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Acadian Estates: Heirlooms in the Making

Meet the Louisiana-based couple bringing southern charm to the fine jewelry concierge space.

Blake and Mattie Gautreau, owners of Acadian Estates, are a dynamic husband-and-wife fine jewelry concierge team open by appointment. Their sumptuous, private showroom is nestled on the second floor of the Historic Gordon Square Building located downtown in Lafayette, La. They strive to offer clients a high level of personal service, curated pieces, superb craftsmanship, and most importantly, a feeling of trust and connection.

Photo by Drake Boudreaux with Studio Bou

Acadian Estates offers a collection of beautiful estate and new fine jewelry plus custom creations. They purchase all forms of fine jewelry and estates, including luxury watch brands and coins, and their jewelry repair service is available with next day turnaround.

Creating and restoring jewelry has always been Blake’s passion. He got his start in the jewelry business at Acadian Pawn, a family-owned establishment that’s been in operation for 35 years with two locations in Lafayette, La. His lifelong love for gemstones began on family vacations to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, when he was a young boy, fascinated by all the rock and mineral shops. Blake collected every gemstone he could, including raw diamonds.

Dynamic Partners

Today Blake is a GIA-certified diamond specialist and is studying to become a gemologist with over a decade of experience working with jewelry houses around the world. He and Mattie have been happily married for four years and they’ve been together for 10. They make great partners in life and enjoy working in the business together.

In the summer of 2021, the couple decided to establish a private showroom and work with customers one on one. Initially Mattie planned on being involved in the marketing and accounting side of the business, but that all changed when a friend came in for a wedding band appointment.

Blake explains, “Mattie sat in on the consultation and the dynamic was completely different with her involved. She loved it, and I immediately saw how beneficial and essential it became. The business was going to exponentially grow, and it really has with her in it. The whole dynamic has shifted where it kind of like turns into a double date every time we sit with a couple.”

A romantic at heart, Mattie echoes his sentiments, saying it’s the best job she’s ever had. She loves just being able to sit down with couples and hear their own love stories, from the engagement process all the way up to the wedding. “It’s such a special time in people’s lives, and it’s honestly just an honor to be a part of it. We’re getting so close to some of our couples where they’re inviting us to their wedding.”

Timeless Traditions With a Modern Twist

Acadian Estates evokes a no-pressure vibe with their jewelry artfully displayed for clients to touch, feel, and try on. They offer many custom styles and modifications. If a client wants to change one detail in a ring, they can see the live product in front of them with Stuller’s ever&ever® bridal selling solution.

Blake and Mattie buy and sell estate jewelry and have an incredible collection of previously-owned pieces. Customers that purchase from this collection get to continue the story. People will get jewelry passed down to them and sometimes it isn’t their style, but it’s sentimental to them and they do want to wear it. “They’ll bring us their heirlooms and we’ll reset it into something they really like and will wear,” says Blake. “It’s still special.” 

Permanent jewelry applications are in high demand and in addition to providing this service in their showroom, Acadian Estates participates in pop-up events all across Louisiana. To find out where they’ll be next, follow Acadian Estates on Instagram and Facebook.

Their philosophy? “While the stones and metals we sell are considered precious, so are the people who wear them,” says Blake. “We love how a piece of jewelry, both new and old, can make a person feel confident and beautiful.”

The Real Deal

Their business model has been successful so far and they have no intentions to change anything. If Blake and Mattie need to take off on the weekend, they just don’t schedule any appointments. They enjoy having the ability to be flexible — that’s one of the perks of owning a private jewelry business.

Photo by Drake Boudreaux with Studio Bou


Many of their customers have become their friends and that list is consistently growing. “Purchasing jewelry is a very intimate process, and a lot of trust goes into it as well,” Blake explains. “They have to trust that you’re not leading them astray. You’re giving them a good deal and you’re giving them quality goods. We don’t have a cheesy sales pitch. You get us. You get the real thing.”

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