All That Shimmers: Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

As personalization continues to lead our industry, Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021 gives you all you need to quickly find that special stone within one of the industry’s widest selections. With 130 pages, this catalog features Stuller’s comprehensive assortment of diamonds and gemstones: beloved classics, on-trend favorites, and many new colorful options.

And in this latest installment, we’re doing things a bit differently.

Here are 5 cool updates in Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021

1. Beautiful New Look

This reimagined edition of our classic catalog is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. With its gorgeous new look, we’re sure you and your customers will love this catalog as much as we do. And, it will become your go-to resource for all things diamonds and gemstones.

2. New Products

Completely new to this catalog are Stuller Notable Gems™ and Stuller Diamonds® with grading reports. These two beautiful collections have their own chapter, setting the stage for a vast array of sparkling, stunning stones to come.

Dive in to discover a unique shape, cut, or color you may not have known we supply, such as fancy-color sapphires, multicolor tourmaline, salt-and-pepper diamonds, and so much more.

Diamonds & Gemstones specialty diamonds

3. Improved Navigation

We strive to make each new catalog better than the last, and this one is no exception.

You can look forward to a variety of navigational and other visual changes, starting with the beautiful, easily shoppable product pages and photography. From stone stock to services, you’ll discover everything you need within these six chapters.

Diamonds & Gemstones calibrated gemstones

4. Sourcing Map

Chapter six hosts a medley of cool and useful reference materials, and one of the things we’re most excited about is our sourcing map! You can see the global destinations our in-house experts visit to source only the best stones for you and your customers.

Diamonds & Gemstones sourcing map and color wheel

5. Gemstone Color Wheel

Our gemstone color wheel offers you a quick, at-a-glance comparison of various gemstones. With this handy reference, you can help your customers visualize the differences between gemstones of similar colors. Or, show them which colors would pair well.

The above is just a sampling of what awaits you in Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021. With discrete pricing, a references section that offers perforated pages, and captivating imagery, this catalog release is one of our most exciting of the year. And to build on that excitement, we’re running another catalog contest!

Color With Stuller

Show us your photo faves!

  1. From September 8 through October 9, 2020, take an image of your favorite photo from the new catalog.
  2. Submit that image to our Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtags #HowIStuller and #ColorWithStuller. You can also email entries to
  3. We will randomly select two winners to receive a $250 Stuller account credit toward the purchase of a diamond or gemstone!

Note: Winners must have a Stuller account in good standing and will be contacted via phone or email no later than October 14, 2020.

Flip through the pages in your copy, or browse the individual chapters online. You’ll be dazzled and delighted by what you unearth within!

Learn more about Diamonds and Gemstones 2020­-2021 on the Stuller website.

Lights, Camera, Jewelry: Happy World Photography Day

Every year, on August 19, we celebrate all things photography: the art, the craft, the science, and the history of this beloved medium.

As an industry, we have much to thank photography for. After all, perfectly captured jewelry photos can drive unprecedented traffic to your store or site, help you tell your brand’s story, land you a spotlight on a prestigious website, and more.

For this year’s celebration, we’re diving briefly into the history of World Photography Day and then highlighting a few Stuller products that will make jewelry photography a breeze for you.

Why August 19?

In 1837, Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce changed the world with the invention of the daguerreotype, the first publicly available photographic process. Two years later, the French Academy of Sciences unveiled this new invention to the world.

Although others would go on to improve photo processes of the time — such as Thomas Sutton, who took the first color photograph in 1861 — it’s Nicéphore Niépce whom history now knows as the Father of Photography.

Okay, but back to the question: why August 19?

Because August 19, 1839, was when the French Academy of Sciences gifted the daguerreotype to the rest of the world. In 2010, when World Photography Day was established, August 19 was fitting.

Happy 183rd birthday, photography!

Enhance Your Jewelry Photos

Simply put, photography is integral to industry success. Even if you’re not big on the social media scene, you probably need to take shots of your jewelry for something: appraisals, inventory, repair take-ins, custom job updates, and more.

The good news? Jewelry photography doesn’t have to be your forté, because Stuller makes it easy for any jeweler to up their photo game. When you have a split second to catch someone’s eye, make it count with some of our favorite Stuller-tried-and-tested products:


Capture ready-to-share, studio-quality images using nothing more than a smartphone with the GemLightbox. With the accompanying phone app, you can edit and upload your photos for use anywhere. All you have to do is place your jewelry inside, point, and shoot.

The result? Beautiful jewelry photos on consistent white backgrounds.

