The 2021 INSTORE Design Awards

Stuller is happy to announce the winners of this year’s 6th annual INSTORE Design Awards. We are so excited to honor these Stuller designers for their hard work and imagination! Our designers were eager to show off the designs that they have been working on during the pandemic.

Let the Stars Align

In the category of Personalized Jewelry, Stuller won 2nd place with our 14K Yellow Amethyst & Diamond Sagittarius Zodiac Constellation Necklace (87512:152:P).

14k yellow amethyst and diamond sagittarius zodiac constellation necklace design

This piece was inspired by the Sun Signs’ constellations and utilized Zodiac birthstones instead of the more traditionally used month birthstones. The featured stones have beautiful color and deep personal meaning, with sparkling dotted diamonds scattered with pierced details. This piece is a very modern, clean geometric take on zodiac jewelry with a clipped corner, dog tag style look.

Classic Meets Modern

For Pearl Jewelry Under $5,000, we placed 1st with our 14K Yellow Cultured Seed Pearl Hoop Earrings (87392:100:P).

14k yellow cultured seed pearl hoop earring design

These earrings are fantastic little pearl hoops as well as a twist on a classic work by stationing the pearls along the outer edges of the earrings.

Lab-Grown Luxury

Stuller won both 1st and 2nd place in the category Laboratory-Created Diamond or Gemstone Jewelry. In 1st place was our 14K White Bezel-Set Graduated Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings (653632:LG604:P).

14k white bezel-set graduated lab-grown diamond earring design

Our design team loves coming up with designs that are mindful of current trends but will stand the test of time. For these earrings, we used a graduating set of our simple bezel settings, set with brilliant lab-grown diamonds that will be sure to turn heads! These elongated diamond-linked earrings have a fluid tapered design that beautifully articulates when worn.

In 2nd place was our 14K White Lab-Grown Diamond Graduated 16″ Necklace (653717:LG101:P).

This piece is an essential yet modern layering necklace. This necklace may be a simple look, but it packs a punch while staying within budget. Our team loves designing styles that utilize the benefits of its stones. With a high carat weight item like this, it is the perfect use for beautiful lab-grown diamonds.

For a Love That Lasts

In the category of Best Engagement/Wedding Jewelry Under $5,000, Stuller was awarded 2nd place with our 14K Yellow 6.5 mm Round Diamond Halo-Style Engagement Ring (124477:137:P).

14k yellow round diamond halo-style engagement ring design

This is a romantic halo engagement ring that our design team loved creating. The oversized proportions of the accents make this piece a modern standout bridal engagement ring while also including an antique feeling. Placing the prongs along the outermost edges gives the halo a delicate look while keeping the stones protected. We enjoy the design challenges in coming up with new halo layouts, as once you layer in stone size, cut, and prong positioning, the creative possibilities are endless! We love playing with all the different looks and combinations that we can create when using fancy accents and stone layouts for a very antique-inspired look.

Look to the Stars

Stuller placed 3rd in Best Necklace Under $5,000 with our 14K Yellow Diamond Moon Phase Bar Necklace (87526:108:P).

14k yellow diamond moon phase bar necklace design

We wanted to create a personal and simplistic piece that tells the story for our 302® Fine Jewelry line. This piece was inspired by all of the celestial, zodiac, and natural motifs we see happening in the fashion and design world. We love using negative space as a design detail, and the diamond accents elevate this piece to feel truly special.

For the Modern Man

In Alternative Materials Jewelry, Stuller won 2nd place with our Black & 18K Yellow Tungsten Grooved Band With Hammer Finish (TAR52125).

black and 18 k yellow tungsten grooved band with hammer finish design

This is a contemporary take on a classic band in a popular black and hammered finish with Black PVD and a gold highlight. The off-center groove helps to accentuate the flat band’s proportions by making this a very modern look. This band was designed with a hip groom in mind for those who aren’t looking for the standard half-round band.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Stuller won 1st place in Best Bracelet over $5,000 with the 14K White Diamond Curb Bracelet (BRC822:601:P).

