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Kent West
Matrix Product Manager
I have been with Gemvision since 1995 • I live in Iowa and work at the Gemvision Iowa location • I can run the register at Taco Bell, but I've never worked there • I am a fan of bicycling and playing guitar, though I rarely combine the two • I enjoy really good beer on occasion, especially if someone else bought it! • I have had almost every amphibian as a pet at one point, including a mudskipper • Movies with light cycles, replicants, or Tatanka are amazing

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Matrix Software Makes its Way to the Smithsonian

See how talented jewelry artist Zoltan David creates his museum-worthy designs

Introducing Sir Zoltan David: a talented Matrix software maven and accomplished jewelry designer   An accomplished Matrix user and jewelry designer, Sir Zoltan David has built his career around forging innovative, original, and unique jewelry. He holds several industry honors, including multiple AGTA Spectrum Awards, InStore Magazine’s Coolest Jewelry Store, and now, read more…

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How Matrix 9 Earns International Acclaim

Mehmet Pekin of Istanbul, Turkey shares how Matrix fuels his career

Introducing Mehmet Pekin: an accomplished Matrix 9 user & instructor from Istanbul, Turkey   A talented Matrix user, Mehmet Pekin has been using the software for about 13 years. He has built his career around 3D modeling, both as a CAD operator and instructor, all while mastering the tools required. read more…