GemLightbox for jewelry photos
Item # 12-1210

GemLightbox Turntable

Get an up-close, 360-degree view at your jewelry with this turntable system, designed specifically to work with the GemLightbox.

The floating arm gives you complete control over adjusting the camera into any desired position, which makes it a breeze to work under.

GemLightbox Turntable for jewelry photos
Item # 12-1211

GemLightbox Aerial Turntable

Shoot photos and videos of hanging earrings, pendants, chains, and watches with the Aerial Turntable. This easy-to-set-up product is a plug-and-play solution that was designed to work inside the GemLightbox.

Gone are the days of photographing jewelry lying down at unflattering angles!

GemLightbox Aerial Turntable for jewelry photos
Item # 12-1212

Gemax Pro-II Digital Microscope — A Stuller Exclusive!

Show customers the raw, crisp beauty of your jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones with the Gemax Pro-II.

This digital microscope makes it easy for you to do a variety of tasks:

  • capture images to download for your files, printing, or social media
  • see girdle inscriptions and engravings for appraisals and customers
  • connect with a USB to enlarge images on a computer or TV monitor

Gemax Pro-II Digital Microscope for jewelry photos
Item # 13-1842

In the age of Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, having amazing visuals is the key to standing out and growing your platform. So, take some time today to learn a new thing about jewelry photography, invest in some new equipment, and get snapping away!

Need a place to get started?

Check out our three-part series on how to master jewelry photography:

And, if you want more great content watch Stuller photographer, Daniel Maldonado, in this one-hour webinar. Here, he discusses how to use a window as your source for natural light, the best surfaces to use, how he shoots gemstones, and more!

CAD Best Practices Blog Header

How Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services Makes Custom More Efficient

Whether it’s because you don’t have the equipment, the capacity, the know-how, or even just the desire, taking a jewelry design from your mind to something wearable can be immensely challenging. From sketch to CAD to model to cast piece and finishing, custom design is an intensive, all-hands-on-deck process.

But you don’t have to do it all by yourself — because Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services has your back and offers a variety of services for any design or manufacturing level you need.


4 Ways CAD/CAM Services Helps You

1. Submit a Resin/Wax Model

When you submit a wax or resin model, our team will cast the piece so that you don’t have to. Within one business day of receiving your model, we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Alternatively, if you prefer to do the 3D printing yourself, you can send us a resin to cast as a semi-polished tumbled casting.

2. Submit a CAD File

Send us your CAD file, and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Similarly to the above, when you submit your CAD file, our team will cast the piece and grow the wax or resin as well. From there, we can manufacture it to completion.

3. Modify a Style

See a Stuller style that you like but need a modification? Through Modify a Style, you can request our CAD team make the changes to your specifications.

We can modify any Stuller design that has a CAD file, which will help you keep less live inventory in your store. You’ll receive a quote and render within 24 hours.

4. Submit a Sketch

Submit a Sketch enables you to send in an image or drawing, and our CAD team will do the work for you. Once approved, we will take care of manufacturing all in one place.



Center Stone Scan

Stuller is always working to raise the bar in creating and executing custom orders. We offer a complimentary 3D scan when you use one of our diamonds or gemstones for CAD/CAM orders. Processing orders can be done same day.


Easily Track Your Jobs

Once a project has been submitted, you can easily track the progress happening at our global headquarters. Head to the My Projects tab for a look at the progress. There, you can also resubmit jobs.



SMS Notifications

Did you know Stuller offers easy ways to organize your custom jobs and view quotes from your mobile device?

Through SMS text notifications, you can get status updates on the jobs you submit to our team. Check the boxes in the My Profile section of the CAD/CAM page to update your preferences. 


The CAD/CAM team is here for you no matter the level of help you require — whether it’s designing, prototyping, casting, setting, or finishing. We work with you every step of the way, going back and forth until your vision becomes reality.

From start to finish, you can trust in our expertise and quality.

For more on all of the options CAD/CAM Services offers, check out our 2020 Custom Solutions Guide.

What’s your go-to CAD/CAM service? Let us know in the comments below!


New Styles Added to Modern Brilliance® Collection

First released last fall, Modern Brilliance® is a curated collection set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds.   The pieces include earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets and are available in 14K white, yellow, and rose gold. This summer, we are excited to include new additions to the collections.  

We spoke with Product Manager Alisse Gregson about the collection as a whole as well as some new pieces recently added to the offering. 


653561 • 653010 • 652480 • 67415 • 124036 

Alisse, tell us a little about Modern Brilliance®.

