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Jennifer Tausch
Former Executive Creative Director
I’ve been at Stuller since 2016 • I am a health food junky • I carry raw gemstones in my pocket for their healing properties • I have traveled more outside of the US than inside • I love elephants • I want to retire and become a yoga instructor in Bali • I prefer to change my hair over buying new clothes • My first concert was Prince in 1984

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Cosmic Jewelry Constellations

How our Fall 2017 Fine Jewelry Collection aligns with today's solar eclipse

Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a . . . solar eclipse!   As you’re probably aware, today a total solar eclipse falls upon the United States. Step outside and take a look, because the next total solar eclipse won’t roll around until 2024. read more…

Feature Friday – Jennifer Tausch

A driver of strategy and design

My career to date has allowed me to wear many hats and learn from some of the best practitioners in the design industry. I have expertise in branding with a specialty in design strategy, graphic design, creative problem-solving, and brand thinking. My passions include facilitating new processes, developing training modules, read more…