3 Reasons to Partner With 302 Fine Jewelry

Milestone or no, jewelry is how we — women — celebrate and express ourselves. Frankly, we don’t need a reason. But it’s nice to say a new ring or necklace is to celebrate a promotion, an event, or a birthday. Or just a great day. But if you’re not connecting with us, you’re likely missing out on sales you didn’t realize were right there.

As the drivers of 85%* of all consumer spending, women are a target audience you can’t afford to overlook.

This is a glittering, golden opportunity for you. And 302 Fine Jewelry is how you seize that opportunity and capture trend-focused sales in the easiest way possible.

Here are the top 3 reasons to be a 302 Fine Jewelry partner

1.    Stuller Makes It Easy

302 Fine Jewelry is Stuller’s answer to a trend-focused jewelry assortment.

Covering the industry’s biggest trends, the collections of 302 Fine Jewelry focus on styles that have been staples in the marketplace for years. Never “fast fashion,” these pre-merchandised offerings provide peace of mind that they will be long-lasting in your customers’ wardrobes.

Our expert team looks for inspiration across the jewelry industry, fashion world, and social media to ensure each collection has the major design elements that women can use to show their individual style. 

With an average wholesale price of $250, 302 Fine Jewelry entices your customers to return again and again to enhance the pieces they’ve already purchased. Then, when they get compliments on these looks, they can enthusiastically tell everyone where they got that jewelry: at your store.

2.    We Give You the Keys to Success

A catchy social media post could be the deciding factor of a person buying an item or product. To sell to self-purchasing women, you need to connect with them in the way they want to connect. To help you drive traffic and sell, we give brand partners a variety of 302-exclusive marketing materials:

  • Established, stunning branding that’s perfect for your social media
  • A consumer-facing website, 302FineJewelry.com, with locate-a-retailer registry
  • Beautiful photos and videos to be used in your advertising for print and on the web
  • A monthly newsletter with selling tips, featured products, and a monthly social media calendar (with convenient, ready-to-launch copy and photo assets included)

Encourage your customers to use hashtags like #302OnYou and #WearYourStory when tagging their purchases on social media.

From there you can repost a customer’s jewelry selection on your own social feed.  By showcasing a customer’s purchase, you instantly increase engagement while also gaining customer loyalty for your business.

302-relaunch-july-2020-social-quote 302-relaunch-july-2020-social-product 302-relaunch-july-2020-social-quote and jewelry

3.    You Get the Service You Know and Love

302 Fine Jewelry was named from our headquarters’ address, chosen because 302 Fine Jewelry was conceptualized, designed, and created primarily by women within Stuller. You’ve come to know and trust Stuller for our service, product range, and quick turnaround. And 302 Fine Jewelry will be no different. 

We’re committed to ensuring you can trust us to provide on-trend, meaningful jewelry your customers will proudly wear to celebrate their story.

Discover how easy it is to become a 302 Fine Jewelry retail partner

* Girlpower Marketing: “Statistics on the Purchasing Power of Women.”

What are your favorite pieces in the new 302 collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Graduation Gifts Header Blog

Check Out These Unique Graduation Jewelry Gifts

Graduation season is officially here. For high school and college students alike, commencement ceremonies round off four years of hard work and dedication. After countless study hours and all-nighters, it’s finally time to shine. And don’t forget that Junior class members order their senior class rings around this time. These rings connect graduates to their classmates, school, and the fond memories built over their scholastic journey.


Here are a few graduation jewelry gifts on the rise this year.


One-of-a-Kind Class Rings

In typical Gen Z fashion, students are passing up traditional designs for more evocative styles. Many young women choose engagement-inspired rings with affordable gemstone centers. Many want their birthstone, a gem of their school’s color, or simply a stone that stands out. This new trend opens another opportunity for you, the trusted jeweler, to deliver something unique. Here are a few popular feminine designs.


Swing for Signet Rings

According to Refinery29, signets are everywhere in 2019. Engrave these rings with initials, the graduating year, or even a school mascot. They’re sleek and modern, perfectly commemorating academic accomplishments for guys and girls alike.