14k white diamond curb bracelet design

This standout bracelet was designed to have a fluid movement and a concealed clasp, with diamond accents along with the oversized curb chain links. The bracelet was intended to move with the wearer while catching the perfect light at any angle. A fabulous bracelet to wear alone or nest well with any well-curated wrist stack.

A Touch of Color

For Best Earring Under $5,000 category, Stuller placed 3rd with the 14K Yellow Multi-Gemstone & 1/5 CTW Diamond Hoop Earrings (87445110:P).

14k yellow multi-gemstone and diamond hoop earrings

These fun-loving earrings were designed to have a stacked look when worn. The stones have pops of gemstone color with rich blue sapphires and bright aquas, making them an eclectic layering look for any hoop enthusiast. 

Warm and Rosy

And for the last category, Best Price Point Under $500, Stuller won 2nd place with our 14K Rose Diamond Huggies (653650:602:P).

14k rose diamond huggie earrings

These sweet, huggie hoops are a fresh take on a classic from our design team. The geometric cuts of the baguette diamonds shine beautifully when worn by adding interest to the standard diamond-hinged hoop. We were excited to see baguettes being layered in all sorts of stackable styles recently and wanted to add some great new hoops to the modern “earscape” trend!

We are once again so proud of our designers for their incredible talent and creative insight. Make sure to check out the other winning pieces at INSTORE.

Award-Winning Stuller Designs and the Inspiration Behind Them: Part 2


In Part 1, we looked at our lab-grown, personalization, and gemstone winners.  In Part 2, we’ll look at the inspiration behind our unique bridal winners.

Ballerina Bride

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-lace Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-shoe

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-sketch Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-platinum-diamond-engagement-ring-sketch-2

This updated ballerina was designed for the romantic bride who knows that more is more- who can layer antiques with modern trend flawlessly. A traditional halo look, with the geometric north/ south baguettes that has a distinct personality.


123996*: 2nd Place JCK Platinum Jewelry $10,000 & Under

Glamorous Designs

stuller-award-winning-jewelry-marquise-diamond-engagement-ring-bride stuller-award-winning-jewelry-marquise-diamond-engagement-ring-flowers


This engagement was inspired by glamorous brides who are seeking a stacked look in her engagement. A design that’s markedly different from the run of the mill solitaire, we picture this for the bride who’s trendy, feminine and unique in her center shape choice.  


123734*: 2nd Place JCK Best Bridal Design $2,500 & Under

Riveting Rose Cuts

stuller-award-winning-jewelry-round-dimaond-rose-cut-engagement-ring-flowers stuller-award-winning-jewelry-round-dimaond-rose-cut-engagement-ring-diamonds


Over the past year, we have been layering rose-cut engagement rings into our assortment. Rose-cut stones date back to the sixteenth century, but have grown in popularity the last few years.  These trending stones allow us to design into bigger carat looks while keeping the total carat weight low because of the 24 facets. These have such a beautiful, low profile look on the hand and are a perfect fit for the low key, elegant bride who wants a non-traditional diamond engagement ring.


Rose-cut and our other unique cut diamonds can be shopped here.

124130*: 3rd Place INSTORE Best Engagement/Wedding Rings Under $5,000

*dictates items available in platinum

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this blog series, where we look at our winning lab-grown and gemstone looks.  You can also browse all of our 2020 award-winning designs here.

Do you have a favorite award winner? Let us know in the comments below!

Award-winning Stuller designs and the inspiration behind them: Part 1


Stuller’s in-house designers form a creative hub linking our numerous merchandisers with our manufacturing operations. Our designers work back and forth with both groups to achieve the looks desired with the imagination and flair we all seek.

As Executive Director of Product Development, I take particular pride in my team’s many accomplishments. With warmest congratulations to our department, I’d like to share a few of the recent awards from JCK and INSTORE.

Personalization: Trend   JCK JCA 2020 Winner

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-personalization-inspiration Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-personalization-inspiration-2

We always look for ways that allow our customers and their clients to express their personalities. Letters are an evergreen trend in home, apparel, and accessories.

Layering personalization up onto the ear has been one of the newest trends, as we see women and men adding more piercings to accomplish this.

We also love coming up with new combinations from our vast component libraries, mixing and matching our dangles, bails, trims, and hoops.


87230*: JCK Editorial Team as Best in Personalized Jewelry

 3rd Place Personalized Jewelry: All Price Points

From the Lab: Trend/Lab-Grown Diamonds Instore 2020 Award Winner

Using lab-grown diamonds, we can create higher total carat weight products at a compelling retail price. We designed these pieces, knowing they make a fashion statement, and flow effortlessly from day to night with their relaxed, organic forms.

We design many iterations and combinations using our vast findings library as well!


653632: 2nd Place Lab-Created Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry

From the Lab: Trend/Lab-Grown Diamonds  JCK JCA 2020 Winner

Stuller-Award-Winning-Jewelry-Ring-Sketches Stuller-Award-Winning-Jewelry-Ring-Sketch-2

We sometimes play with many variations to get the right combination for a casual design — it seems random when it’s anything but!


124050*: 1st Place Lab-Grown Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry

Best in Lab-Grown by Instagram Influencers and the JCK Editors

Radial Energy: Trend/Gemstones  JCK JCA 2020 Winner


With its celestial elements, we designed this necklace to inspire positivity, calm, and clarity. Starburst- and Ray-inspired designs prevail in both antique and contemporary designs.


87041*: 1st Place Best Price Point $501-$1,000

Instagram Influencers and the JCK Editorial Team for Best Price Point

Radial Energy: Trend/Diamonds

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-radial-diamond-render Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-radial-diamond-sketch

These items can hold significant personal meaning in their symbolism and pair well with wondrous stones like opals and diamonds.


87259*: 3rd Place Best Necklace Under $5,000

Organized Clusters: Trend/Gemstones   JCK JCA 2020 Winner

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-radial-gemstone-cobblestone Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-radial-gemstone-cobblestone-2

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-radial-gemstone-sketch Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-radial-gemstone-sketch-2

This necklace was inspired by cobblestone street patterns, with beautiful color ranges in natural gemstones. The color shift gives the piece movement and interest.


87058*: Tied for 1st Place Colored Gemstone Jewelry $2,500 and Under  

Organized Clusters: Gemstones   Instore 2020 Award Winner

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-organized-clusters-sketch Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-organized-clusters-sketch-2

The perfectly imperfect trend inspired this necklace featuring scattered Gemstones. We used pearls to offset the diamond accents and create a casual, delicate look — an update to the multi pearl necklace center. Though it appears somewhat haphazard, the intentional placements in the design achieve the natural, organic look.


87273*: 3rd Place Pearl Jewelry Under $5,000

Organized Clusters: Diamonds    Instore 2020 Award Winner

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-organized-clusters-diamonds-cad Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-organized-clusters-diamonds-cad-2.png

Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-organized-clusters-diamonds-render Stuller-award-winning-jewelry-organized-clusters-diamonds-render-2

We drew inspiration for this ring from the happy discovery of an old master in our vault. In recreating the piece, we brought the design up to our current setting standards, and created a CAD based on the master. In the process, we lowered the height to suit contemporary taste. We loved the original design, and this dramatic update feels as modern as the day it was made!


124318*: 3rd Place Diamond Jewelry Under $5,000

Be on the lookout for Part 2 of this series, where we take a look at our winning bridal looks.  You can also browse all of our 2020 award-winning designs here.

*dictates items available in platinum

Do you have a favorite award winner? Let us know in the comments below!