ellis Ross

Negative space works for both dresses and jewelry. It gives pieces an open, airy yet delicate feel.


Fall Florals
As seen on Kristin Bell and Sarah Hyland

Fall most likely isn’t the first season that comes to mind when you think of flower patterns. However, florals can be a great autumn look. What works? Thicker fabrics and/or embroidery or beads to make it feel more substantial and not so dainty and springlike.


Blissful Blushes
As seen on Sofia Vargara and Emilia Clarke

Blush – a gorgeous color that’s somewhere between nude and a light pink – is the perfect way to master a subtly chic look. Rose gold is a great complement to blush ensembles.


Getting Geometric
As seen on Sarah Paulson and America Ferrera

If you can’t go all out on the red carpet, then where can you?! Bold, geometric designs offer a contrasting look that can help deliver an A-game style every time.


And we can’t forget about the 2017 #swagbag, especially not when it was valued at around $55k! Some items included were: plastic surgery, vacation in St. Martin, dental work, a flamingo pool float, and even use of a service that makes wrapping paper out of your face!

There you have it, the 68th Emmys. Did you watch? What were your favorite styles? Share with us in the comments below!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Time is sure flying this year! Can you believe that half of the year is already gone? Father’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday, June 19)! Be ready for this holiday by having the right product in your store. Customized jewelry is always a big hit from cuff links, to signet rings to money clips. Not looking to personalize? Simple tie tacks, key rings, and watches are great options as well.

Below are some great Father’s Day gift ideas. For more, visit here. 

Cuff Links

Posh Mommy® Engravable Square Cuff Links


14kt Yellow .03 CTW Diamond Starburst Men's Cuff Links


Sterling Silver 16.5mm 3-Letter Block Monogram Cuff Links




14kt Yellow Men's Onyx & 1/10 CTW Diamond Ring


14kt Yellow Men's Chatham® Created Emerald & Diamond Accented Ring


14kt White Men's Mozambique Garnet Ring




14kt White Men's Rectangle Signet Ring


14kt White Engravable Shield Pendant



What types of Father’s Day jewelry do you sell most during this time? What’s the most popular gift item? jewelry item? Tell us in the comments section below.

Shhh… JCK Sneak Peak

JCK Las Vegas is about a week away, and we can’t wait to see all of our customers! It’s the best part about being in Vegas. As you may remember, in the previous years, Stuller’s products and services were separated into three different booths – jewelry (in the Plumb Club), tools (in ET&S) and customization (also in ET&S). But times are a’changing! The show itself is changing – the layout has been completely revised. So, Stuller is following suite. This year, you’ll find EVERYTHING we have to offer to make your business better in ONE, that’s right, ONE booth. You’ll be able to browse our products, demo our tools, and learn about our many customization solutions in a single area. Shopping for JCK… check!

And to celebrate, we’re hosting a champagne toast on Friday, June 3rd at 4:30p.m. at our new booth (B60046). Stop by and clink glasses with Matt Stuller and the gang!

Before we get to Las Vegas, we wanted to share just a glimpse into what we’ll be bringing to the show. Trust us, there’s much more to come. So come see us at JCK, booth number B60046!

In Bridal

Vintage, vintage, vintage! Old is new and this trend shows no signs of stopping. History always repeats itself right? Stacking multiple wedding bands next to the engagement ring is also pretty popular, and we have plenty of those. Most are available in all metal colors – white, yellow, and rose – with so many styles to choose from, oh my!

14kt White 6.5mm Round Engagement Ring Mounting




14kt White 6.5mm Round Engagement Ring Mounting




In Jewelry

Curated collections ranging from bar and bead trends to nature and freeform styles are what’s taking over the jewelry section. And don’t forget about geometric shaped jewelry and symbols too.

14kt Rose Beaded Criss-Cross Ring


14kt Yellow Branch Bar 16" Necklace


14kt White 1/8 CTW Diamond Geometric Ring


14kt Yellow Infinity Earrings


In Tools

You’ll have the chance to view the Acrobat® Versa and Leica A60 Microscope, and talk to our tools experts to see which is right for you. The Foredom Dust Collector is perfect for collecting dust from polishing, grinding, and other bench tasks. Stop by, and ask our technicians how these tools can help make life easier.

Acrobat® Versa & Leica A60 Complete Package



Gotta go, time is ticking, and we have to finish shipping all of these items and more off to Vegas. We’ll see you next week at booths B60046 & B620.

Are you attending JCK? Tell us what products you’ll like to see, in the comments section below.

