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Shop These Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Just in Time for Holiday Season

Who doesn’t love adding a little dose of sparkle to their look? Classic accessories like stud earrings and pendant necklaces are a no-brainer for go-to holiday stocking stuffers. Suggest Charles & Colvard’s stunning stud earrings, chic stackable rings, and new moissanite necklaces as unique and stylish gift options. Your customers will gleam with glam, all thanks to the brilliance of these moissanite jewelry gifts.


Here are our favorite moissanite jewelry gifts to stock just in time for holiday season—

This Stud’s For You

The wear-everywhere earrings worth coveting • Shop moissanite studs here

Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Studs Earrings

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Versatility is key. Our stud earrings featuring Charles & Colvard Forever One™ moissanite are literal grab-and-go accessories. They complement any style— from a cocktail dress to everyday athleisure looks. These classics will always be on-trend.

Prong-set solitaire studs offer traditional vibes, while bezel-set studs lend a modern touch. And if your gift giver wants to max out their shine, we suggest a halo design. Try diamond hoop earrings or J hoops for chic simplicity. In the end, you won’t go wrong with any of the earrings in this collection since they each add their own flair. And the best part? Forever One™ gemstones come in a range of shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect stone is quick and easy.

Necklaces to Remember

They shine for every occasion • Shop moissanite necklaces here

Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Necklace

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These moissanite jewelry gifts are quite possibly the best singular statement your customer can make. Necklaces have the ability to tie an ensemble together— like a cherry on top. They add eye-catching elegance and act as a signature piece.

We have stunning solitaire necklaces in prong and bezel settings, two and three-stone necklaces with unique modern details, and trendy bar necklaces, all lit up with the brilliance of Forever One™ moissanite. And the best part about these necklaces is that they can be worn together. Layering necklaces is very fashion forward, and this entire collection pairs seamlessly. With these simple moissanite jewelry gifts, the possibilities are endless!

Stackable Rings for the Win

Little details with big impact • Shop moissanite stackable rings here

Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Stackable Rings

From L to R: 653399653400653399653363653358


Stackable rings have been gaining traction as trendy staples for quite a while now. Meaning, they are here to stay this holiday season. These delicate rings are so dynamic, yet also very personal.

Pile on three or more dainty rings to create a unique look, or layer them around a favorite statement ring, wedding band, or engagement ring for an eclectic approach. This collection also doubles as fabulous wedding bands themselves that won’t overpower a strong engagement ring. Accented with Forever One™ melee and gemstones, offer these moissanite jewelry gifts as affordable options for adding a bit more bling.

Combine the Brilliance

Studs, necklaces, and stackable rings together • Shop moissanite jewelry here

Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Necklace Studs Rings

From L to R: 65348865337865782653383653400653496


Individually, the moissanite jewelry gifts mentioned above have so much brilliance. And what’s more is that none of these pieces compete with each other. They are delicate enough that they can all be worn together to create one cohesive look. From classic studs to pendant necklaces and piled on stackable rings, Forever One™ moissanite enables every customer to show their own sparkle!

Find more moissanite jewelry gifts here

How does moissanite sell in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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Here’s Why Moissanite Bridal Trends Are Surging in Popularity

According to Pinterest’s 2018 Wedding Trends Report, moissanite is one of the hottest wedding trends. In fact, searches for moissanite gems are up 294% on the social media site.

What makes moissanite bridal trends so popular?

These days, consumers are interested in environmentally and socially responsible products. According to a 2015 Nielson report, 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods. Yet, they don’t want to sacrifice beauty or quality in their search for sustainability. New-age customers are drawn to products like moissanite because it’s lab-created while maintaining extraordinary optical properties that deliver extraordinary value.

Moissanite engagement and wedding ring purchases are soaring as more and more couples seek products they feel are eco-friendly and socially conscious. So, Charles & Colvard presents a sneak peek at the hottest moissanite bridal trends emerging this year–

Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Rings

Beautiful, classic solitaires never go out of style. Consumers love them because they can purchase moissanite solitaire stones in a variety of shapes and sizes, especially thanks to sizable Forever One™ Exotic Gems. Plus, solitaire settings go with everything! This year, we’ve seen classic round gemstones outperform all other shapes in solitaire settings, but fancy cuts like ovals and pears are on the rise.