Modern Brilliance is a curated collection of both essential and on-trend fine jewelry and bridal jewelry set with lab-grown diamonds. This collection goes beyond traditional jewelry options to offer brilliant looks at an affordable price.

What about our collection makes it better than other lab-grown diamond collections?

The Modern Brilliance Collection sets itself apart from other competitors by offering a more expansive assortment of lab-grown diamond jewelry. It is a curated collection that offers a range of finished fine jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, as well as bridal styles, including semi-set engagement rings, and fully set eternity and anniversary bands, and ring enhancers. All of which are available in 14K white, yellow and rose gold.

Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-Labgrown-anniversary-band Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-labgrown-hoop-earrings Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-labgrown-diamond-bracelet
653561 653631 60872

Are there any price benefits for shopping the collection?

This varies, but lab-grown diamonds cost less than natural diamonds. Depending on size and quality, the styles within this collection can range between 30-40% less than a comparable item set with a mined diamond.

Why a lab-grown collection?

With the ever-growing popularity of lab-grown jewelry in the industry, coupled alongside the current economic climate, consumers will not be rushing back to purchase expensive jewelry right away. Therefore, the need for affordably priced diamond jewelry is more relevant than ever. Our mission is to simply offer essential, in-demand lab-grown diamond jewelry at accessible price points.

Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-labgrown-diamond-earrings Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-labgrown-diamond-semi set-engagement-ring Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-labgrown-diamond-negative-space-ring
653632 124036 124050

How does it work? Is there a buy-in?

There is no buy-in or minimum required to purchase this collection. It is simply to offer in-demand lab-grown jewelry at accessible price points for customers who are looking to save money and explore all options.


123792 • 123260 • 123447123257 

So what’s new with the collection this summer, Alisse?

As we mentioned earlier, the collection now includes a bridal assortment, and we are excited to add these new pieces! Modern Brilliance’s Bridal collection includes semi-set engagement rings along with fully set eternity and anniversary bands, and ring enhancers.  You can check out the bridal assortment of the collection here.


123286 • 71927 • 124033 • 653703 • 123570 • 123069 • 123802 

Take a look at a few of the stacking options you’ll find in the collection.

Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-labgrown-Diamond-Stackable-Ring Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-Labgrown-Diamond-Bezel-Ring Modern-Brilliance-July-2020-labgrown-Diamond-anniversary-band
124033 653703 123069

Click here for a look at our blog post introducing the collection.

What are you favorite new pieces from Modern Brilliance? Let us know in the comments below!


Buzzing Over Jewelry for World Bee Day 2020

Fewer things are as vital to our everyday life than the bee. You may not think much about these fuzzy insects, but bees (and other pollinators, such as bats, butterflies, and hummingbirds) are the key to biodiversity and the vast majority of global food production. Without pollinators, the quality and the quantity of our food would go down.

That’s why, on May 20 of every year, we celebrate World Bee Day!


What is World Bee Day?

Since its establishment in 2014, World Bee Day focuses on the importance of pollinators, particularly the noble honey bee, and why we should protect and preserve them. For instance, did you know that

  • …nearly 90% of the world’s wild flowers depend, whether entirely or partly, on pollinators?
  • …more than 75% of the world’s food crop and 35% of agricultural land depend on pollinators?
  • …pollinators contribute to agricultural biodiversity, which increases the quality and diversity of our food?

Source: World Bee Day, United Nations

Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite bee-inspired jewelry as well as where you can go to learn more about World Bee Day.

Generate Buzz With Bee Jewelry

Just as the bee buzzes from flower to flower, the jewelry space is abuzz with bee baubles.

These pieces are perfect for sparking conversation about pollinators and why we should #SaveTheBees. Featuring bee-themed jewelry on your social media is an easy way to generate buzz about your store and World Bee Day. 

From custom metal stampings to fine jewelry, Stuller has a variety of best-selling, bee-inspired jewelry for you to offer customers:

World-Bee-Day-2020-Yellow-Bee-Earrings World-Bee-Day-2020-Yellow-Medallion-Dangle World-Bee-Day-2020-Honeycomb-Stackable-Ring
Tiny Bee Dangle 2000939 Bee Earrings 87319 Medallion Dangle 2000360 Honeycomb Ring 124608


World-Bee-Day-2020-White-Bee-Stackable-Ring World-Bee-Day-2020-Yellow-Stamping World-Bee-Day-2020-Sterling-Bee-Charm  
Stackable Ring 52027 Stamping 2000835 Charm 86402  

Shop our full assortment of bee-inspired jewelry.

