5 Push Present Jewelry Suggestions For New Mothers

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Mothers don’t get enough credit. These superheroes deserve constant recognition. Think about it: they’re our go-to advisors, our silent (and persistent) supporters, and our loving shoulders to cry on. Heck, just imagine how many times you’ve actually cried on your mother’s shoulder. Practically every hour for the first year of your life, for starters!

And ironically, mothers-to-be receive countless presents during baby showers, yet all of these goodies are for her new bundle of joy. What about the new mother? She deserves a gift too! After all, she just endured hours of labor; gifting her with push present jewelry is the least we can do. These tokens typically come from her partner, but may just as well be given by her sibling, mother, or closest friends.


Here are five push present jewelry suggestions for new mothers:


Trendy Birthstone Sets

Luckily, we’ve recently added a ton of trendy rings and neckwear in the birthstone category. And what better way to celebrate a new birth than with birthstone jewelry? Keep this Birthstone Kit handy to drive all your push present jewelry creations. 

Personalized Push Presents


Some parents get tattoos of their newborn’s name. While less permanent than fresh ink, these personalized pieces are equally expressive and look just as great! Choose a roman numeral birth date necklace or initial earrings as ideal push present choices that she’ll absolutely love!

Fancy Family Jewelry

If her newborn isn’t the firstborn, try gifting the new mother with family jewelry. There’s something oh-so sentimental about a fashionable adornment that symbolizes a mother’s most precious treasures. And these family bar necklaces make spectacularly modern push presents!

Ideally Priced Diamond Bands

Celebs have been the biggest purveyors of push present jewelry over the past few years. From J-Lo to Beyonce to Kim K, these fashionistas all received extravagant jewelry after birthing their babies. One emerging trend is for new mothers to add a third band to their ring finger. The engagement ring and wedding band signify the marriage, while a third band represents their new bundle of joy. Here are a few stackable samples to try on for size.

How popular is push present jewelry in your area? Is this a widespread trend or just a fad for the rich and famous? Let us know in the comments below!

Gift Your Loved Ones with Jewelry Under $500

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Imagine this scenario: a couple enters your store days before Valentine’s Day. As she wanders about your sales floor, her “ouus” and “ahhs” make the sweetest audible expressions. “OMG look at this beautiful ring. I love how the gold glimmers and look how sparkly this stone is!” She calls him over and asks, “What do you think Honey?” Poor guy. He’d never admit it, but all the rings look the same in his eyes. Sadly, all he sees are dollar signs.

Sound familiar? Here’s a curious thought: we advertise to ladies in hopes they’ll convince their beau to surprise them with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. But does he connect with jewelry in the same way that she does? Probably not. So speak his language. Make Valentine’s Day shopping a breeze — promote the price point. Encourage jewelry under $500 with a tiered selection to meet every budget. And with self-purchases on the rise, your gals might just pick up an on-budget piece (or two) for herself.


Below we’ve suggested trendy Valentine’s Day jewelry under $500, complete with retail pricing to win the sale this season

The Classics Under $100

Her heart will skip a beat with these classic yet affordable styles. Pearls are a definite go-to gift while rose gold glows with feminine sophistication. She’ll wear and cherish these must-have styles for years to come. Heck, give her both to score big with this classic jewelry under $500.

Ear Climbers Under $300


Ear climbers are an emerging trend that seems to be sticking around for the long haul. Those shown above play on three popular designs: nature-inspired, geometric, and freeform beaded ear climbers. She’ll absolutely have to have these irresistible styles!

Stackables Under $500


Mix, match, and stack these bands to create her special look — one she will love for a lifetime. A mature trend, stackables offer endless options and make wonderful jewelry under $500. Pair them with her existing anniversary band, or buy her a whole new band for a renewed look this Valentine’s Day.

There you have it — jewelry under $500 that any lady will be delighted to receive. Which options are your favorites? Share with us your best Valentine’s Day sellers using #HowIStuller on FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter.

Trend Alert: Bezel Set Jewelry

Bezel Set Jewelry Blog Header

Bezel set jewelry has been around for a while. It’s one of the oldest techniques for attaching stones to jewelry and the process hasn’t changed much over time. The design is simple: metal is soldered over the gemstone to secure it in place. In fact, that’s what makes bezel set jewelry so attractive today. With precious metal encircling the stone, this setting method affords more center stone security. Diamonds are better protected from daily dings when compared to prong-set heads. Bezel set jewelry is also a good idea for softer stones that are more susceptible to chips and scratches.

Since bezel heads have metal wrapped around the circumference of the stone, this setting type can make stones appear slightly larger, too. Not to mention they look fabulous! This unique design is springing up everywhere and is all the rage. If your bride-to-be is searching for a different style, suggest this setting! It’s simple, timeless, and offers maximum protection for her center stone.

