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Shop Unique Men’s Wedding Bands For the Groom

Let’s talk a bit about unique men’s wedding bands. It’s no secret that brides-to-be get the spotlight. And rightfully so. But still, it’s important to focus on the guys too. After all, his wedding band will likely be on his finger forever— at least ’til death! He’ll fiddle with it, wear it to work, to sleep, out swimming or golfing. He’ll wear his wedding band everywhere.


So, his wedding band should reflect his personality and fit his lifestyle. Consider a few of these unique men’s wedding bands to offer that lucky guy.


Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Platinum Rings

From L to R: 519319863MGRF105201312387951915


Platinum is the strongest metal around. It’s also the rarest precious metal— thirty times rarer than gold. It’s also the densest, which means it’ll feel weighty and significant on the groom’s finger. Stock this superior metal quality to express rarity and strength in your selection of unique men’s wedding bands.

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Men’s Bands in Many Metal Qualities

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Metal Quality Rings

From the Top: 51854TAR51908 • TAR5191251838 • 123307


Every guy is different. So, prepare to accommodate every character with different metal qualities. Stuller stocks classic metals like gold, silver, and platinum. We also offer contemporary metals like tungsten, cobalt, titanium and more.

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Delicately Detailed Men’s Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Detailed Rings

From L to R: 51876 • 123860 • 653540 • 51897 • 51890 • 51948 • 51929


Diamonds aren’t just for the ladies. To make men’s bands more vibrant, bring some stones into the equation. There are plenty of options with diamond accents. Or, create a special ring by adding gemstones to signify something deep and meaningful to its wearer. It’s all in the details!

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Patterned Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Unique Men's Wedding Bands Engraved Rings

From L to R: 653540 • 51777 • 51937 • 51857


Try going non-traditional with engraved textures and two-tone metals. Adding different qualities to his band affords the opportunity to sport a stylish, yet subtle trend. Not a two-tone guy? Don’t worry, take a classic wedding band and put a little twist on it with distinctive patterns or engraved textures.

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Love These Mother’s Day Fine Jewelry Looks

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Are you prepared?

This special holiday brings a springtime boost to your business following Valentine’s Day and Eastertide. And it honors matriarchs of all kinds. After all, she’s the heart and soul of most families. She holds things together through the ups and the downs. She’s Mom. And Sunday, May 12 is her special day — a day to honor her dedication to family.

Take your customers through the scenic route with the Mother’s Day fine jewelry shown below. Share the sprawling abundance of styles and stones worthy of her strong devotion.


Shop the Stuller Mother’s Day Jewelry Lookbook

Living Coral – Pantone 2019 Color of the Year

Mother's Day Jewelry Coral Trends

Jewelry from L to R: 868457206212307372089

Coral looks fabulous on every mom and grandmom. It’s almost like the shade was designed to blend with every skin tone and type. So, suggest gifting mom with the 2019 Pantone® Color of the Year, Living Coral. This stunning color inspires feelings of affection to celebrate inner and outer beauty. Look toward stones like peach morganite, padparadscha sapphire, sunrise mystic topaz, and genuine pink coral to feel these warm heartfelt hues.

Personalized Mother’s Day Fine Jewelry

Mother's Day Jewelry Personalization

From L to R: 86980653575861308709165342652002868008679712306512383451895123834652586653445653574

She is unique to every family. Her presence is irreplaceable and her aura shines brightly. Send Mom’s heart soaring with jewelry that captures her innate identity. Offer personalized pieces in your Mother’s Day fine jewelry collection with initial jewelry, monogrammed designs, and pendants with engraved dates especially for her.

Stylish Fine Jewelry Gifts

Mother's Day Jewelry Stylish Gifts

From L to R: 124124720991240578701186984869218695187028124050 • 87012 • 87000

She’s a fashion-forward mom who appreciates treating herself to on-trend jewelry. Empower her with jewelry as stylish as she is. Luckily, Stuller offers trendy styles available for next-day delivery. Browse the designs above, each centered around a unique trend.

Mother’s Day Geometric Jewelry Trends

Mother's Day Jewelry Geometric Darling Delights

From L to R: 87018869438703386999 • 12406051962

Help her express her sense of fashion with trendy geometric jewelry that exemplifies her unique style. Share shapes, sharp angles, and negative space themes with your clientele.