Bee Engaged With World Bee Day

Want to do your part to help pollinators survive and do what they do best? Here are some ideas:


  • Donate to charities and research groups dedicated to the preservation of bees.
  • Visit your local beekeepers to learn more about their work — and buy raw honey. It tastes great and contains all the nutrients that pasteurized store-bought honey lacks.
  • Set up a pollinator-friendly habitat in your yard, garden, or other outdoor area. A good place to start is with nectar-bearing flowers and shrubs. An even easier thing you can do is make a bee water fountain.
  • Use pesticides (if you must) that do not harm pollinators. Spray them when there’s no wind, and do so when bees are inactive: during the early morning or late night.
  • Spread awareness on social media with the hashtag #WorldBeeDay.

Learn all there is to know, such as events, news, and what you can do to help at the official World Bee Day 2020 site


Boost Your Efficiency With Stuller’s Metal Stamping Service

Custom metal stampings are a great way to create custom designs, make a line of jewelry unique to your store, and offer personalization to customers. Stuller’s metal stamping program wil allow you to quickly and consistently offer unique stampings for your customers. 



How It Works

Creating custom stampings is easy.

Once you are set on a design, email your design to our expert production team. After our verification team reviews your design, you’ll receive a proof and quote within 24 hours.  

Custom Metal Stampings

From there, we’ll create a specific item number for your design, where you can place orders and use next-day shipping to receive your finished stampings within 3 to 5 days. Engraving options are also available in a variety of price points. 


Endless Options

Our custom metal stampings range in size from 10 to 30 gauge (B&S Gauges). Available metal qualities include:

  • 10K yellow, white, and rose gold
  • 14K yellow, white, rose, and palladium white gold
  • 18K yellow, white, rose, and palladium white gold
  • Platinum ruthenium

(size chart image)


For more information on Stuller’s custom metal stamping program, click here.

Beyond the Glass Feature: Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry

Valerie Madison of Seattle-based Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry didn’t plan on entering the jewelry industry. In college, she pursued environmental science due to her deep love and respect for Earth, but along the way, she started making jewelry between classes and on weekends.

“I had a knack for it and knew my passion could take me far. After college, I continued making jewelry and made the leap to full-time designer and business owner in 2014,” she explains. “Making jewelry felt right early on, so I started planning for a future in it.”


Simple and Clean

Valerie designs one-of-a-kind engagement rings and works with clients across the country on custom designs. “I’ve developed a collection of modern, minimalist jewelry inspired by classic designs and new ideals,” she says.

“We offer gemstones and educate clients about what stones fit their lifestyle best,” she explains. If they’re looking for a specific shade or shape? “We can usually find that gemstone when they’ve been told elsewhere it’s impossible.”

Drawing on her respect for gemstones, science, and the natural world, Valerie put her expertise to use to make one thing a priority for her jewelry: responsibly sourced materials.


With a Purpose

“I’m a natural researcher, so I researched gold mining and its effects on habitats and communities. I realized I could apply environmental responsibility into jewelry making,” Valerie explains. “For instance, we use SCS-certified 100% recycled metals whenever possible, and we often use Canadian diamonds. The more we and customers ask for responsible sourcing, the more commonplace it’ll become.”

Even in the Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry studio, this mindset is apparent. A beautifully renovated, century-old building houses her studio currently*. With high ceilings, exposed beams, and lush vines crawling all around, the space is as natural as it is inspiring to her creative process.

Not only is this space utterly enthralling to behold — it’s also part of Valerie’s commitment to minimizing her impact on the world. “Our small studio has less sprawl in our surrounding community, so we make efficient use of our land,” she says. “We love our Seattle community and also the wider world.”

A few others things the team does to minimize their environmental impact include:

  • Using minimal packaging for their products
  • Incorporating recycled diamonds into designs

The recycled diamonds typically come from older pieces of jewelry, get regraded, and are set anew. “I will always prioritize the environment,” Valerie says. “And we’ll always use vendors who are transparent about their operations.”


Behind the Designs

Valerie’s creative process always starts with the stone. “My designs begin with my gemstones versus designing a setting and looking for one that’ll fit. I examine the gemstone, searching for special attributes, like iridescence viewable from only one angle, or a geometric profile.”

Once she has a clear vision of how to use the gemstone, she designs the setting, starting with what silhouette will best emphasize the stone. “I keep current trends in mind when designing, but I try to avoid things that may feel too dated someday,” Valerie explains. “We have a strong appreciation for gemstones and look forward to increased transparency in the industry moving forward. It’ll help us offer more gemstone options.”


