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David Konkle
CAD Design Specialist
I’ve been with Peter Franklin Jewelers since 2010 • I plan to live forever, so far so good • The best way to lead is by example • I have an obsession with watches and micro engineering • My favorite quote is by Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't you're right"! • We can never have too much humility • Just for the record life is not a fairy tale, so if you lose your shoe at midnight you're probably just drunk.

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Feature Friday – David Konkle

The CAD master from Peter Franklin Jewelers

The owner of Peter Franklin, Peter F. Ball, had been good friends with my dad growing up. Around May 2010, I heard he needed help with CAD drawings to meet the demand for more custom pieces. Having prior CAD experience, I helped out and quickly realized how comfortable I was read more…