Moissanite Halo Engagement Rings

The popularity of halo engagement rings has continued to grow throughout the years due to their added sparkle and stunning look. When it comes to moissanite engagement rings, halos are an attractive option for consumers looking for a bold look that exudes brilliance from every angle. Moissanite halo engagement rings can take on a variety of center stones, however, cushions, rounds, and ovals are favored by today’s consumer.

Three-Stone Moissanite Engagement Rings

Three-stone moissanite engagement rings are having a moment, thanks to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement. While the classic three-stone ring with matching side accents has always been popular, pairing a large center stone with complementary shapes is the latest trend we’re seeing in moissanite engagement rings. Additionally, we’ve seen larger settings with total carat weights of +3.00-4.00 on average.

Big & Bold Moissanite Engagements

It’s no secret, moissanite delivers unique value to the consumer. Charles & Colvard’s Exotic Gems are the perfect example. As consumers search for high-quality products that are accessible and value-driven, they also want bespoke engagement rings with large, luxurious gemstones. Moissanite makes these aspirations attainable. Ranging from six to 15.5 carats, Exotic Gems offer consumers the ability to design extravagant, custom engagement rings.

Charles & Colvard Moissanite Bridal Trends Exotic Gems

Charles & Colvard Moissanite Exotic Gems


At a lesser cost than a comparably sized diamond, these gemstones are crafted from the highest quality moissanite and guaranteed to fall in the colorless to near-colorless range. And with a wide range of shapes to choose from — including cushion, emerald, hearts and arrows, oval, pear and radiant — Exotic Gems offer your consumers the opportunity to design a stunning ring that embodies their character.

Shop moissanite on

As moissanite bridal trends continue to change throughout the years, we see a few steadfast designs and shapes that maintain their popularity. Which styles sell best in your store? Let us know in the comments below!

Charles & Colvard Presents: Forever One™ Moissanite Melee

We’ve reviewed the history of moissanite, covered the newest assortment of Forever One™ shapes and sizes and discussed how moissanite appeals to Millennials – a new generation of buyers. Now it’s time to take a look at the smallest, yet arguably the most impactful offering of Forever One Moissanite Melee.

Forever One Moissanite Melee Mounting Loose Stones

Introducing Forever One Moissanite Melee — Now available to add into your Stuller mountings


Small Stones, Big Sparkle

Forever One moissanite melee range in size from 1.0-2.4 mm and are cut and faceted to unique specifications to enhance their fire and brilliance. These small stones are graded I or better under the GIA diamond color grading scale. Through continuous innovation in our creation process, we’ve developed a technique for improving our stones while satisfying our customers. Our Forever One moissanite melee combines quality craftsmanship with new technology.

When exploring engagement and fine jewelry trends, it’s easy to see why our Forever One moissanite melee is in high demand. Charles & Colvard melee has more fire and brilliance than alternative melee gemstones, making it a fine enhancement to any piece of jewelry


Why Suggest Moissanite?

Color & Clarity

Forever One D-E-F moissanite is a much-desired colorless grade, while Forever One G-H-I moissanite is near-colorless with a slight icy hue. It’s also eye clean and considered flawless to the naked eye.

More Fire, More Brilliance

As you know, moissanite has more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone in the world. So, add this melee to make a sparkling complement to any gemstone center stone.

Environmental Conscience

Grown in a lab, moissanite is conflict-free. This may be an ideal option for customers who oppose mined stones.

Lower Price-Point

Moissanite costs less than diamonds. To keep within budget constraints, suggest Forever One moissanite melee in lieu of diamond accents.


Popular Engagement Rings with melee

Melee adds a layer of sparkle to any piece of fine jewelry. The popular halo trend is a prime example of how melee can add impact to any engagement.

Trendy Bands with Melee

Add extra bling to anniversary and eternity bands with moissanite melee. These little stones will make a big statement.

Melee Made Earrings

The classic earring jacket proves that melee can dress up the simplest studs. Moissanite melee can also replace genuine diamonds while adorning pearls and gemstones.