See how Stuller has developed a way to create a secure bezel setting, utilizing the latest fusion technology to assemble any type of jewelry in a snap.


Here’s our new and best-selling bezel set jewelry suggestions.

Eye-Catching Earrings

Bezel Set Stackables


Men’s Bezel Bands

Novel Neckwear

Searching for more? Here’s a step-by-step guide to building a bezel set anniversary band.

Trend Alert: Classic Pearls with Contemporary Twists

Classic Pearls trend blog header

Of all the gems, classic pearls are perhaps the most mysterious. Because they’re abundant today, it’s hard for us to imagine natural pearls as uncommon, particularly those of any size. But in fact, pearls are so rare that for millennia they were the most coveted gems. So much so that the supply couldn’t meet the demands of kings and queens who prized them above all else.

Today, the beauty, appeal, and style of classic pearls — whether freshwater or saltwater — finds its way into almost every woman’s wardrobe. Subtle, luxurious pearls boast multiple personalities that suit the many customers who choose them. These wardrobe staples have resurfaced with contemporary twists to charm a new generation. JCK News declares new-age pearl designs as a defining trend of 2017 and beyond saying, “designers are pushing themselves to find an edgy way to wear these gemstones.” See how we spin classic pearls into the spotlight with these stylish designs.


A Modern Spin on Timeless Studs

Pearl studs are essential to any young woman’s wardrobe. If she owns nothing else, she likely has a pair of these simple, refined adornments. Take a step beyond classic studs with these fancy earrings featuring fresh details.

Make a Statement with Pearl Earrings

Again, JCK says bold statement earrings are all the rage. Try these pearl drop earrings or ear climbers that merge striking style with time-honored sophistication.

The Bypass Trend Featuring Classic Pearls

Bypass rings have been around since at least the 1830s, with their graceful, twisted design wrapping around the finger. The curves and twists surrounding classic pearls give these rings an elegant look, while staying modern and sleek.

Lateral Pearls

We’ve seen how popular pearl strands can be. Now take their linear arrangement and apply it to rings, necklaces, and bangles for a refreshing, trendy look.


How to Take Care of Pearls

What’s the best advice to give customers to keep their beautiful? Wear them frequently to enhance their luster and color. If you store them in a hot, airless environment, they can dry and crack. After each wearing, they should be wiped with a damp cloth to remove hairspray or other damaging chemicals.



Still can’t get enough pearls? Check out our Pearl Center for detailed info on everything you wanted to know about pearls. And don’t forget to share these stories with your customers. The more storytelling you can share with them, the better!

How to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day Blog Header

Today is National Girlfriend’s Day! Or is it National Girlfriends’ Day? Let’s investigate. Because after all, grammar matters.

The former iteration declares today the day to honor your romantic counterpart. Perhaps it means a charming dinner date or a trip to the movies, complete with a thoughtful gift (like jewelry, of course). Or maybe that’s completely wrong! Because if today is actually National Girlfriends’ Day, that implies the day is all about girls having fun and celebrating friendship.

So for the sake of neutrality, we’re going to proclaim today National Girlfriend Day. Ladies can gift their besties small tokens of appreciation, while guys can give their girlfriends something to excite the relationship. Consider it a win-win!

To the Gal Pals

Make National Girlfriend Day all about showering the ladies in your life with affection. Whether she’s your best friend or your soul mate, these geometric earrings promise to give a cute angle to her wardrobe. And they’re right on trend! JCK recognizes this style from the 26th annual JCK Las Vegas show saying, “The prevailing shapes among jewelry designers this year feature sharp lines that signal a return to geometry class.”

To the Lovers

When she looks good, she feels good! So gift her a beautiful accented diamond necklace to show endearment and win her heart this National Girlfriend Day.

To Tie the Knot

Maybe we’re slightly biased, but if today were, in fact, National Girlfriend’s Day, wouldn’t you agree it’s the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee? Not only will she be completely surprised, but each year on this day she’d happily recall how she went from gleaming girlfriend to faithful fiancé (and eventually wifey). Don’t let her become the one that got away! Need ideas on how to pop the question? Follow The Knot’s @HowHeAsked Instagram.

Not Quite Ready?

Not ready to get engaged? While we love gushy proposal stories, take as much time as necessary. Instead, use this opportunity to solidify your relationship status. A promise ring makes a perfect choice, and it doubles as a friendship ring, promising companionship to last a lifetime.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think today is for celebrating romantic relationships, friendships, or both? Let us know how you feel about National Girlfriend Day in the comments below!

13 Suggestions For Wedding Day Wear

Wedding season 2017 is in full swing. And according to our friends at The Knot, brides are branching out when it comes to their down-the-aisle accessories. While some trends may seem a bit “out there”, The Knot confirms we’ll be seeing a lot more of these in wedding jewelry to come. Here’s a Stuller take on some of these up-and-coming trends:

The Cocktail Ring

These large evening baubles are still making frequent appearances and are grander than ever. A cocktail ring will accent the wedding dress without overdoing it. The Knot says, “Consider your own take on the trend if you’re wearing a gown with loads of surface interest – think ornate embroidery or dimensional lace.”


