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Erwin Wieser
Vice President of Operations, Swarovski Gemstones for the Americas
I live in New York and have been with the Swarovski Group for over 20 years • Born and raised in Bregenz, Austria, on the eastern shores of Lake Constance – the third-largest freshwater lake in Central Europe • I enjoy walks on the eastern shore of Long Island, NY with my puppy Nina and hitting the waves with my longboard • Previous sheepherder • Love eating Apricot marmalade at breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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Swarovski Celebrates the 125th Company Anniversary

And marks the occasion with a kaleidoscope of colors and cuts

Objectively seen, life is always a kaleidoscope — a continually changing series of events, milestones, pleasures, and experiences that so resembles those colored cardboard tubes of delight, tucked into children’s Christmas stockings. The ones we hold up to the light, and twisted, only to be enthralled by the endless array of read more…

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Can We Improve On What Nature Creates?

Swarovski Genuine Topaz – Enhancing Brightness, Fire and Color

Discover How Swarovski Genuine Topaz is Enhanced Through a Proprietary TCF™ Process   Let’s talk topaz, a stone treasured through the ages and in the early days of discovery, often mistaken for a diamond. In fact, in the late 18th century the “Braganza Diamond,” a massive 1650ct topaz, found its way from the read more…