More Graduation Jewelry Gifts

If you’ve already supplied the class ring, remember that family and friends need gifts for the grad, too. Suggest several clever ideas that hold value and purpose. After all, anyone can send money as graduation gifts, but special graduation jewelry gifts paired with warm wishes will carry a graduate more confidently onto the next chapter.

Encourage Engravables

Suggest Stately Necklaces

These special state-shaped necklaces cleverly proclaim school spirit and hometown glory, especially for those out-of-state college alumni. For a personal touch, engrave the student’s hometown, university, graduating year, or mascot! All 50 states are available here.

Try Tassel Charms

The tassel is undoubtedly worth the hassle. Why not add another small charm to the mortarboard caps on graduation day? Here are a few thoughtful charms with modest price tags, yet considerable impact. After their big day, these small tokens can become keychains or pendants to honor such considerable achievements. Suggest gifting these with handwritten congratulations for sincere graduation jewelry gifts.


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve — Henry David Thoreau


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” — Les Brown


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” — Confucius


“Keep your best wishes close to your heart and watch what happens.” — Tony DeLiso


“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” — Alexander Graham Bell

Which graduation jewelry gifts sell best in your store around this time? Tell us in the comments below. Then, find more fine jewelry gifts for your grads here.

Moissanite Fine Jewelry Trends Blog Header

Shop the Latest Springtime Moissanite Fine Jewelry Trends

What’s not to love about Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite? Each gemstone is cut according to exact angles and proportions to maximize brilliance, enhance its incredible fire, and reveal its inner beauty. They’re available at a revolutionary value, too. And since every stone comes with a limited lifetime warranty, they just might be the ideal centerpieces of your latest moissanite fine jewelry trends.


Here are our favorite springtime moissanite fine jewelry trends.


Rose Cut Moissanite Gemstones

Moissanite Fine Jewelry Trends Rose Cut Gemstones

72021 • Round-Shape Bezel-Set Solitaire Ring

Rose-cut stones are all the rage right now. They offer subtle elegance with old-world charm. Perhaps that’s why they’re the perfect fit for vintage-inspired looks. With the introduction of colorless Rose Cut Forever One, Charles & Colvard® combines their premiere quality moissanite with precision cutting to achieve the pinnacle of the rose cut. Plus, customers can choose the larger size they want while staying within their budget. It is available in sizes 2.5 to 9.0mm and fits nicely into most modern bezel settings. Shop Rose-cut Moissanite here.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite Fine Jewelry Trends Bridal Engagements

From the Top: 653388653378653386

It’s no secret that moissanite delivers unique value to consumers. Charles & Colvard’s Exotic Gems are the perfect example. Suggest this option to those searching for value-driven, high-quality designs. Exotic Gems range from six to 15.5 carats. These big beauties afford your customers the ability to design extravagant, custom engagement rings that perfectly align with the latest moissanite fine jewelry trends.


Moissanite Eternity & Anniversary Bands

Moissanite Fine Jewelry Trends Stackable Bands

From the Top: 653395122860653397653399653400

Moissanite eternity and anniversary bands are dynamic, yet also very personal. Pile on three or more bands to create a stacked look, or pair them with a favorite statement ring for a complementary approach. These fabulous bands also double as wedding bands themselves that won’t overpower a strong engagement ring. Accented with Forever One™ melee and gemstones, these frontrunning moissanite fine jewelry trends add more bling to any budget.


Forever One™ Moissanite Earrings

Moissanite Fine Jewelry Trends Studs and Earrings

From L to R: 65349365248765785

Stud earrings are timeless. And the ones featured here with Charles & Colvard Forever One™ moissanite are the go-to moissanite fine jewelry accessories. They complement any style— from a cocktail dress to everyday athleisure looks. Prong-set solitaire studs channel traditional vibes, while bezel-set studs lend a modern touch. And if your client wants to max out their shine, try suggesting an intricate halo design.

Looking for more? Shop Charles & Colvard Moissanite fine jewelry trends on Stuller.com.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Blog Header

3 Easy Tactics to Sell More Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings

Colorful gemstone engagement rings are having a moment.


