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Brian Barnes, 37 years old from Lexington, SC • Jewelry is my life, but growing up it was always sports • Football, baseball, and basketball were the three main team sports down south • Now, I enjoy running (on flat land) • I have one marathon and two half-marathons on my resume, looking to add more • Don’t ask my time for those races • On or near the water is where I like to be • If I’m not having fun playing games on the beaches of South Carolina or wake-boarding on Lake Norman, you can find me on a golf course • Golf is a true passion of mine, though I wish I was better • My wife wishes I was a lot better so I could join the tour… so she can retire and shop for a yacht! • It’s a dream…. But what’s a dream if you can’t dream together?

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The basketball fan with the Loudmouth pants

Then There Were 4 Late in the second half of the Elite 8 game between my beloved South Carolina Gamecocks and the Florida Gators, we arrived back to the hotel from Stuller in Lafayette, LA. Tied ball game. Eight minutes left. The only thing to do was finish watching the read more…