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Gary Davis
Former Sales Vice President
I've been with Stuller since 2015 • Received my MBA from Cleveland State University • Active volunteer supporter of vision issues • Love spending time with my six grandchildren • I like being active in the community and our church • Love to hike, garden and listening to great music • Enjoy exploring all the great restaurants.

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Running A Business Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Tips to keep your store running smoothly

As a jeweler, you wear many hats. And that can include everything from master stone setter to HR rep to certified trash taker-outer. Managing a business isn’t easy (or else everyone would be doing it right?). You have to balance doing what you love with doing what you have too. read more…

Feature Friday: Gary Davis

The Passionate Sales Strategist

I didn’t start out thinking Stuller. Then one day, while I was at home in Atlanta, I received an out-of-the-blue call from a recruiter. That’s nothing unusual, but this time the recruiter gushed about what an outstanding company this was. As I am known to do, I started my own research and read more…