Whether it’s a gemstone stackable, birthstone necklace, or ombré stones set in a customer’s favorite color, today’s shoppers are using colored gemstones to showcase their unique style. In fact, designers all around the world are embracing the rainbow trend, which makes now the perfect time to sell color in your store.

With this in mind, there’s an opportunity to promote colorful gemstone engagement rings, too. Perhaps your bride-to-be wants to break from tradition. Or perhaps she just wants to express her individuality. This opens the opportunity to bring your stones out of the vault and into your cases to ignite more gemstone sales.

Here are three easy ways to get your customers crazy about colorful gemstone engagement rings.


1. Tell Your Stones’ Stories

The ancient Egyptians believed the ring finger had a vein — dubbed the vein of love by the Romans — that ran directly to the heart. Colorful gemstone engagement rings invite certain energies into one’s life and marriage. For example, since pink is regarded as a color of romance, suggest a light pink morganite or pink tourmaline. Or, offer an aquamarine to symbolize loyalty or emerald to signify unconditional love. Follow our monthly Sell With a Story series for more colorful gemstone backstories. 

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Stones Stories

Pro Tip: Showcase Your One-of-a-Kind Stones

If you have some great one-of-a-kind stones in the vault, bring them out to spotlight their beauty. Showing customers these unique colorful gemstones will spark interest and conversation, eventually leading to a custom-designed creation.


2. Find Their Favorite Color

Color plays an important, yet different, role for every customer. Each interpretation can take form through a variety of gemstones. While one shopper may draw toward sapphire’s royal blue shade, another may find solace in aquamarine’s light-toned tranquility. Offer a range of colorful gemstone shades to ensure your customer finds the exact look to fit their individuality.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Favorite Colors Rainbow Stones

Pro Tip: Use a Variety of Color Assortments

Rainbow doesn’t have to mean red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. This year’s hot trend can manifest through bold color assortments, along with muted assortments— even ombrés. When selling colorful gemstone engagement rings, remember it’s all about variety and fun!


3. Present a Price-Point Approach

While a large ruby or emerald may cause customers to rethink their center stone choice, remind them of the options available to capture their heart and price point. Suggest a Rubelite Tourmaline in place of a rare ruby, or a Tsavorite Garnet instead of emerald. This provides the uniqueness they crave at a more affordable price. Also, lab-created stones come in a variety of shapes and colors and are a great option for your eco-conscious customers.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings Price Point Approach

Pro Tip: Plan Your Inspirational Layouts

Group your colorful gemstone engagement rings in groups based on pricing. Showing carefully curated layouts is a great way to spark their inspiration and offer multiple possibilities.

Shop more colorful gemstones on Stuller.com


Pantone Jewelry Trends Blog Header

Shop What’s Hot: Pantone’s Living Coral Jewelry Trends

Just last month, Pantone announced the 2019 Color of the Year — Living Coral. This exciting and playful hue mirrors nature’s liveliness and optimism. And much like coral itself, which thrives amid a rich and colorful ecosystem, Pantone’s Living Coral plays extraordinarily well with nearly every color on the spectrum. The orangey-pink shade can act as the center of attention, or it can support a palette of equally bright colors.

So, in your pledge to sell more color in 2019, use the color pairings below to mix and match colorful gemstones with Pantone’s Living Coral.


Here are our favorite Living Coral jewelry trends and color pairings


Focal Point Pantone Palette

Pantone Living Coral Jewelry Trends Focal Point Color Pairings

There’s one in every bunch. Living Coral screams for attention in this palette of muted and earthy colors. In fact, it warmly engages and vivifies the cool color grouping. Pair coral and padparadscha sapphire with mossy-colored gemstones like green tourmaline, smoky quartz, and peridot.


Shimmering Sunset Pantone Palette

Pantone Living Coral Jewelry Trends Shimmering Sunset Color Pairings

They say birds of a feather flock together. In this palette, Living Coral beams proudly next to warm oranges, pinks, and magentas. Bold and brilliant, this palette evokes the sky’s dazzling array of shades at sunrise and sunset. Curate Living Coral jewelry trends by pairing pink tourmaline, citrine, amethyst, and honey topaz gemstone jewelry.