Congrats Class of 2016

Graduation is a day many students dream of – the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Whether it’s high school or college, the ceremony is pretty exciting. It’s the culmination of many years of work, sleepless nights, research, projects, and so much more. Your grad has worked hard and deserves a gift that reflects it. Give them something special to remember this accomplishment. Jewelry is perfect. It’s long lasting, sentimental, and unique.

A personalized piece of jewelry is a great idea. It can be engraved with a special date, a name, an initial, or even a monogram. The classics are always in style – diamond studs, pearls, and simple pieces can help signify any occasion. Here are some of our favorite gifts for grads this season:

Personalized Perfection:

14kt Yellow 1/8 CTW Diamond Engravable Necklace


14kt Yellow Engravable Bar 17.5" Necklace


14kt Yellow 40mm 3-Script Monogram Necklace


customized ring


Simply Stunning:

14kt White 1/6 CTW Diamond Signet Ring


14kt White 8mm Round Forever Classic™ Moissanite Earrings



14kt White 1/4 CTW Diamond Solitaire 18" Necklace


Colored Classics:

14kt Yellow Genuine Blue Sapphire & 1/5 CTW Diamond Clover Earrings


Sterling Silver Light Blue Cubic Zirconia 18" Necklace


14kt Rose Baby Pink Topaz Leaf Design Ring


14kt White 9x7mm Oval Opal & .05 CTW Diamond 16.5" Necklace


Do you stock anything special for graduation gifts? What are your top sellers? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Feature Friday – Lauren Garvey

lgI like to live in the moment. When I plan things, nothing goes the way I want it to. I don’t plan things so I don’t get disappointed. As the daughter of Colonel Dan Garvey, I’ve lived all over the place, from Kansas to Germany, to Italy and Virginia. As a child, I remember moving a lot. I didn’t like the fact that we didn’t stay in one place for long. I didn’t keep close friendships. As an adult, while studying fashion merchandising at Virginia Commonwealth University, I realized that it was not so bad after all. I remember being in history classes, art, geography, and many of the places that we discussed in the book, I had been to already. Not too many of my classmates had experienced the world as I had, so that’s when I realized it was actually cool.
After I graduated from college, I packed up my belongings, put them in my car and moved to New York City. I had no job, but I was full of dreams. My first job there was waiting tables. A position opened at New York & Company, where I was able to use my college knowledge. I was in product development, where one of my main tasks was to review the color of the fabrics to make sure all the stores had the same colors. I left New York & Company and went on to work for The Limited also in their product development department. One of my main tasks there was to test fabrics, and make sure they were up to The Limited standards. After living in the Big Apple for six years, I felt like there was something else out there for me that I wasn’t finding so, I moved again. I ended up here in Lafayette, LA.

Laurengarvey2I started working odd jobs until I was discovered by Bob Cox, former VP of Sales here at Stuller. Prior to joining the company, I had no idea what Stuller was. I joined Stuller in 2014 as a Diamond & Gemstone Product Manager. In this role, I helped develop and manage our fashion lines, while at the same time I was learning about the jewelry industry. I am currently a Diamond & Gemstone Senior Product Manager. In this role, I’m in charge of researching trends, design, develop and approve design concepts, figure out ways to market our product, attend tradeshows to sell and get inspired, make catalogs, manage inventory, forecasting, just to name a few. Needless to say, I am pretty busy all the time. I love this position. This is my dream job, and what I had been searching for that I couldn’t find in New York. All along it had been here in Lafayette, LA.



My dog Roux keeps me sane. She’s a golden doodle that I got in November. When I’m with her nothing else matters. I’m happy. Animals have a certain way of making humans feel relaxed and calmed. Roux is a great companion, and I adore her. With all the moving around I did as a child, I’ve learned to adapt easily and be very independent. Change does not scare me and I consider myself a packer pro. Contrary to other people, I love the weather here in Louisiana, there is no snow! My dad is now retired but is still in touch with the army. My family lives close by in Texas, so I feel like I’m centrally located. It’s funny that there are drive-through alcohol places here. I’m telling you, this place is like no other. I’ve learned that in life you’ve got to take chances, and that the early bird, gets the worm!

Celebrate Gold

Gold is still at the top of the precious metal food chain. Each color has its time to shine. Think a few years back – everything was about white gold. Everyone wanted to own a piece highlighting the white hot metal. Next came feminine rose gold. In the last couple of years, it’s started to pop up everywhere – chains, earrings, pendants to list a few. But! Although rose is still prevalent at the moment, yellow gold has started to make a come back, and it’s aiming for the top spot. After all, gold in its purest form is yellow.