Stuller is proud to support Valerie, her team, and her studio. To ensure jewelers like her have the recycled metals and other products they need, we have an ongoing commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability, from recycled precious metals to our daily corporate operations in Lafayette, Louisiana.


* Exciting news: Valerie and her team will be moving to a new studio soon. Follow the Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry Instagram to watch their journey to a new space in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.


Read the full article about Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry in the Spring 2020 edition of Beyond the Glass.

Top 2020 Jewelry Trends for Boosting Your Bottom Line

Throughout the year, our trend experts keep an eye on what’s attracting attention and selling up a storm. Here are their top five picks for what 2020 jewelry trends will be hot this year.

Add these enticing looks to your cases to keep customers returning for more.

Trend 01: Storytelling

Is it a story of personal growth or one about a special relationship? Personalized jewelry offers an ever-expanding choice of winning styles that invite creative storytelling.

 653628                 87250 87249

Trend 02: Linear

These clean, sharp lines appeal to fashionistas with panache. The styles combine fun and sophistication that will capture attention and inspire many a second glance.

          124260  87051  87168

Trend 03: Chain

These perennial and luxurious favorites offer a new level of texture and movement that customers can dress up or down. They’re fun and easy to wear.

         123098                87183  CH1095

Trend 04: Modern Maven

Put on a little something fabulous that has a subtle sparkle and plenty of flair. These modern minimalist looks add the finishing touch to any favorite outfit.

             124300                     87133  86514

Trend 05: Belief

In our hectic world, a sense of tranquility and purpose has grown more important. These powerful symbols from various beliefs remind us of what we value and help anchor us to the meaning and connectedness we seek.

              87078 52026  87411


Roll into the Roaring ‘20s With Stuller Events

You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into your small business. You’ve been carefully laying brick on brick to build the foundations of your empire. Paint your palace gold, and roll out your new business plans with style and skill. This is the year you drive your business into a new era with the help of jewelry industry events we’ll be attending — or Stuller events we’ll be hosting at our Lafayette, LA, headquarters.

All Stuller events are designed to guide you through innovative business solutions, new product demonstrations, in-depth software trainings, and hands-on workshops. Your coworkers, cases, and customers will sing your praises.

Discover 2020 Stuller Events

Explore spaces that encourage you to examine your operations from the outside looking in. Share your epiphanies with your staff to create a united front for change as you lead the way to a more efficient, gleaming workforce. While 2020 is soaring in, visit our headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, to learn new concepts, network with peers, and enhance your business.

Meet us on the road at various trade shows around the country, and overseas!

At Stuller’s Headquarters


Bridge is a three-day conference focused on innovative business solutions for the independent jeweler. The conference covers topics such as: improving your online presence, closing more sales, reaching new customers, and more. If you come to Bridge, we’ll pay for your stay and meals (and you’ll love experiencing a little Cajun culture). Reserve your spot today!


Bench Jeweler Workshop
March 27-28, 2020

If you are a bench jeweler or would like to learn better techniques on how to cast, set stones, polish, and network with other industry experts, then Bench Jeweler Workshop is for you. Jewelers love this hands-on event filled with tools and techniques from industry pros and Stuller experts.

It’s not too late to register for Battle of the Benches® — an action-packed design competition where four jewelers compete for bench jeweler glory.

Learn more about Bench Jeweler Workshop.

2019 Bench Jeweler Workshop Patrick Dobbs Workbench


CAD Software Training

To help you grow your CAD skills, we offer a variety of training opportunities, with some classes being offered in a convenient, learn-at-your-own-pace format.

  • CounterSketch® Training
  • Matrix® Training
  • MatrixGold®Training

View software training dates.


Stone Setting Training 

Stone setting always provides new techniques that can help you excel.  No matter your skill level, we’ve got a class for you to elevate your stone setting skills.

View the dates to choose the class that best suits you.

Laser Welder Training

Spend two days with our Stuller tools experts as you receive hands-on training with the latest laser-welding technology. You’ll learn laser installation, settings, metals, and more to help ramp up your productivity.

View basic laser training dates.

On the Road

Trade Shows

Stuller will attend several trade shows around the country and overseas this year, from major trade shows to smaller events. Look for us at:

  • JCK Las Vegas 2020
  • RJO 2020
  • AJS 2020
  • AGTA Tucson
  • And more!