Trippy Pantone Palette

Pantone Living Coral Jewelry Trends Trippy Color Pairings

These shades are trippy, man. The hallucinogenic colors in the palette above offer a wild color range from key lime to Pantone’s Living Coral. The Trippy palette is spontaneous, electric, and uniquely exciting. To match these lively Living Coral jewelry trends, pair coral-colored stones with peridot, emerald, garnet, and London Blue Topaz.

Under the Sea Pantone Palette

Pantone Living Coral Jewelry Trends Under the Sea Color Pairings

Living Coral shines the brightest, well, under the sea! Pantone’s Under The Sea palette reflects how coral reefs embrace, warm, nourish, and shelter a sparkling kaleidoscope of colorful sea life. Mix morganite with yellow and blue sapphire, aquamarine, and turquoise to achieve these oceanic Living Coral jewelry trends.

Searching for more about coral? Look no further! Read more about this enchanting gemstone here.


16 Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Jewelry Store

Take the opportunity to clean your jewelry store before the heat of summer sets in. Now is the perfect time for some much-needed spring cleaning, organizing, and freshening up!


Here are sixteen simple steps to spring clean your jewelry store–


Start From the Top

“Seriously?” you’re asking. Seriously, friends. Time to clean your jewelry store from top to bottom.

1. Thoroughly dust your store

Cobwebs are only appropriate at Halloween, and even then, not in your store. Buy an inexpensive ceiling broom and start from the center of the ceiling, working your way outward toward the corners. Now go down the walls in a continuous pattern, taking care not to miss a spot.

2. Wipe the ceilings, wipe the walls

Dilute one part vinegar with four parts distilled water and wipe the baseboards, chair rails, and any smudges on the paint. Do this the night before to give the vinegar smell time to evaporate.

3. Freshen your fixtures

Now take the light fixtures off the lights and wash well with soapy water. Spritz with glass cleaner, dry thoroughly (don’t miss this step or subsequent cleanings will be gross), and reinstall. You’ll wonder how you ever worked in the dark so long. As an added bonus, your jewelry will shine as it should.

4. Clear the air vents

Unscrew air vents, wash thoroughly, and remount.

Clean your jewelry store spring social share

Eradicate the Odor

Remember those funny air freshener commercials about nose blindness? Turns out, nose blindness is an actual scientific phenomenon. And the not-so-funny reality is that while we don’t notice the scents we’re around every day, our visitors sure do. Unfortunately for us, they’re far too polite to tell us anything. So you need to find your most brutally honest friend (preferably one with a discriminating beak) who will walk into your store and give it to you straight. They may tell you that last week’s tuna salad sandwich is still permeating the showroom floor and that the carpet you installed five years ago reeks of onion and mothballs.

And if this is indeed the case, you have a few options when you clean your jewelry store.

5. Empty the fridge

Really. You don’t think odors from the back office can reach the front of the store, but they absolutely can. Clean the fridge, wash shelves and racks with soap and water, defrost the freezer, and put fresh baking soda in both. While you’re in there, flush all the drains with baking soda and boiling vinegar. You’ll notice a dramatic difference pretty quickly.

6. Vacuum your show floor

You’ve already dusted everything, so now is the time to vacuum. (I don’t care what anyone says: Dust first, vacuum second. Unless your vacuum cleaner was manufactured before 1972, it won’t kick up enough dust to justify vacuuming first.) Better still, have the carpets professionally cleaned to remove stubborn odors and deep-set stains. Ideally, you should change your carpet every three years. With high traffic, the pile inevitably wears down and accumulates stains and odors. If you can’t afford to replace the carpet so often, consider moving your cases around to cover the worn, splotchy areas. You’ll be more than amazed at what you uncover under those cases!

7. Consider robust flooring

If you’re really serious about investing in high-quality flooring, have hardwood installed. But be aware that the upkeep of hardwood is neither cheap nor easy. Perhaps you can consider some fun alternative surfaces like stained concrete or wood plank ceramic tile. Keep in mind how your new flooring will compliment your brand and enhance the shopping experience.

8. Wash those windows

If you have window coverings, take them down and wash them or have them dry cleaned. The thicker they are, the more likely they are to absorb odors. Now clean the windows inside and out. Let that golden sunshine in for a bit.