The month of May celebrates not only emeralds (as the month’s iconic birthstone), but also the traditionalist, yellow gold. So, what’s trending? We wanted to share some favorites with you:


Beading is a new trend to the market. It’s fashionable while being effortlessly classic. It adds non-stone accents to a piece, which can help if your customer is looking for something budget friendly with a bit more oomph. Wear it alone or stacked with other styles or textures. We love it and it’s not going away any time soon.

14kt Yellow 1/10 CTW Diamond Beaded Slide Necklace


14kt Yellow Beaded Triangle Earrings


14kt Yellow Aquamarine Beaded Ring


14kt Yellow Beaded Ring


Petite Studs

Petite studs are making a huge splash in the industry. These are great price point pieces, which make them a perfect purchase for yourself, or for a gift. Petite studs are a complementary accessory when layering necklaces because they don’t take away from the necklace, but rather add to the look as a whole. You can dress them up or down with jeans or a dress.

14kt Yellow Lightning Bolt Earrings


14kt Yellow .04 CTW Diamond Leaf Ear Climbers


14kt Yellow Wishbone Earrings


14kt Yellow .07 CTW Diamond Earrings



For those who are not ready to fully commit to yellow gold, a two-tone option is perfect. The yellow gold in the pieces below is subtle, but still makes a statement.

14kt White & Yellow 7x5mm Oval Engagement Ring Mounting


14kt White & Yellow 1/4 CTW Diamond Semi-mount Engagement Ring for 5.2mm Round Center


14kt White & Yellow 1/4 CTW Diamond Beaded Ring


14kt White 1/4 CTW Diamond Anniversary Band


14kt Yellow 1/3 CTW Diamond Knot Ring


My favorite ring that we have currently is item number 122826. It brings together two popular styles, infinity and knot. The yellow gold really makes a statement when wearing this ring.


14kt Yellow 1/3 CTW Diamond Pavé Signet Ring



Signet rings have always been around. This year at Vincenza, we noticed that pave was huge. This ring combines the two – a traditional signet with the top covered with pave diamonds.



What gold pieces are your customers buying these days? Tell us in the comments section below.

13 Fun Ways to Rock Festival Jewelry Trends

Festival InternationalMusic, drinks, food – who doesn’t like a good music festival? With a variety of festivals happening all across the country, it’s the perfect time to talk about fabulous fashions. Here in Lafayette, Louisiana, we know our festivals. The largest free Francophone festival in the country, Festival International de Louisiane starts today until the 24th.  So, if you’re in the area, come on down. And while you’re busy festivalin’, here are some trends you may see:

Necklace Layers

The layered look is still very much in style. Pairing smaller motifs at different lengths creates a bold statement. Your limit is your imagination. Play with different metal colors, textures, and styles. Feathers, leaves, and abstract shapes are perfect for portraying that boho-chic-flair.

Festival Jewelry Trends Rose Gold Baguette Bar Necklace

Festival Jewelry Trends White Gold Feather Pendant Festival Jewelry Trends Yellow Gold Italian Horn Pendant

Smaller Accents

Pair your layered looks with smaller earrings so the ensemble isn’t too overwhelming. Play with asymmetry, different metal colors, and textures for interest.

Festival Jewelry Trends Rose Gold Diamond Vertical Bar Earrings Festival Jewelry Trends White Geometric J-Hoop Earrings
Festival Jewelry Trends Yellow Gold Wavy Ear Climbers Festival Jewelry Trends Rose Gold Leaf Earrings

Finger Bling

Stackables are great for festival fashion as they provide a statement look without a big price tag. They also give you the freedom to mix and match to your liking. Single rings make great accessories as well, and the most popular follow the same nature-inspired and geometrical themes.

Festival Jewelry Trends Yellow Gold Leaf Diamond Ring Festival Jewelry Trends White Gold Baguette Blue Topaz Stackable Ring Festival Jewelry Trends Rose Gold Leaf Ring
Festival Jewelry Trends White Gold Diamond Leaf Ring Festival Jewelry Trends Yellow Gold Spiral Freeform Wrap Ring

What would be your suggestions for great festival fashions? Tell us in the comments section below.

A Mother’s Day Bouquet

Jewels and flowers aren’t so different. Explosions of color and shape, they speak through our senses and straight to our souls. They remind us how beautiful the world can be. Spring reminds us too. Mother Earth wakes up. Flowers fill the fields. Color returns to the world, and on the second Sunday of May, we celebrate mothers, the givers of life.

So consider this lookbook a sort of mother’s day bouquet. Arranged with mothers in mind, it presents new  trends, classic styles, bestsellers, and popular mother’s day favorites.

For even more choices, visit Stuller.com/Mom.


What are your favorite Mother’s Day styles? Tell us in the comment section below.