Shop Forever One Moissanite on

Have you added Forever One Moissanite Melee to your customized Stuller styles? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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Charles & Colvard Presents: Moissanite For Millennials

“I’ve always felt that an engagement ring should reflect the woman and who she is, what she’s like. When he proposed and I saw this ring, it meant and said so much. I look at this ring seeing myself and how he sees me: set apart from the rest, elements of enigma, special, and unique. Everyone seems to follow the ‘diamond’ standard but this Charles & Colvard stone I wear proudly because it is thoughtfully and ethically made for the wearer. Wearing it will not only tell our story but also be a tool to advocate moissanite for millennials. It warms my heart every time I look at it.” – Ania E., Charles & Colvard customer

Some of today’s millennial consumers are opting to forge their own engagement ring traditions, favoring alternative gemstones that align with their personal beliefs and won’t break the bank. This generation is increasingly spending time and money on experiences, rather than possessions. They perceive happiness to be about creating memories and marking them with something unique and meaningful. This opens the door to offer an alternate engagement for this generation: moissanite for millennials.

Millennials differ from their parents and grandparents’ generations—and the numbers are telling us so.

The global diamond jewelry market rakes in an excess of $80 billion in annual sales.1 Lab-created gemstones are becoming more prolific in the market with De Beers estimating synthetic gems could account for nearly one-tenth of rough diamond sales in the next five years.2 Lab-created gems boast the same optical and physical properties of their natural counterparts at a fraction of the cost. To a generation who prioritizes environmental conservation, while concerned about student loan debt, it’s no surprise that only 62% of female millennials own diamond jewelry compared to 76% of females in older generations.3

Enter Charles & Colvard’s moissanite for millennials

Moissanite is not just an environmentally and socially responsible gemstone that sets new standards in the fine jewelry industry. This premium, lab-created gem outshines other natural gemstones and ranks excellent on the toughness scale. Its eco-friendly roots offer an alternative to mined gemstones, making moissanite a distinctive choice among colorless stones. And moissanite is building an audience to prove it, too. Over the course of 2017, Charles & Colvard, the original creator of moissanite, has seen exponential growth on their social channels, and it’s being driven by millennials.

Moissanite for millennials Blue Flowers

“Millennial consumers have distinctive preferences, which in many ways diverge from previous generations,” reports Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Ashley Wallace. “They tend to be more value conscious, more concerned with sustainability and ethical production, and often value unique and individual products versus items that are standardized and mass-produced.” 4

In a survey of 1,000 millennials conducted by The Shelton Group, 70% of respondents said a company’s environmental focus impacts their purchasing decisions.5 In fact, according to the 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study, 87% of millennials are more willing to purchase a product with a social or environmental benefit.6 David Dews, creative managing director at the Speed Agency says millennials are “very, very conscious of brand image” and how what they buy reflects who they are as people.7

Moissanite for millennials Mens studs

With that said, as a lab-created gemstone, moissanite produces a smaller carbon footprint, thus making it an attractive alternative for environmentally conscious shoppers.

A generation defying the two-month salary myth

In the 1980s, De Beers ran a campaign that suggested a good budget benchmark for an engagement ring was two month’s salary. Flash forward 35 years, the average millennial graduating in 2016 has $37,172 in student loan debt and makes an average of $35,592 per year.8,9 The two month’s salary tradition may be harder for today’s millennials. Additionally, millennials enjoy spending their disposable income on desirable experiences they can post on social media. But fear not, when they do make a purchase, they want it to be meaningful and to mark an extraordinary moment in their lives.

Moissanite for millennials Bridal

“I can’t say enough about moissanite and Charles & Colvard. I am absolutely in love with my engagement ring. I wanted something stunning that I would love, but I didn’t want my fiancé spending a down payment on a gorgeous ring. This is so beautiful, delicate, and just a stunning stone that looks just like a diamond. I get complimented on my ring frequently; it is just perfect. Amazing quality at the fraction of the cost of a diamond engagement ring—I couldn’t be more pleased!” – Sarah H., Charles & Colvard customer

Offer moissanite for millennials who want an enchanting, affordable stone that will become part of their love story.

Shop Charles & Colvard moissanite on

2. The Wall Street Journal, 2016

Forever One™ Moissanite Trends: New Shapes and Sizes

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn the history and properties of the world’s most brilliant gemstone, let’s take a look at the latest news about Forever One. With its creation, Charles & Colvard took Created Moissanite to the heights of perfection. Where can we go next? In response to Forever One’s market-changing appeal, we have created new shapes and sizes and with them, a whole new world of possibilities.

