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Doug Meadows
Hero Maker & Visionary
Hero Maker & Visionary at David Douglas Diamonds and Jewelry • I'm the Douglas in David Douglas (Dave and Doug Meadows) • I'm a transplant from Detroit, MI • 3rd generation bench jeweler • 1st generation jewelry retailer • Happily married for 38 years • I have 5 kids - 4 boys and 1 girl ages 26 to 16 • I have a passion to partner with Jesus • I love a good cup of coffee

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Feature Friday – Doug Meadows

The Hero Maker and Visionary

I’m a transplant from Detroit, Michigan, 3rd generation bench jeweler, and 1st generation jewelry retailer. And my story starts with my grandfather, Arthur Meadows signing a lease at the Michigan Building in 1926 at the ripe, young age of 22. After 57 years of beautiful summers and cold winters, we read more…