Find the complete list of dates and locations here.

We’re always looking for new shows to attend, so keep an eye on your email, too, for new events later in the year.

Whether or not attending Stuller events is in your cards, gaining outside inspiration is imperative to your business’ success. We hope to see you here in Lafayette or on the road.

For the most updated information on our events, visit our events page.

Rob Gwynne Mini Guitars Blog Header

Off the Beaten Path: Miniature Guitars by Rob Gwynne

Rock ‘n’ roll and Stuller

This combination probably seems like a strange pairing. Perhaps even a contradiction. But, while Stuller is known as the everything-you-could-need supplier to many, not everyone uses our offerings solely for jewelry. Sometimes a jeweler diverges from the traditional and explores a more unusual path.

Rob Gwynne Mini Guitars Portrait

Meet Rob Gwynne

Robert “Rob” Gwynne is one such unconventional jeweler. Born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, this kiwi turned his childhood interest in models into a skill that launched him on the path to success. But like many jewelers, jewelry wasn’t his initial plan.

Fresh out of school and 16 years old, Rob Gwynne decided against becoming a schoolteacher. His math was too bad (something he considers ironic today). Rob began working at a local factory, and for 9 ½ years, he received an all-encompassing, hands-on jewelry education: lost wax casting, finishing, polishing, stone setting, engraving, and more.

Rob’s time at the factory proved pivotal toward his success. Today, he’s an award-winning master modeler and certified goldsmith with international recognition.

From down under to the lone star state

Long before the Internet, Rob’s American pen pals and his fascination with Ford Mustangs cultivated his interest in the United States. Fast forward a few years, Rob caught the travel bug. After a trip to the States, Rob had a dream upon returning home to New Zealand. In this dream, he says, “It seemed God was directing me to the US.”

One frigid winter night, Rob received a phone call at 4 AM: San Francisco’s Granat Bros Jewelers wanted him. When he arrived in California in 1979, he couldn’t accept the position. Low and behold, another opportunity came along, and Rob Gwynne later opened his own business. But California couldn’t contain his free spirit.

In 2015, seeking a change of scenery and less expensive living, Rob and his wife Diane moved to New Braunfels, Texas. These days, Rob explores an unusual path that combines his jewelry-making skills with his love for music and guitars.

Rob Gwynne Mini Guitars Scale Photo

Rockin’ out at ¼ the usual size

Passion and pride flow through Rob’s voice when he speaks about his miniature guitars and the care that goes into crafting each. But these aren’t exactly the rockstar guitars of the 50s and 60s. Rob’s guitars are totally one of a kind. They’re completely handcrafted and totally scaled down. A ¼ scale, actually, and they’re 8.75” long. Without something like a pair of scissors beside the guitars, these bite-sized, flawlessly proportioned instruments are identical to their full-size 32” counterparts.

Despite downsizing to such a minuscule scale, Rob seeks perfection: “If I don’t like something, I’ll re-melt it and try again.” From the strap nuts to the head stock tuners, each piece of these miniature guitars is completely authentic. The bodies are hand-carved from real maple, and each comes with its own handmade stand and jack plug and cord.

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In the details

His attention to detail reflects what a labor of love these guitars are. “God has given me these gifts. When I see something unique, I’m challenged to make it,” Rob says. While he says a keen eye, a steady hand, and patience are crucial, his most valuable asset has been his formative years spent in the factory and subsequent time crafting jewelry.

Despite such extensive background and skill, Rob is humble and knows there’s always more to learn: “I make a better guitar today than I did a year ago.”

When details down to the curvature of the bridge and saddle count, the right instruments are essential. Enter Stuller— Rob’s supplier for over 30 years for tools and metals. Some guitars in the works will even rock melee diamonds and gemstones.

Rob Gwynne Mini Guitars Scale Phone Scissors

Rob’s tiny guitars are 8.75″ tall

When the music stops

Today, Rob and Diane are retired and pursue other endeavors. At Gwynne Fine Art, they showcase their respective talents through jewelry and oil painting. And out of the studio, you can find the pair among others in their New Braunfels community.

“We’re very much people persons,” Rob explains. They participate in community events and fundraisers, are active members of their church, volunteer at Wurstfest, and support local groups.

At each day’s end, Rob Gwynne couldn’t be happier with where life has taken him. Be it creating jewelry, crafting golden guitars, or doing charity work, his journey shows that exploring the road less traveled can bring on our greatest adventures.

Follow Rob Gwynne on Facebook here to keep up with his awesome creations