9. Aromatize the air

Spray some of that air freshener. Find an odor-neutralizing one or at least something subtle. Be mindful of those with fragrance allergies — avoid overbearing scents like cinnamon or patchouli. Research indicates that subtle smells, especially vanilla, work well in retail experiences. Here’s JCK’s take on how to create the perfect store scent.

10. Create your own smell

Investigate commercial air fresheners. Some jewelers use ScentAir, for example. Find a company who will work with you to create a custom scent. Think about it, what better way to brand yourself than with a signature scent? Retail giants like Abercrombie & Fitch and The Home Depot capitalize on scent marketing, with Las Vegas casinos also cashing in on the tactic. Be mindful of fragrance allergies here, but follow your nose to new heights.

Tackle the Cases

11. Remove the clutter

The daily newspaper, the random loupe, the out-of-date brochures — toss these out with abandon (well, maybe not the loupe). Don’t hold back here. If you really can’t part with it, find a logical, permanent home for it that doesn’t cover your $3,000 diamond stud earrings.

12. Mop the top of your showcases

With the same vinegar-and-water solution you used on the baseboards, spray the tops of your cases. If you have a lot of real estate, save time by wiping with a squeegee. Then, wipe any streaks clean. Don’t forget to get the inside of the glass, too. You don’t think about it, but your fingers routinely make smudges when you reach in to place or retrieve merchandise.

13. Let there be light

If you have lights inside your cases (and you should), wipe them down with a dry cloth. Replace burnt bulbs if necessary. And if you haven’t already, consider transitioning to LED lighting for a longer-lasting, more energy efficient lighting option.

14. Cleanse every inch

Use a cotton swab with your vinegar solution and get corners and inside the tracks of the cases. You’ll be more than slightly grossed out by what you find there. This is the finishing touch required to clean your jewelry store from top to bottom.

Clean your jewelry store cases

Move Your Merchandise

That’s right – time to focus what’s in your cases.

15. Fill your cases

After you clean your jewelry store, it’s time to fill the empty holes in your earring displays. Neck form missing a necklace? Replace it! There’s no excuse for glaring holes in your displays. Or holes anywhere in your cases, for that matter.

16. Strategize with visual merchandising

Look through home design magazines and find inspiration in their decor. Go to a hobby store and put seasonal items inside your cases. Use a seashell as a ramp for your tennis bracelet. Spread spring flowers along the baseboards. Do this sparingly and carefully — you don’t want it to look cluttered or haphazard.

Clean your jewelry store showcases

Now, Just Breathe!

You’re getting ready for summer and working your way through allergy season. That means it’s imperative to take care of you right now. Stay hydrated and rested. Yes, it’s hard to find time to eat lunch, let alone sleep eight hours a night, but you won’t endear yourself to your customers by sneezing all over your cases. Besides, you just cleaned them…

So what are you doing to clean your jewelry store this spring? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

upsell with watchbands repair blog header

Upsell With Watchbands to Bolster Your Bottom Line

This winter is shaping up to be pretty historic, with most of the country buried under heaps of snow and icy winds. But is your business suffering from the cold weather blues, too? If you are experiencing a slump in sales, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Your watch repair business may bring the perfect opportunity to upsell with watchbands.

You offer your customers the service of changing their watch batteries, right? Then it’s a no-brainer to extend the option of changing out their watchbands as well. In just a few moments, you can excite your customer with a new-looking watch at a 3x markup. Providing a service like this will surely create a lifetime customer!

So it goes without saying, if your strategy isn’t to upsell with watchbands when handling a watch repair, you’re missing out. In fact, in 2014, watchbands were valued at $300 million in retail sales, with the watch industry as a whole accounting for $9.3 billion in sales. Using an average of a 50% markup and an estimated 21,463 retailers nationwide, watchband business represents an estimated gross margin opportunity of approximately $7,000 per store. That’s nothing to sneeze at, even in this cold season!

Apple Watch® Adapter

Quickly turn any of Stuller’s broad selection of 20mm or 24mm leather watchbands into compatible bands. These Apple Watch® adapters are available in screw-type and spring bar adapter in black, silver, and gold finishes. They are also available in 38-42mm widths (38mm Adapter fits 20mm leather bands, 42mm adapter fit 24mm leather bands). Your tech-savvy customers will love this nifty watchband adapter.