Now you can choose your Forever One from a selection of 14 shapes: Asscher, baguette, cushion, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, radiant, round, hearts & arrows round, square brilliant and trillion. This gives your customers more options to keep up with the latest moissanite trends.

In addition to these expanded shapes, Charles & Colvard has introduced their new Exotic Gems,* loose Forever One™ stones ranging from six to 15.5ctw diamond equivalent weight (DEW). Suzanne Miglucci, Charles & Colvard President and CEO, says, “Exotic Gems are redefining luxury. These bespoke gemstones emphasize Forever One’s revolutionary brilliance and offer gem enthusiasts the opportunity to created extravagant custom designs that are attainable.”

*Available through Stuller’s Special Orders Service at 800-877-7777 ext. 546

Forever One in Fancy Shapes

Fancy shapes and unique gemstone options have grown increasingly popular, especially among millennials seeking the latest moissanite trends. Charles & Colvard addresses this changing market with the release of four new Forever One shapes: heart, marquise, princess, and trillion.

Charles & Colvard COO and SVP of Supply Chain, Don O’Connell, believes these new fancy shape choices will help you meet growing customer demand. And they’ll let you and your customers explore new design options that accentuate the fire and brilliance of our moissanite. O’Connell looks forward to seeing the fashion-forward designs jewelers achieve with them.

Moissanite Trends Marquise Trillion Shapes

The Princess

Today, the princess cut is one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings. In the 1960s and 70s, its precursors included the profile cut, the barion cut, and the quadrillion cut. The Forever One princess boasts 58 chevron-shaped facets that maximize moissanite’s fire and brilliance. In fact, the princess cut is the most brilliant of all square cuts due to the number of facets dispersing light throughout the stone.

Moissanite Trends Princess Cuts F1

Moissanite Trends Heart-Shaped StoneThe Heart

In 1463, a letter to the Duke of Milan mentioned a heart-shaped gemstone. Since then, the heart has become a universal symbol of love, friendship, and goodwill. The shape is considered unique because cutting it demands intensive labor and specialized tools. Our Forever One heart-shaped gemstone has 57 facets that help to enhance its sparkle.

The Marquise

The marquise cut originated in the 18th century when King Louis XV of France commissioned a jeweler to cut a gemstone in the shape of his mistress’ lips. This gemstone developed into the elongated, oval-shaped cut we know today. The Forever One marquise cut comes in a wide selection of sizes, from 0.07 DEW to 1.00 DEW.

The Trillion

Trillion cuts are highly versatile. Use them as center stones, accent stones or side stones. This fancy shape features rounded proportional edges. Despite its carat weight, its shallow cut and wide table make this shape appear larger to the consumer. The Forever One trillion has 44 facets and ranges from 0.09 DEW to 1.60 DEW. This cut can lower the intensity of a gemstone’s brilliance, but due to moissanite’s unrivaled optical properties, it still exhibits more sparkle than any other gemstone.

Forever One Exotic Gems

In September 2017, Charles & Colvard introduced Exotic Gems, made-to-order gemstones ranging from 6 to 15.5 carats diamond equivalent weight. These bespoke gemstones come in cushion, emerald, hearts and arrows, oval, pear and radiant cuts. You can order Exotic Gems through Stuller’s Special Order service.

COO O’Connell says that Exotics Gems are unlike anything the market has seen. They free customers to express themselves with the bold pieces they want at an irresistible value.

Moissanite Trends Exotic Gemstones

Exotic Gems redefine moissanite trends and inspire fascinating jewelry. Crafted from premium Forever One moissanite, they are guaranteed to be colorless or near colorless. Once ordered, each Exotic Gem takes up to eight weeks to cut, polish and authenticate. Before delivery to the end consumer, every Exotic Gem goes through a rigorous certification process conducted by the Gemological Science International (GSI). They examine and assess each stone for color, size, and authenticity, before certification. GSI is an independent gemological organization that works with leading gem and jewelry companies to grade, test and examine gemstones using innovative technology.

Shop Charles & Colvard moissanite on

If you are interested in this superior, conflict-free gemstone, we encourage you to discover the world’s most brilliant gem, Charles & Colvard’s Forever One, to begin creating moissanite trends for yourself: