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You unlock the door to your business, turn on the lights, and make the coffee. You organize the cases. You make repairs. You sell your creations. You take out the trash. You close the books. The list goes on and on as you think to yourself, “Man, owning a small business is a ton of work.”

Yet, your small business has its perks. You’re the boss, after all. You get to take vacation whenever you want (in theory, anyway). You choose the inventory you want to sell and incorporate your own philosophies into the business.

So when’s the last time you spent some time away? How often do you afford yourself the space to rethink and re-energize your business?

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Explore 2019 Stuller Events

All of the greats know the value of going on a retreat. From religious figures to sports teams, motivated professionals value the importance of taking time away from their business to make the business better.

Retreat to spaces that encourage you to examine your operations from the outside looking in. Share the experience with your staff to create a united front for change as you lead the way to a more efficient workforce. As 2019 is fast underway, visit Stuller headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, to learn new concepts, network with peers, and better your business. Or, catch us on the road at various tradeshows around the country.


Here is your guide to 2019 Stuller events held around the country

At Stuller


Bridge is a three-day conference focused on innovative business solutions for the independent jeweler. The conference covers topics including how to make better sales, improving productivity at the bench, reaching millennial customers, and more. If you come to Bridge, we’ll pay for your stay and meals (and you’ll love our Cajun cuisine). Reserve your spot today! Find more details here.


Bench Jeweler Workshop

If you are a bench jeweler or would like to learn better techniques on how to cast, set stones, polish, and interact with other industry experts, then our Bench Jeweler Workshop is for you. Bench jewelers love this action-packed event filled with tools and techniques form industry pros and Stuller experts. It’s not too late to register for Battle of the Benches — an action-packed design competition where four jewelers compete for bench jeweler glory. Details here. 


Training Opportunities Abound

Stuller stands committed to helping independent jewelers by offering a wide variety of training to help you get the job done. Below are the training classes we offer:

  • CounterSketch® Training
  • Matrix® Training
  • MatrixGold™ Training
  • RhinoGold Training
  • Basic Laser Welding
  • Stone Setting Training
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On the Road

Trade Shows

Stuller will attend several trade shows around the country this year. Find the complete list of locations here.

Whether or not attending Stuller events is in your cards, retreating is imperative to your business’ success. We hope to see you here in Lafayette or on the road. For the most updated information on Stuller events visit stuller.com/events.

5 Things I Learned At Bridge

Bridge Header Blog

Newly inducted into Team Stuller, I began in May 2017 as a Customer Ambassador where I help to maintain and foster relationships with our valued customers. Since my start, I’ve leapt headfirst into learning all there is to know about jewelers and their business. So fortunately, attending Bridge sessions alongside our participating customers brought me up to speed with the goings-on of the industry.

Though normally described as “traditional,” I’ve come to realize our industry changes constantly. Enhancing our craft and molding it to fit the needs of today’s consumer is a commonality we all share regardless of location or specialty. As members of the same team, we must support and learn from one another. And that’s exactly what our Bridge events aim to accomplish!

Each year, we invite jewelers from all over the world to visit our global headquarters — situated deep in Louisiana’s Cajun Country — to experience two days of education, inspiration, and connection. And to keep up with the changes we’re all experiencing, Stuller revisits its educational content yearly to ensure we’re delivering what’s relevant.

Bridge 2017 Group

The 1st Bridge group of 2017 challenged and inspired us, bringing much excitement for the rest of our Bridge season.


Here are 5 key takeaways from the first Bridge event of the 2017 series:

Bridge 2017 Industry OverviewIndustry Overview

Product mix sales from your average jewelry store: 46% diamonds, 12% services (repair), 10% watches, 9% silver and contemporary metals, 7% colored stones.

In 2015, 32% of consumers purchased an engagement ring from their local independent jeweler versus 8% from Jared’s and 9% from Zales.


Bridge 2017 MarketingMarketing 

Three things to remember when determining your store’s brand:

  1. Make it relevant
  2. Make it memorable
  3. Keep it simple

To increase your Google listing’s search visibility, you should:

  1. Utilize all information fields
  2. Provide lots of images
  3. Callouts for BBB, Chamber of Commerce, and any Trade Associations


Bridge 2017 Business PlanningBusiness Planning

When developing your business plan, create a RASI to help clarify responsibilities: Who’s Responsible? Who’s the Authority? Who provides Support? And who needs to be kept Informed of progress?

Set SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.


CBridge 2017 Customizationustomization

Prototypes are customization building blocks and make flexible 3C designs work for you.

Today’s customers expect customization. Be sure you can accommodate!



Bridge 2017 RepairHave a checklist in place for each repair you take in: initial inspection, discuss every repair needed, clean piece, re-inspect, write everything down, etc.

Walk the steps of your shop. The fewer steps from location to location, the more you save in time and dollars.


Intrigued? Well, there’s a lot more where that came from. Visit Stuller.com/bridge to learn more or register.