Smooth Statement Jewelry

Mother's Day Jewelry Smooth Statements

From L to R: 8696386860 • 87019520045189686939

Cool contours and intricate details define this Mother’s Day fine jewelry style. Elevate her wardrobe with any of the trendy pieces above. Or, shop Stuller’s Mother’s Day fine jewelry lookbook for more inspiration.

Which Mother’s Day fine jewelry fashions are trending in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Stylish 2019 Jewelry Trends to Ignite Your Sales and Selection

We’re always on the hunt for the next big thing. That’s why Stuller’s style experts spend the entire year scouting what’s around the bend in the world of jewelry. Then, as soon as we uncover the latest jewelry trends, we pass them right on to you. The styles shown below will nearly sell themselves. In fact, your only trouble will be keeping them in stock.


Here are five stylish 2019 jewelry trends to ignite your sales and selection during the springtime selling season.

Rainbow Jewelry

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Rainbow Trendlines

Why settle on one color when you can have them all? Rainbow trends are on the rise and we’re quite thrilled about it. From bright eternity bands to colorful statement necklaces, rainbow gemstones will light up any setting. Stock a spectrum of colors to showcase one of the frontrunning 2019 jewelry trends.

Art Deco-Inspired Jewelry

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Art Deco Inspired Trendlines

The Roaring Twenties gave rise to the glamorous and striking art deco style we’ve come to adore over the last few decades. Millennials especially love this style because it makes a bold statement that incorporates both past and present trends. Read more about why millennials are obsessed with vintage-inspired jewelry here.

Updated Halo-Style Jewelry

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Updated Halo Trendlines

Halo-style jewelry isn’t exactly the latest trend. Yet, we keep noticing new ways to exemplify this age-old design. For example, adding halos around gemstones or unique shapes like oval or marquise seems to appeal to today’s customers. In some cases, we’ve even seen colored stones, lab-grown diamonds, and moissanite melee thrown into these new halo styles.

Baguette Pendants & Bands

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Baguette Bands Trendlines

Do you think baguettes are old school? Think again. This year, these elongated beauties have come into their own by making fun and fashionable statements. Their versatile shapes can turn a delicate gold band into a treasured family heirloom or create vibrant starbursts around center stones for a captivating conversation starter.

Modern Pearl Jewelry

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Modern Pearl Trendlines

Pearls lend understated elegance to any wardrobe, but the latest 2019 jewelry trends suggest greater daring. Experiment with clustering pearls together for an eye-catching update on the classic strand. Or, choose a large pearl center stone for customers who seek luxury and elegance.


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Here are the Hottest Valentine’s Day Jewelry Trends This Year

The quintessential Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolate, wine, flowers, and jewelry. And while some of these gifts can be picked up on the way home from work on February 14th (not recommended), jewelry purchases require a little more preparedness. But alas, there are always those last-minute stragglers.

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Ship Today

Luckily, you’ve prepared for this. And remember, we’re here for all of your last-minute gift suggestions. As you’re scouring our stock online, make sure to filter products in the left sidebar to make sure you’ll receive your goodies the next day.

Here are the hottest Valentine’s Day jewelry trends this year


Symbols of Love

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Symbols of Love
Jewelry is an expression of oneself. And symbols do the same. So it only makes sense that symbolic jewelry is an ideal way to show individuality and character. Whether by religious tokens, hearts, arrows, or animals, symbolic metal fashion pieces are some of the hottest 2019 Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Regal & Floral Designs

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Regal Floral JewelryYour customer is a queen. She deserves the royal treatment. These regal and ornate designs will highlight her poise and style. It’s all about the tiny details in this year’s Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Personalized Jewelry

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Personalization
No two people are alike. Every woman wants to feel one of a kind. Offer jewelry that captures her essence and individuality. And while time is running short for custom engraved or monogrammed designs, you can still suggest initial rings, necklaces, and birthstone stackables. These are making quite a splash as the next Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.


Classic Pearl Trends

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Classic Pearls

You just can’t beat the classics. Pearl jewelry reappears year after year as one of the top Valentine’s Day jewelry trends. They’re modest, yet refined and tasteful. These beauties transcend the garden of time and add a tasteful touch to any look.

Don’t Forget Your Packaging

Valentines Day Jewelry Trends Packaging
For your Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts, boxes and bags are crucial. In fact, this is the WORST time to run short on ring boxes, so make sure you’re well stocked. Packaging and presentation truly seal the deal when it comes to first impressions. Make sure her eyes light up with delight by choosing vivid Valentine’s Day colors. Suggest suede, plushy textures that softly say “I love you.”


