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A Stuller Ring Story: Jade and Jacob

Hand-picked details on a custom design for a love worth waiting for.

Continuing our celebration of Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, we are highlighting stunning rings and the Stuller associates who wear them.

Nothing fills you with joy quite like wearing a piece of jewelry designed and crafted specifically for you. A true one-of-a-kind, especially if it was presented as a symbol of love, is something to cherish for a lifetime and then pass on to the future.

For Stuller’s procurement planner Jade, the engagement ring hand-selected by her fiancé Jacob serves as the perfect reminder that true love is unique and personal. With a personally picked diamond center stone and a custom CAD/CAM design, she is filled with excitement for her upcoming wedding next year.

Behind every ring lies a story and Jade took this opportunity to share hers with us. This is Jade and Jacob’s story.

jade stuller ring story

Photo by Laikyn Jai Photography |

Perfect Timing

Jade is from New Orleans but moved to Lafayette for college. She has worked a lot of different jobs, but one job was working at Texas Roadhouse. It was here that she met a good friend that would help change her life.

In 2013, Jade’s friend Karee worked at Texas Roadhouse as a bartender. On many occasions when Karee was working, Jade would sit at the bar for dinner. One evening, Jade had gotten the attention of a guy that would not stop talking. Jade was looking for any excuse to move on from the interaction and finally, her chance came when he went to the bathroom.

Karee had another friend sitting at the bar who was watching how uncomfortable Jade was. Once the man went to the bathroom, he introduced himself as Jacob and a friend of Karee’s. Jacob asked if she wanted to stop talking to the other man and took his seat when she invited him to serve as a distraction.

From that night on, Jacob and Jade became great friends and a few months later they began dating.

Love is Patient

As Jade and Jacob’s relationship grew, they knew they were very serious about their future together. However, Jade was also committed to finishing her degree. Jacob was incredibly supportive of her goals, and they came to an agreement not to take the next step until after her graduation. Jade finished her degree in 2019 and their patience paid off.

Something to know about Jade and Jacob’s relationship is that they love to tease and joke with each other. After 6 years of being together, they truly had become best friends. So, when they were spending time with some friends, it was nothing to hear a joke about when they would finally get married.

Photos by Laikyn Jai Photography |

Looking ahead to Jade’s graduation party, she was fully prepared for her time to say yes to the big question. However, she could not resist the opportunity to joke with Jacob while getting ready to have dinner with family one evening by saying she was wondering if he’d ever propose to her. Without her knowing, Jacob had already gotten Jade’s engagement ring and felt like there was no better chance to propose than on the heels of a joke. He grabbed the ring from his closet, got down on one knee, and gave Jade the biggest surprise.

While Jade looks back and laughs at how “non-glamorous” the moment was (as she puts it), she can’t help but feel that it was a perfect representation of their relationship.

A True Investment

Over the several years that Jade and Jacob had been together, there had been conversations about ring preferences. Solitaires, halos, fancy shapes, and other factors have been topics to discuss. In the end, Jacob realized he wanted to make an investment in a one-of-a-kind custom design.

With the help of a trusted jeweler, Jacob was able to come to Stuller and handpick the diamond that is now the focal point of Jade’s engagement ring. He was also able to work with Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services to design a ring and matching band to fit the various features he wanted.

Jade’s engagement ring is a 14K white gold solitaire with a hidden halo. It features a 1.7 oval-shaped natural diamond with natural diamond accents. The matching band is a contour band that sits perfectly against the ring, but she still must wait until she can add this piece to her bridal stack.

Anticipating Nuptials

Jade and Jacob began their engagement shortly before the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, they planned on having a wedding in March of 2021. After much thought, they have decided to wait until March of 2022. With a ring as unique as their love, this patient couple looks forward to a day they’ve dreamt of for years and their Stuller family wishes them luck as the day gets closer and closer.


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