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Chad Elliott
Owner & Master Jeweler, Oceanside Jewelers
I’ve owned Oceanside Jewelers since 2007 • I thought I wanted to be an airplane pilot • I never expected to be a jeweler forever • I don’t like when people say “knock, knock” when they are at the door • I like any and all sushi • Working with kindergarteners is much better than working with adults • I love the beach and the ocean • I am not a big fan of parades and musicals • Anything (and everything) can be cooked on a BBQ grill • Raw clams are better than raw oysters!

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Feature Friday – Chad Elliott

The sea-loving store owner

Welcome to Oceanside Jewelers! My business card says Owner and Master Jeweler, only because adding janitor, bookkeeper, and maintenance worker didn’t seem appropriate. A typical day is a combination of bench work and setting, counter sales, office work, and then maybe some flasks get invested and put into the oven. read more…