Leather Watchbands

All of our leather bands use 100% premium-grade hides; choose from full-grain cowhide leathers or top grain leather. The leather bands ship with pre-inserted spring bars and two buckles: a white and a yellow. Our leather straps are available in a variety of sizes including regular, long, and short. Having the flexibility of both buckles takes the guesswork out of the process, making it easier for you and your customer and the perfect opportunity to upsell with watchbands!

Exotic Watchbands

Our genuine exotic watchbands are crafted in Italy using CITES certified exotic skins. Options include alligator, crocodile, lizard, and ostrich. They come in a full range of sizes, lengths, and colors. All have pre-inserted spring bars, and some models have the EZ-Change™ spring bar system.

Metal Link Bands

Stuller’s high-quality metal bands have the look and style your customers want. With all stainless steel construction, count on Stuller’s selection of colors and combinations to suit the majority of watch styles. All gold-plated models utilize superior gold ion process for greater value, longevity, and durability, making them scratch and tarnish resistant. Multiple end pieces (straight and curved) and spring-end configurations fit all styles.

Metal Expansion Bands

We have everything from expansion to link models available. All of our metal bands come with three multiple end pieces making it easy for you to retrofit the band to the timepiece. This unique offer also provides you with the opportunity to repair other straps for your customers without any additional investment for the perfect upsell.


And as always, all of our watchbands come with next-day delivery and with no minimum purchase.


These fashion accessories take a watch and make it unique to its wearer. And there’s so much flexibility with watchbands today—from basic black and brown all the way to mint-green patent leather. Gently explain to your customers how easily they can switch out their bands and straps. And next time a customer comes in to replace a battery or crystal, let him know about your selection and try to upsell with watchbands. This is a fantastic way to give the look of a new watch for your customer at a 45%–60% margin for you.

Need a display solution for your straps? We offer spinners for your leather straps and spinners for both leather and metal bands.

Have you tried to upsell with watchbands? What is your experience? How important are watches to your business? Share with us below.

Merchandising Monday P&D

8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Window Displays

You’re busy. We understand. And while you don’t have time to worry about everything, some details require your full attention. How you present yourself and your brand is one of the first things customers notice about your store.

Your window displays give you an opportunity to make a great first impression on passersby. What do yours say? Now is the time to dress your window displays with an enticing look that will ‘Wow’ prospects and draw them into your store

Here are eight quick window dressing tips to help you spruce up and put your best foot forward.

Window displays merchandising monday

1. Shop your own windows as a potential customer. Learn where the shadow areas are and where the prime real estate resides.


2. Choose an underlying theme that unifies your product selection – celebrate the season, highlight a color, or tell a visual story.

  • Pro Tip: Add pillows for pops of color. They’re available in a variety of colors and sizes and are the easiest way to give depth to your showcases and window displays. Use smaller pillows to display pendants or bracelets, and larger ones for the showstoppers. This approach draws attention to the ‘star’ of your display — a fancy new custom design or another outstanding style.


3. Remember, window displays have three dimensions. Ideally, you arrange a pyramid of items in the center of your window, making everything easily visible from different angles. Use tiers, pedestals, and risers to help you achieve height.

  • Pro Tip: Apply the Rule of Three. When thinking about your store’s visual merchandising, remember that groups of three have strong visual appeal and are easy on your customer’s eyes. Elevate your most popular styles with risers, enhancing the focus and drawing customers to the featured product of your choosing.


4. Change your window displays often. Research shows that keeping your windows fresh draws attention and attracts customers into your store.


5. Display just the right amount of products. It may take some trial and error, but you don’t want too many or too few.



Window Displays Lighting Merchandising Monday

6. Research shows that the right lighting can double your sales. Bright spotlights will help highlight the colors and textures of your jewelry, giving life to your window displays.


7. Good signage adds to any display. Incorporate it as part of your overall design calling out product trends such as engravables, two-stone designs, or stackables. You can also use signage to group products by price point. This helps your customers and sales associates find the perfect match, especially when looking for ideally priced gifts.

