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Ashley Corley
Marketing Project Manager
I've been with Stuller since 2005 • Movies, Music and Cartoons from the 80’s are the best • New Orleans Saints fan • Cupcakes for breakfast, you better believe it • Never waste a chance to give away a smile • Amazon junkie • I enjoy every opportunity I’m given in life • Volunteering at local festivals is a blast.

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Pearl Buying FAQs Blog Header

5 Pearl Buying FAQs and How to Best Answer Them

It's National Wear Your Pearls Day! Celebrate by guiding your customers toward pearls

As the great Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate.” Like most other gemstones, pearls don’t fit neatly into one particular category. Their subtle, luxurious beauty boasts multiple personalities to suit the many customers who choose them. In our experience, we receive multiple pearl buying FAQs from our wonderful read more…

Big News On Burmese Rubies

They're back!

October 7, 2016, the U.S. Government lifted its 13-year ban on importing Burmese rubies. At Stuller, we’re excited. The most beautiful, desired, and rare of all rubies, Burmese rubies are prized for their natural “pigeon blood” color and command the highest prices. Not all rubies coming from Myanmar are pigeon read more…

The Journey To Black Box Gemstones ®

Black Box Gemstones ® are hand-selected for their rarity and beauty. But what does it really mean to be hand-selected? Ever wondered how Stuller chooses its gemstones? In the video below, watch as our team of experts travels the globe to Thailand, the gemstone hub of the world, to hand-select the read more…

Feature Friday – Ashley Corley

The Eager Gemologist

I thought I wanted to work for a cruise line or as a flight attendant. I wanted to have the opportunity to travel the world. With that in mind, I decided to study Hotel Hospitality Management. I knew how to be hospitable, but I needed to learn more about the read more…

The Boomerang of the Fashion World

Ashley Corley explains the universal and timeless appeal of pearls

My two-year anniversary just passed, and to mark the special occasion, I gave my wife her first strand of pearls. What made the gift so unique and special was that using Stuller’s service, I was able to pick out not only the perfect strand for her unique taste, but also read more…