The Short Necklace

Okay, so the trend was actually chokers, but shorter necklaces can work the same here –walking that fine line between demure and va-va-voom. The Knot says, “A wider version should be your go-to if you’re wearing a strapless dress or a gown with a plunging neckline, while a smaller chain balances a more voluminous look.”


The Delicate Touch

Not every piece of wedding jewelry needs to make a big statement. The Knot says, “Dainty pieces make a subtle but lasting impression while adding to the easy, youthful vibe of flowing dresses.” Bonus: After your wedding day, you can wear this kind of delicate jewelry every day.


The Hoop Earring

When it comes to hoop earrings, the bigger, the better. The Knot says, “While they may not seem bridal at first look, the slim – and very modern – style can give a more traditional dress a bit of edge.” And because they aren’t a normal choice down the aisle, they give the bride a double dose of personality too.​

What types of wedding jewelry sell best in your store? Let us know in the comments below! Or, tag us in your favorite day-of-the-wedding-wear on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest!

After buying wedding jewelry for the bride, here are a few thoughtful gifts for the bridal party.

More Band For Your Buck

“The circle of the wedding band is a symbol of eternity.

The circle has no beginning or end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity.”

(“The Symbolism of Wedding Bands” – Diamond Source)

In my opinion, bands are the most important part of a couple’s special day. The gift that officially commemorates their lifetime of love, commitment, and partnership. A gift they will wear forever.




Today’s shoppers want different. How do you make a wedding band unique? Well in today’s world of technology, it is actually quite simple. We offer customizable flexible designs. The greatest thing about this flexibility is that you can create a ring to suit your customer’s personality and your style. Maybe it’s choosing rose gold to match her engagement ring or adding princess diamonds to match her center stone. And who could forget about the beautiful eternity and anniversary bands to stack? Change the size of your stones or add gemstones to commemorate a special date. The options are endless and they are all available to you and your customers.


If custom isn’t your thing, we also offer classic styles. Take a band that represents simplicity and add your own special twist. Add a milgrain edge, hammer finish, or even diamonds for additional accents. Want to make your ring more meaningful? Engrave a special message, loved one’s name, or represent a significant date.


Engraveable Classic Wedding Bands




123058, 123004, 123092, 123086, 123012

And of course, I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention the ever-popular stackable trend. There is so much potential for future and add-on sales through stackables. A stackable option is
perfect for the bride that doesn’t want to commit to a completely yellow or rose gold metal color for her engagement ring or band. It’s also great for those wanting to add a bit of visual interest to their engagement ring stack. Even sans the engagement, stackables make a statement. So, go ahead and give your customers options!

So why should you carry wedding bands? It’s simple really…
 What are your thoughts on our current wedding band trends? Do you see any new ones on the horizon? Share with us!

It’s All About the Bands!

As one of our favorite seasons [Bridal Season] approaches, we’re gearing up to help our customers solve those perfect bridal equations. And this season we’ve noticed that it’s all about the bands – how many, what color, with stones, without, etc. In the equations below, you’ll find a sneak peak of exciting new trends in bands.

For the ladies…the equation is pretty simple!

1 engagement ring + 2 anniversary bands = 3 gorgeous stackable rings


Stacking bands and/or rings is one of the biggest trends in bridal right now. It’s an easy way to bring more sparkle and shine to your life. And, we strongly encourage you to mix it up! Take a look below to see some creative ways to mix, match, and stack your everyday bridal bands…

  • Give your stack a delicate look by adding a skinny hand-engraved or
    rope-style band
  • Add bands in multiple qualities to spice up your stack with more color
  • To make your stack a little more vibrant, bring some diamonds into the equation. A simple anniversary or eternity band is sure to do the trick!
  • Create a ring that means something to you by adding gemstones to signify a loved one’s birthstone or engrave a special message, name, or date
bands2 bands3 bands4

Now, for the gentlemen, we have a slightly different equation. For his band, it’s all about the color.

1 part yellow gold + 1 part white gold = 2 parts TWO-TONE

Adding different qualities to his band gives him the opportunity to sport a stylish, but subtle trend that continues to be present in the wedding band industry. Not a two-tone guy? Don’t worry, our advice is to take a classic wedding band and put a little twist on it. Make it yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Add a milgrain edge, brush finish, or even diamonds for additional accents. And just as we recommended for the ladies, personalize your ring with engraving to signify that special something or someone. Whatever you choose, your ring is sure to be something you love to show off every day.

bands5 bands6

What’s the most asked about band type in your store? White gold? Yellow? Engraved? Let us know about your band business in the comments below.