  • Pro Tip: Keep your inventory easily identifiable with colored tags. Avoid pricing confusion at all costs. A dream sale can turn into a nightmare quickly if your sales associate and/or customer becomes confused over pricing, leading to an unsatisfactory shopping experience. Have no fear! Colored jewelry tags allow you to manage your sales strategies and inventory with ease.


8. Whether through visual elements or splashes of color, continue the theme from your window displays throughout your store for a consistent customer experience.

  • Pro Tip: Incorporate your branding into your window displays. Establishing an effective marketing and branding strategy is one of the keys to securing brand recognition. An effective brand identity anchors your store in the customer’s mind and creates a halo effect that results in more devoted customers and more sales. Include your store’s logo with custom imprinting on totes, ribbons, tissue paper, and packaging. When you take a more aggressive approach to branding, you create a memorable customer experience from window shopping through to a satisfied purchase. For more on branding opportunities, visit stuller.com/buildyourbrand.
Window Displays Branding Logo Custom Imprinting

What do your window displays look like? Share your advice in the comments below! Or, post pictures of your displays on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter with the hashtags #MerchandisingMonday and #HowIStuller.

The Poll Results Are In!

You asked for it

Our latest blog poll asked what you’d like to read about next and the results are in. Visual merchandising speaks to your customers without using words. It starts with capturing your customers’ senses from the moment they enter your store. When done right, it can be the best salesperson on your team. Below are a few suggestions to help create an ambient winter wonderland within your store for the holidays.


The weather outside is frightful

Create a cozy and inviting showroom floor that welcomes your customers from the grips of the cold into the warmth of your store. Evoke their senses by adding holiday sights, sounds, and smells. Holiday scented candles and fragrances like warm sugar cookie or fresh apple cinnamon are sure to make your customers feel right at home. Soft traditional music and holiday videos create an familiar, inviting space for your customers.

Simple floral trimmings add life to a room and make for great holiday decor. Dark evergreen, deep red poinsettias, and textured ribbon add the perfect touch. Try adding woody affects like winter wreaths, pine cones, spray-painted tree branches, and rustic wood slices to give your displays a lively appeal. Then, you can easily swap out these accents after the new year for a brand new look.



Reuse and repurpose

If you’re like me, I’m sure you have no shortage of Christmas decorations lying around your home. The simplest way to set the scene in your store is to repurpose those old decorations. Old, faded, or chipped adornments from years past can be repainted in silver or gold as an inexpensive alternative that looks fabulous. Ornament balls, reindeer, and holiday candles make great decor to place in your cases for a festive touch. Empty jewelry boxes can be wrapped to look just like gifts waiting to be given to that special someone.


The finishing touch

Make the holiday shopping experience complete by putting the finishing touches on your customers’ purchases. Wrapping up their purchases can save your customers time, which they will greatly appreciate. So be sure to take that extra step. Stuller helps to make wrapping a cinch with jeweler’s rolls of gift wrap. Don’t forget to coordinate with elastic bows.

After your customer has chosen his perfect piece, follow with add-ons to enhance your customer’s overall experience. Our Klean Karats® Care Center features everything your customers need to keep their new purchase in top shape, until they come to see you again. It is available in fine, gentle, silver, and natural. The care center comes with cleaner, cloths, and our best-selling ring remover. Read more about which jewelry cleaner is best for you here.


Customize your showcase

Another way to introduce pops of color and emphasis to your showroom floor is through your product displays. Choose to accent your cases with key elements such as neck forms or earring stands. Neck forms are versatile, having two angles to accommodate both neckwear and bracelets. And as always, mixing the texture of your accents allows for depth and variety in your case displays.

A few of our favorite accent colors his holiday season:


Aubergine – A sparkling deep berry

Moon Glow – A glowing, snowy white

Spectrum – An enchanting wintry blue

Pecan Shell – An elegantly warm gold


Design your cases to carry you through the holiday season and past Valentine’s day. Rather than traditional red and green, opt for silver and gold accents. Choose jewelry boxes, ribbon, and tissue that can be dynamic and will blend into the next selling season. Displays in moon glow and pecan shell are versatile and can provide that perfect wintry feel, while still showing their style well into Valentine’s Day and beyond. Allow your décor to bleed from one season to the next, saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on more important things, your customers.


