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Angela Busby
Former Stone Setting Model Maker Master / Trainer for Manufacturing
I've been with Stuller since 1984 • I studied opera • I know all the lyrics to every Elton John song • I met my husband at Stuller 31 years ago • My husband thinks I'm an alien • I am the 1st JA certified bench jeweler in the state of Louisiana • I love shoes • I love to laugh.

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working with platinum blog header

A Step-by-Step Guide to Working With Platinum

Tools and techniques to make the job a whole lot easier

Platinum in its finished state is an absolutely beautiful metal. It can also be a little tricky when working it due to the softness of the metal. Knowing what tools and techniques to use can make the job a whole lot easier.   Here are a few things you need to read more…

Sizing A Channel Set Mounting

Angela shares her sizing tips

Have you ever experienced the nightmare of sizing down a channel set mounting that has already been set, with the channel running across the shank (see illustration 1)? If so, you may have also experienced the stones falling out or becoming loose. Though this problem does not exist with all read more…