Here’s another tip: Tier your Valentine’s Day jewelry by price point. Encourage jewelry under $500, $250, and $100 to meet every budget. And with self-purchases on the rise, your gals might just pick up an on-budget piece (or two) for herself!

Styles featured in header (L to R): 720657204272075 • 72012720217186372013

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Stock These New Winter Jewelry Trends to Warm the Wardrobe

It’s the first day of winter! And that means today is also the shortest day of the year—so take action. With nightfall closing in faster than usual, today’s colder weather calls for layer upon layer of show-stopping style. Suggest these new winter jewelry trends to warm your customers’ wardrobes. Celebrate metal’s texture, form, and finish this wintertime by touting gold in its many shades. After all, red, gold, and silver are core colors this time of year.


Here are our favorite winter jewelry trends to share this year

Rosy cheeks and rose gold tones

Rose gold rings are all the rage. Gleaming with a warmly burnished sheen, this rosy-toned metal bursts with femininity. Just a glimpse of this glowing metal fashion is enough to lend warmth to winter’s bitter cold.

Gilded in gold

Gold rests comfortably at the top of the precious metal food chain. And what’s more festive for holiday season than glimmering yellow gold? The gold leaf ear climbers above remind us of wreaths, while the circular pendant with baguette accents conveniently mimics a snowflake’s delicacy.

Under the earmuffs

A mainstay on the metal fashion scene, white gold belongs in a winter wonderland. Let’s not forget about icy blue gemstones and vibrant violet shades, too. These cool hues pop when set in white gold and lead the way for this year’s winter jewelry trends.

Stacking stuffers

Stackables are still in style. Diamond and gemstones eternity bands top this year’s winter jewelry trends.

Winter Jewelry Trends Stackable Rings

From the Top: 123864123608123865123858123853123836122844

What’s hot in your store this holiday season? Share your area’s winter jewelry trends using #HowIStuller on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest.

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We’re Falling Hard for These New Autumn Jewelry Trends

Fall is finally here! And with it, tons of new autumn jewelry trends. Here are four of our favorite looks below, from runway trends to the latest best-sellers.


Sometimes less is more. While there’s no denying that there’s beauty in simplicity, that’s not what we’re here to discuss today. This fall, it seems like bigger and blingier is far better! New trendlines are leading to larger statement earrings and necklaces, diamond and gemstones clusters, and intricate details. Keep these popular styles in mind as we gear full steam ahead toward the holiday season.

Autumn Jewelry Trends Social Share

Here are four of our favorite autumn jewelry trends

Large Striking Earrings


A post shared by GEM GOSSIP™ (@gemgossip) on

Twisted and textured, these simple drop earrings can be dressed up or down.


Let these bezel-set beauties shine brightly in your arsenal of autumn jewelry trends.

These chandelier earrings feel retro and are quite awe-inspiring.

Diamond & Gemstone Clusters


As the snowy season enters, these diamond cluster earrings look like little snowflakes— dainty and one-of-a-kind.



Turquoise was destined to lead autumn jewelry trends.



One cannot go astray with diamonds clustered around an opal center stone.

These pink and opal-inspired earrings are perfect for October babies and my personal favorites in this collection.

Soft Organic Forms


Match nature’s burnt autumnal hues with these beautiful rose gold free-form leaf earrings.

Like flowing flower petals or even double-helix strands, these twisted earrings are unique in form and texture.


Vintage-inspired neckpieces balance curvature with elegance. And a lustrous pearl accent adds some classic charm.

Intricately Ornate Details


These two pieces were submitted by Stuller product designers into the 2018 MJSA Vision Awards. The Fire Teardrop Pendant Necklace above placed 2nd in the 4 or more Years in Business category and features a 20+ carat topaz center stone. It is exquisitely adorned with yellow, burnt-orange, and garnet-red colored diamonds, and set in an 18k yellow gold pendant.

Again, the morganite pendant above features dainty, detailed diamonds against rose gold in a suave, curvy design.

Which autumn jewelry trends are turning up in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Ways to Wear This Season’s Sharpest Geometric Jewelry Trends

A few months ago, trendspotters here at Stuller noticed geometric jewelry trends were soaring in popularity. We even named geometric engagement designs as a top unique engagement ring trend in 2018. This may not come as breaking news, however. You’ve probably had customers requesting geometric jewelry for quite some time now.

