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Katie Kennedy
Former Customer Experience Segment Manager
I've been with Stuller since May 2017 • I am a total morning person – my day begins at 5am with my favorite workout at Xtend Barre • I have a passion for coffee and all things chocolate! • Mother of 3 to a sassy daughter and identical twin holy terror little boys • I love to sing and dance, which my kids often tell me I am awful at! • I laugh often • I can multitask to the 10th degree • My husband loves to tease me about my frequent misuse of idioms • I have an obsession with Friday Night Lights (team Tim Riggins) • I love black jelly beans • Born and raised southern girl

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2019 Stuller Events Blog Header

See How 2019 Stuller Events Will Revitalize Your Business

Note when to visit our headquarters and when to catch us on the road

You unlock the door to your business, turn on the lights, and make the coffee. You organize the cases. You make repairs. You sell your creations. You take out the trash. You close the books. The list goes on and on as you think to yourself, “Man, owning a small business read more…

Bridge Header Blog

5 Things I Learned At Bridge

Industry overview, business planning tips, and more

Newly inducted into Team Stuller, I began in May 2017 as a Customer Ambassador where I help to maintain and foster relationships with our valued customers. Since my start, I’ve leapt headfirst into learning all there is to know about jewelers and their business. So fortunately, attending Bridge sessions alongside read more…