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Brett Weiler
Owner, Decatur City Jewelers
I’ve been in the industry for over 40 years • Proud pit bull advocate and owner • Jules & I usually walk 3-4 miles before the sun comes up • I believe that in all transactions in life, be it business or personal, if both parties don't benefit.. don't do it • It's my way or the highway • Control freak? If it is in my control • I love all things stone- I sculpt in stone • I firmly believe in the power of naps • Jules & I take naps at work • I do not suffer fools • I do not like ripples on my pond!

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Feature Friday – Brett Weiler

The guy with the cool store and friendly dog

Someone once told me, “If you pick a job you love to do, you never really have to go to work.” I’m fortunate to have that luxury. I get to wake up and fulfill my passion each and every day. My store is a one-man show. I never wanted an read more…