What’s more compelling, though, is the spread of industries this trend covers. Smartphones are squarer and sleeker. Cars are more shapely and look futuristic. Architecture is modern and well proportioned. Even our food takes on new shapes. This far-reaching effect is what defines a true, healthy trend. After all, as fads come and go, trends emerge and evolve.



All in all, this means the styles mentioned below are here to stay. Take Tiffany’s new engagement line — Tiffany True — for example. The company’s newest ring feels scientifically engineered, featuring a new diamond cut that is square(ish) and exudes contemporary elegance. This bold new direction gives a strong nod to geometric design and leads us toward the future of jewelry. So keep those Asscher-cut diamonds and triangle-shaped earrings well stocked— this geometric jewelry trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Here are four of this season’s sharpest geometric jewelry trends and our favorite new pieces—

Baguettes by the dozen

Baguette diamonds, named for long French loaves of bread, came into the spotlight somewhere during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry periods. Upon their arrival onto the jewelry scene, women chose baguettes as a break from the traditional round diamond. And still today, these boxy little stones stand apart and are perfect for expressing individuality— an easy selling point for today’s buyer.

Sharp edges

Like diamond and gemstone facets, polished metal reflects light just as well. Jewelry with sharp edges and angular forms express detail, depth, and dimension. Chiseled bands and jagged necklines shimmer in the spotlight and make sound impressions of their own.

Get in the groove

Grooved details add appeal to an otherwise unembellished band. Tell the hand-carved story to sell one-of-a-kind men’s bands and ladies’ stackable standouts.

Negative space

Yep. Negative space jewelry is still a front-running favorite. Because, well, bare metal is beautiful. This trend celebrates metal and its many textures, forms, and finishes. These pieces command attention through their elegant simplicity and enduring appeal.

Shop more geometric jewelry trends on Stuller.com

How are geometric jewelry trends received in your area? Are they flying off the shelves, or not quite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Introducing Stuller’s New 302 Fine Jewelry Brand

One of our most significant and exciting releases at JCK Las Vegas this year was 302™, Stuller’s newest fine jewelry brand. With female self-purchasers on the rise, we’ve curated the 302 Fine Jewelry Collection to cater directly to this fast-growing demographic.

We divided 302 Fine Jewelry into five personality-inspired collections — Sage, Ruler, Seeker, Rebel, and Innocent — each with its hand-selected jewelry curations. We know every woman is different, so we created a line for all modern women, whether she likes trendy geometrics, striking symbols, or everything in between.

Shop Stuller’s new 302 Fine Jewelry Collection

The Sage Collection™

For the woman who reaches for the stars

The Sage Collection, full of constellations, moons, and starbursts, was inspired by those who value knowledge, understanding, and, most importantly, wonder.

302 Fine Jewelry Sage Collection


The Ruler Collection™

For the woman who was born to lead

With classy pearls, colorful gemstones, and romantic accents, the Ruler Collection contains royalty-themed jewelry. Doesn’t every woman deserve the royal treatment?

302 Fine Jewelry Ruler Collection

51827650871986719747198251816518487197272024 • 123433

The Seeker Collection™

For the woman who knows the journey is better than the destination

In the Seeker Collection, cluster jewelry celebrates the innate curiosity, which brings women to new and exciting experiences.

302 Fine Jewelry Seeker Collection

8682586852123520123818123703868378685412374386806 • 51760

The Rebel Collection™

For the woman who knows that rules were made to be broken

The Rebel Collection boasts our newest geometric jewelry, freeing women from conformity and monotony.

302 Fine Jewelry Rebel Collection

86838 • 8686186855 • 8681786818 • 86753

The Innocent Collection™

For the woman who believes

The Innocent Collection features peaceful symbolic jewelry to delight the faithful and renew hope in all that’s good.

302 Fine Jewelry Innocent Collection


Become an Authorized Retailer

By meeting an initial buy-in, you will gain access to marketing materials exclusive to the 302 Fine Jewelry line as well as support from our expert staff. 302 boasts flexibility and price points to fit any size business and provide additional support for your success. Visit Stuller.com to view each collection and call our 302 Fine Jewelry merchandising specialist at 800-877-7777 ext. 3648 to become an authorized retailer.