Sign here

Make holiday shopping efficient by adding signage to your cases. This creates a distinction  by calling out product trends, such as engravables, two-stone designs, or stackables. You can also use signage to group products by price point. This will help your customers, as well as sales associates, find the perfect match, especially when looking for ideally priced gifts.


Arrange your products in a way that is easily navigable to make shopping a breeze. Separate your products by assigning each type to its own case located in different areas of your store. Grouping by ensembles will give you the power to cross-sell to your customers. By displaying coordinated combinations like a ring, necklace, and earrings, it’s easy to visualize just how great pieces look when worn together, fueling the desire for more jewelry. Groups of three are visually pleasing and are easy on your customer’s eye. Be sure to use risers to elevate your most popular styles, enhancing their focus and drawing your customers to the featured product of your choosing.


Loosen up

For a unique shopping experience, display a few diamonds and gemstones in your case using gem jars or loose stone towers. This builds a visual aspect and allows the customer to see the stone in detail and pair it with a mounting of her choosing. It also gives an opportunity for upselling, where your customer may buy an aquamarine ring today with the opportunity to replace the center stone with a sapphire or diamond later down the road.

Also, create an interaction with your guests and sell your stones with a story. Presenting loose gems to your customers opens an opportunity to sell with emotion. While handling diamonds and gemstones may become very routine for you, this might be the first time your customer has seen or held such a rare and precious treasure. A skilled presentation of the gem will intensify your customer’s desire to own one and will create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.


How do you attract customers through visual merchandising in your store? Let us know in the comments below!

6 Ways To Incorporate A Jewelry Care Line Into Your Business

Last week, we discussed why it is a good idea to carry a line of jewelry care products. Read the article here. This week, I’ll discuss the logical follow-up question: How can I incorporate a jewelry care line into my business?

Here are six insider tips to consider:

1. Build Your Relationships


Jewelry Care Line Icon EducationJewelry cleaner and polishing cloths are a perfect and easy way to cement your relationship with your customer. When selling a piece of jewelry, it’s an excellent opportunity to offer care and cleaning education. Help your customers understand how to care for their new purchase on a routine basis, and offer to sell them the appropriate cleaner and polishing cloth.


2. Strategically Place Your Jewelry Care Line

Jewelry Care Line Icon Display Klean Karats

Consider stocking your full jewelry care line near your cash wrap. It’s a good reminder for customers who may be in need of replacement products and for your staff to generate an add-on sale at the time of purchase. And if you sell online, be sure to offer your jewelry care line in that marketplace as well. Some jewelers even design their website to prompt an offer of jewelry cleaner and polishing cloths when customers place a purchase in their cart.


3. Give Them Away, Too!

Jewelry Care Line Icon Gift Klean Karats

While selling your jewelry care products and generating add-on sales are important and helpful to your bottom line, there are times when giving away the product supports your business in useful ways. You might offer a gift with purchase for large customers or large purchases, giveaways during special events at the store, or a gift to help massage a difficult customer service issue.


4. Cement Your Expertise

Jewelry Care Line Expertise Klean Karats

If you offer a warranty program, providing jewelry cleaning products at initiation is a nice perk for the customer and allows you to offer messaging about care, cleaning, and regular inspections. When you offer care and cleaning products as part of the initial program start-up, you provide your customer with even more value while cementing your expertise.


5. Engage With The Community

Jewelry Care Line Gift Community Klean Karats


Jewelry care products also offer a great way to engage with the community. You can offer jewelry care products for gift bags at local events – people always love to receive a nice gift or a free jewelry cleaning, which reinforces your brand in a positive way.



6. Share Your Knowledge

Jewelry Care Line Icon Computer

Another way to incorporate your jewelry care line into your business model is to share jewelry care tips on your website or via social media, which helps you educate your customers on how best to care for their beautiful jewelry and can encourage them to purchase care products from your store or website.



Do you have any tips or tricks for incorporating a jewelry care line in your store? Share with us in the comments below.