This post was written by Ally Gary, Marketing Copywriter, in collaboration with Blaire Hovis, Stuller’s Fine Jewelry Director

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A Guide to Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Being a mom is an ever-growing job. With each passing milestone, Moms earn badges right alongside their kids — remember the “I-made-it-through-one-day-without-crying” achievement? And since Mom is always changing, her jewelry style is bound to make a couple of 360’s every once in a while. Now, this certainly doesn’t mean her style is restricted to one category over another. After all, every mom is different. And here’s the perfect way to celebrate that. 


Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for a quick guide to Mother’s Day jewelry gifts:

New Moms

The Perfectly Practical Parents

These moms lean toward simple, appropriate looks for all times of the day. And to avoid unnecessary injury at the hands of an intrigued infant, anything that dangles is definitely out. Suggest simplicity to new mothers.


Super Soccer Moms

The Schedule-Juggling Superstars

Snacks. Practice. Homework. Dinner. These moms don’t have much time to decide on wardrobe accents. They’re busy being the loudest cheerleaders, the #1 supporters, and the always-open advice givers. Push personalized or family jewelry to this crowd.


Seasoned Moms

The Venturesome Veterans

With the kids a bit older, seasoned moms have a little more time to deliberate on which type of jewelry they’re sporting. They also have more time for those fancy dinner dates and nights out on the town. We suggest higher priced Mother’s Day jewelry gifts for these matrons.



The Wisest Elders

Grandmothers hold a special place in our hearts. They favor more classic, timeless styles. And they’re more likely to acquire and pass down their Mother’s Day jewelry gifts as heirloom pieces.


And as her collection of Mother’s Day jewelry gifts grows, she’ll need to keep it clean and stored in a safe place while she’s on the go. Offer her these gifts as an added touch this Mother’s Day!

Let us know in the comments below which Mother’s Day jewelry gifts sell best in your store.

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Trend Alert: Vintage-Inspired Jewelry

Vintage-inspired jewelry continues to make an important statement. You’ve probably hosted customers searching for the perfect vintage engagement. The bride-to-be may have worn high-waist jeans while her beau sported a grizzly beard or high-top sneakers. It’s no secret: trends come and go, then return to center stage.

What’s The Hype About Vintage?

People have and will always look to the past to create meaning in the present. Nostalgia takes us back, while also propelling us forward. And there’s no denying that Millennials have a pronounced fascination with all things vintage. Perhaps it’s because the younger crowd yearns for context and compelling back-stories with every purchase. Think about it — Toms shoes has its ‘one for one’ philanthropy, Microsoft started out of Bill Gates’ garage, and so on. Or maybe it’s this age of digital technology overload that makes vintage a stable refuge from contemporary, fleeting fads. The history and allure of vintage-inspired jewelry fit perfectly into our culture where niche is the new norm.

Here’s What To Do

Plumb the vintage depths. Subtle nods to classic vintage styles may not be enough anymore. Be prepared to dive deeper into rich and interesting, even odd, jewelry customs of yesteryear. Remember how two-stone rings are suddenly all the rage? It’s no coincidence; this distinct design has evolved from a centuries-old style. As artisans, we can incorporate looks from the past to create meaningful and customized pieces, bedazzling patrons of all ages

Suggest vintage-inspired jewelry like those shown below. They might be the perfect pick for that snazzy bearded young man who just can’t seem to find what he’s looking for.

Sharply Detailed Earrings

The devil’s in the details with these dramatic earrings. Sculptured metalwork gives a charming nod to antique Georgian jewelry. These babies promise to become treasured heirlooms for generations to come.

Diamond Accents of Antiquity • 123303

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 14K White Round Diamond Engagement Ring Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 14K White Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The Brilliant Beaded Belle • 123240

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 14K Gold Acsher Accented Engagement Ring Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 14K Gold Acsher Accented Engagement Ring

Vintage Halo with a Chiseled Shank • 123374

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings

Stuller continues to create vintage-inspired jewelry like these stunning engagements, for example. We take the most classic styles and add feminine, romantic details through metalwork and diamond accents to create timeless, lasting looks.

Beaming Time-Honored Bands

If she opts for a simple engagement, suggest one of these ornate bands as an elegant touch to your customer’s ring finger.

So how is vintage-inspired jewelry received in your area? Is it in high demand or a thing of the past? Let us know in the comments below!